Monday, April 27, 2009

6w, 5d: First prenatal visit!

Today is my first prenatal visit, since I was supposed to be 8 weeks today. It should be a pretty boring appointment since the baby is too small to listen for a heartbeat via Doppler and I don't think they'll do a scan (that's supposed to be next Wednesday sometime). Basically, they'll check my insides (I think I'm due for a pap smear), my blood pressure and my weight, and make sure things are looking okay. I like boring appointments - they make me feel like things are progressing past the "scary" part of the pregnancy (hopefully they're progressing...).

I've been getting very sick over the past few days, which I love, except for the whole feeling very sick thing. But, seriously, I'll take this over no sickness! And we've progressed past just the morning sickness into all day sickness. Dinners are getting harder and harder to choke down and keep down. And most importantly, no spotting! I love that I have not had that since that episode a few weeks ago... With Max I spotted for WEEKS (and they never looked into it), and I love that there is something different about this pregnancy to keep my hope alive!

Work today should be pretty busy. We're into our competitive renewal for our center's core NIH grant, and I've been given a big chunk of data to collect and edit. I'm getting some pretty nasty carpal tunnel in my right arm especially, which is making all of this editing a bummer. Next step, wrist brace. :(

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