Sunday, March 6, 2011


The news of the weekend is.... babies tomorrow! They are going to induce me at 8 am because my blood pressure has been creeping up and I will be full term (for twins, they bake a little faster :-P).

HOORAY!!!!!!!!! We are so excited and it was WONDERFUL to have an entire weekend to finish the last minute details, rather than going into labor unexpectedly and having to come home to laundry or a dirty house or no food in the fridge.

We won't have internet access at the hospital because our laptop is broken and away at Dell currently, so all you blogger folks will just have to wait for the announcement until we get back home! If you're my (or Jonathan's) friend on facebook, you'll probably get to see some pictures there a little bit sooner, if Jonathan is able to sneak home briefly and upload some.

Thank you for your prayers!