Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sophie Wessex Burnham, the Empress of the World

Okay, wow, that post yesterday was bitter. I think I'm done with that for the time being, at least.

Today I am very sleepy. My darling kitty, Sophie, has taken it upon herself to sit at our hallway door and meow over and over again before we are awake. Usually it starts around 7 am (our normal wake time, which we can deal with), but today it started at 4 am. Seriously, Sophie, that could be considered a provocation of war in my household. NOT OKAY. Mama needs her sleep or she gets very, very angry.

Sometimes I think having Sophie to take care of gets me through the days. She's so cute and even when I'm mad at her, I can't stay mad very long. Before Jonathan and I got married, a friend of ours told us that having their small dog, Bree, had really helped their marriage - they fought less and couldn't stay mad as long with such a sweet, innocent being right there with them. That is definitely the truth!

So, in honor of her royal highness, I present to you Sophie Wessex Burnham, the Empress of the World (no, really, she is):

(I have one of her in a royal-looking cape somewhere... I need to find that picture!)

Can anyone (who doesn't know already) figure out where we got her name from?

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Crysi said...

Aww! She's gorgeous.

Wanted to tell you that Adia likes your header. She saw it and said, "Ooh pretty hearts!"