Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She's here!

For all of you stalkers out there, you can see where I am in my cycle below this column of posts. You can even click on it and see what my temps for this cycle have been! We are pretty sure that we are TTA this cycle (trying to avoid conceiving) but we probably won't try too hard. :-P


Melanie said...

Crap I knew it I am a stalker!!! I am sorry I just had to tell you! LOL NOT!!

Wow well im so glad that you can understand fertilityfriend.com cause I sure can't. I get really confused.. Heck I can't even take my temp everyday... LOL

Well im glad she is finally here... It's amazing how AF can brighten up our day after a MC!

Crysi said...

Yay! Glad she's finally here. I can totally picture you catching the first egg on "accident." Your body's totally ready to be pg.

Melanie said...

No AF girlie... Hubby thinks im PG but who knows! Only Him up above!!!