Saturday, April 25, 2009

6w, 3d: Thumper's first portrait

I cannot believe that it's only been three days since we saw the baby! But we finally have proof now, and here it is:

And here's an anatomical picture for reference:

Our baby is mirrored to that image (just facing the opposite direction) and the black spot in the middle of him/her (near the head) is the beating heart. The black circle around the baby is the amniotic fluid inside of the gestational sac.

I love that little one so much! Isn't he/she cute! Btw, the scale on that picture is 3 mm between those two yellow dots (that means the baby was 3 mm long on Wednesday).


Staci said...

Beautiful baby you got there Abbie :) I'm so happy for you guys! I remember staring at my ultrasound photos for hours. Even now when I find one I have to stare at it for a few minutes and remember when I was pregnant with that peanut.

Charity said...

Thanks for sharing the picture.
Still praying for you, Abbie!

Lydia said...

praying for you daily,