Monday, April 6, 2009

5w, 0d: Baby Jellyfish is growing!

My baby looks a little bit scary this week, according to Babycenter:

Yikes, what the heck is that supposed to be? A jellyfish? Hopefully Baby Jellyfish is still doing well and growing big and strong!

I went in this morning at 8:30 for my blood draw and there were three little old ladies waiting there already. They opened right when I walked up, but I had to wait for the three of them to have their blood drawn before I got to go. So I was gone from work for a slightly noticeable 30 minutes... Thankfully almost everyone is out sick today so nobody noticed! I got my blood taken around 8:50, so if they stick to the same processing time as on Friday, I should hear back around 12:30. I'll keep you posted!

UPDATE @ 3:15 pm:
No call yet. Grr. Actually, thinking back to this morning, I don't remember seeing a "STAT" sticker, like there was last Wednesday and Friday - maybe that means I won't get the results today? (I don't know what their normal processing time is.) Ugh, that would be kinda annoying.

UPDATE @ 4:35 pm: My quant hCG went up to 445 and since I've stopped spotting, that is a great sign that I'm not miscarrying at this point. I'm going back in Wednesday and Friday for more quants and the nurse is going to schedule my ultrasound for sometime between April 15 and 17, since I should have reached at least 6500 by then. Woohoo!

Updated to include week 5 belly picture!


Charity said...

Wow, how amazing that what looks like a jellyfish is already a baby and will change and grow so fast!

Candace said...

That is awesome news!!! Will continue to pray for you and baby Jellyfish! LOL! Much love... Candace

Shaina N said...


So excited for you!

Jessie said...

Great beta rises! I always thought the early part of pregnancy dragged a bit. I hope you're keeping busy and that the time isn't dragging on too slowly until your ultrasound.

amy said...

Amy :)