Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6w, 6d: Morning sickness is kicking my butt.

This is a TMI post. Read at your own risk!

Wow, who knew that morning sickness could keep getting worse? I wonder how long this is going to keep worsening... Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Maybe 8-11 weeks (nice wide range there) when the hCG levels are supposed to start evening out/going down? I'm a little afraid to know what my future holds, since I'm currently barely keeping myself from puking all over my desk anytime I smell food of any kind (or anything else, really). This morning I woke up at 6 am with my husband (who had jury duty) and after I had gotten him out the door I spent 15 minutes dry heaving into the toilet. You know what? Dry heaving sucks because it hurts, but I actually think I like it better than throwing up - there's no nasty aftertaste when nothing comes out! Note to self: keep stomach empty before bed.

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be saying that I love morning sickness... But for now, I still do - every time that I get sicker I know that my little Thumper is growing bigger and stronger!

P.S. As of 8 am this morning I had no new May look for the blog, but now I do! Warning, it's quite bright! I hope it doesn't hurt your eyes, but I really like it. :)


Candace said...

I felt the same was when I first started feeling the morning sickness this time... however... after about 2 weeks, I was ready for it to be over! Once I hit the 2nd trimester, it really slowed down, and I feel much better these days. I am 14 weeks and 4 days today, and I am feeling almost normal... minus the peeing all the time! Don't worry... it will go away, but until then, drink lots of water and like they say... several small meals. Oh... and Ginger... try GInger! I would recommend looking for a Ginger Ale that has real ginger in it, and also they say Ginger supplements.

Crysi said...

I was sick for weeks and weeks. Dry heaves with only bright yellow stomach acid coming up and at night.. anything I ate. It was horrible. I only gained .4lbs my entire 1st trimester. We won't talk about now though. ;)

I hope it goes away for you. It did eventually. I think around 16 weeks. With Adia it was 18 weeks, but I didn't puke as much with her. Only problem, it came back around 32 weeks.

Staci said...

With my son I had it for about 2-3 weeks. I'd wake up first thing in the morning feeling REALLY bad, I'd nibble on saltines and sip on Ginger ale for a few minutes before even getting out of bed. I never actually threw up with him but I dry heaved a lot. It was funny though, by the time I got out the door to go to work in the morning I was fine for the rest of the day. With Abby it lasted the entire first trimester and came in waves throughout the day. I remember having to take a chair with me to my duty station in the school hallway so I could sit down when the nausea hit. That's how I knew I was having a girl when Lucy was coming because the morning sickness was just like hers and lasted the same amount of time. Just like everything else though, it'll probably get worse before it gets better. Remember...Ginger ale, gingersnap cookies, and sucking on peppermint candies is supposed to help with nausea as well (and will help get rid of the aftertaste if you do throw up :)

Jessie said...

That sounds awful!

Charity said...

I hate to break it to you, but my morning sickness lasted until about 20 weeks :-(
It didn't really start being really bad though until about 11 weeks, which is the time when it's supposed to be about over!! Weird. I ended up having to take Zofran because the puking was causing me to be dehydrated.
But everyone's bodies are different.. so hopefully things will get much better soon for you!
Still praying and glad to hear that "Thumper" continues to do well!