Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sick and grumpy.

I can't really come up with anything to write about today. I'm not sure why.

I might be coming down with a stomach flu, although wasn't that flu shot supposed to prevent the flu? Sigh. 4 DPO is far too early to be getting nausea, right? (Don't worry, this is not pregnancy nausea - considering I was pregnant just seven weeks ago, I can tell!)

It's snowing more today. Believe me, we do not need more snow. We already had about 24" from January 18 (although some of that melted, so it was more like 12") and now we are getting another huge snowstorm. Come on, people. This is why we are leaving Boston in June! I hate the weather here. But, at least it's not 20 below zero anymore.

Gah, I'm cramping and having bad nausea. I am ready to GO HOME. Can we please be let go early?

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Megan said...

I hope you get out early. We had the snow last night. I feel like I am the only idiot who showed up at work today.