Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 Things.

Jessie from The Adventures of the McKinney Twins tagged me on this game. I thought it would be cute to wait until my 8th week to fill it out, but I don't know if I'll get that far, so why not do it now?

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
  1. My ultrasound tomorrow (and seeing a strong heartbeat, hopefully)
  2. Having a real live baby in my arms (one that is directly descended from me, preferably)
  3. Cape Cod trip in May with our life group
  4. Moving to Maryland! (although I'm going to miss my sweet friends here)
  5. Buying my first car in June or July
  6. My second anniversary in June
  7. Seeing the Heroes episode from last night
  8. Growing old with my sweet husband
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
  1. Slept in
  2. Read two books
  3. Read Guideposts May '09
  4. Made chili for dinner
  5. Played Civ IV
  6. Took a 7 week belly picture
  7. Watched the new episode of 24
  8. Worried about my ultrasound
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
  1. See inside my womb and tell if my baby is alive at any given moment
  2. Enjoy pregnancy without fear
  3. Change the various settings on our DSLR camera
  4. Run without pain
  5. Conjure up any food that appears on TV commercials so that I can fulfill my cravings
  6. Keep myself busy at work on a regular basis
  7. Zap myself places (i.e. not have to use a car or plane, just snap my fingers and appear somewhere else!)
  8. Not worry!
8 Shows I Watch:
  1. House
  2. 24
  3. Heroes
  4. Jon & Kate Plus Eight
  5. The Office
  6. Eighteen Kids and Counting
  7. The Colbert Report
  8. Myth Busters
8 People I Tag:
  1. Charity at Tony and Charity
  2. Christina at A Song of Silence
  3. Crysi at Adia's Adventures
  4. Greta at Greta and Richie
  5. Melanie at Waiting Patiently With An Angel
  6. Mimi at Mochamama
  7. Shaina at A Heart's Journey
  8. Staci at The Bailey Family
You guys definitely don't have to play along, if you don't want to, but I just wanted to let everyone reading know that these are some sweet girls who have been with me through this whole ordeal and most of them have gone through a loss (or two or more) of their own, a lot of them very recently. I'm sure I've left people off (and I know I left off all of my IRL friends who don't have blogs!), so sorry if you weren't tagged (there were only 8 spots, of course)... You can still play along, if you want to!


Crysi said...

Must admit, I was surprised to see my name. Since Adia's busy, I'll get crackin' on it.

Anonymous said...

d'awwww. You're pretty sweet yourself <3