Friday, April 10, 2009

5w, 4d: Quant results from Wednesday

Okay, so the quant hCG from Wednesday was 996, so a little more than doubled (doubled would have been 890). I'm going to get one more quant today and as long as that doubles appropriately, the ultrasound for next Wednesday is good to go! Woohoo!

Update @ 5:00 pm:
I got my results from today; they went up to 1936, so not quite doubled, but good enough! I guess I still have to go back on Monday for another test... My goodness, my poor arms can't take much more of this!


Unknown said...

yay! that's so exciting. :)

Crysi said...

Woohoo! That's awesome.

JReus said...

Yay!!! I forgot to ask you what hCG levels are.
I'm googling.

JReus said...

Ok! I'm up to speed on your hormones.
See you tomorrow!