Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Max's face :)

This stupid online application brightened my day a little bit.

I present to you Max Samuel Burnham (or what he may have looked like):

Thanks, VW!

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Unknown said...

That picture is so neat, Abs! Our little ones will always be special to us. That is why I clung onto that magazine ad with a picture of the plate with Ashley's picture on it. It came out right after I miscarried her and it was named Ashley. I felt it was God giving me a picture of her because she looked so much like you with blonde hair. I think she is the representative for all of the little ones I had to release to Jesus. Throughout the years I would pull the picture out and think of all of my little ones that went on ahead of me to Jesus. Bless Aunt Babette for finding the actual plate for me 20 years after it came out.