Friday, January 23, 2009

Trying to avoid... being hit by lightning twice.

Okay, so we definitely decided to TTA this cycle. I think I already said that we were, but I was really wavering back and forth until last night. We just don't want to add any risk into a pregnancy (there's already plenty!), and I do NOT want to give my doctors any reason to brush off another miscarriage. They already did a great job of that with this past pregnancy.

The positives about getting pregnant this month were that I would have been in Boston for the 18 week ultrasound, and I would have gotten a fetal echocardiogram covered by my insurance, too (at Boston Children's - you can't get much better than that!). If I get pregnant next month, we'll be in a new place at 18 weeks (Maryland), covered by new insurance (at least, I don't think my current insurance will work out of state, even though it covers me through August 31), and perhaps with a doctor that doesn't care much about my family's awful history of heart problems (including my brother, who was born with a hole in his heart). Plus, a birthday present of a BFP would have been the sweetest gift of all - and the baby would have been due right around my husband's birthday, so it would have been doubly sweet. Oh, well.

But moving! Now that will be sweet. Boston, it has been real, but it hasn't been fun. I cannot WAIT to say goodbye to you forever. (Although I will miss my sweet friends!)


Unknown said...

I'm so sad you guys are leaving!!! :( We must visit often!

Anonymous said...

So you will be in MD? I'll miss you, too! Does this mean that Jonathan and you have decided for whom he will be working?

Anonymous said...

It's a sad decision, and a hard one, but probably wise, all things considered.