Friday, April 3, 2009

58 to 153!!!!!!!!

We have a live baby! They're not quite sure why the numbers are low (can I really be off if I was temping?), but they more then doubled which is WHAT WE WANT!

I'm going back in on Monday for another test, this time I can go as early as I want (in other words, 8:30 am, as soon as that lab opens!) since it will be 72 hours, not 48. We're looking for those numbers to keep going up, up, up!

I love my nurse, Nicole. I think she is going to get me an ultrasound as soon as the heartbeat should be there, which is around 6500, which is about 11/12 days from now, if the numbers double exactly, maybe earlier if our little overachiever keeps growing quickly!

I think I have been holding my breath for the last 6 or 7 hours and I am finally breathing again! What a relief. I am also realizing that I am STARVING since I haven't eaten my lunch yet.

Nicole called me a bit later to let me know that my progesterone level is 39, which is far above the 24 minimum they would see for an in-utero pregnancy - so it's probably not ectopic, either. Hooray!


Unknown said...

YAY I'm so happy for you!

joy! said...

Yippee! Rejoicing with you!

Brooke said...

Thats so great! Congrats.

Liz said...

Hooray! :) This made my heart happy today... I'll be praying for your little one! :)

JReus said...



Amanda said...

I am just so thrilled for you all... this is an amazing time in your life... I am so thankful you are walking with the Lord who will sustain you!! What a precious miralce in ouor midst...

Congrats dear sister in Christ!

God bless-

Charity said...

I found your blog through a friend's link and have been following it in the last few days.
Just 2 months ago, my husband and I lost our precious baby Alethia Joy to stillbirth after 39 weeks of pregnancy.
I will be praying for your pregnancy and your little one.

Kate said...

Praise the Lord!