Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Look at this beautiful picture:

The line that says "BD" shows when we have "done the dance" (DTD) - yeah, that's right, only on Friday. That temp jump today shows that I ovulated yesterday.

Oh, yes, I got my prayers that I would ovulate early (CD13, just as asked for). Too bad I didn't equate the never-seen-before-in-my-body Egg White Cervical Mucus on Sunday and Monday to me being... hmm, I don't know... fertile?!? How hard is it to realize that when you have EWCM you need to have sex?

Oh, yes, we were going to try this morning, but I couldn't do it! I was so unfocused and confused and disheartened and estrogen-less that there was no chance of me being able to do anything.

Maybe DTD on Friday night could give us a chance... Oh, no, wait, only 16 year olds get pregnant from sex three days before ovulation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Abbie! I know how frustrating TTC is because I'm experiencing all the frustrations myself. I haven't been as diligent as you at taking my temp. I've found that it makes me more crazy! But, I am thinking about you and I hope you have good news soon :-) Thanks for your comment on my blog. It really means a lot! I'll definitely keep you updated. I will probably not post the news on my blog for a LONG time because too many IRL people read it.

Brooke said...

I feel ya girl. I didnt cover our bd very well this cycle either. In fact a certain person requested a little bd the day I ovulated and I turned him down!! So totally frustrating. By the way. Tell him to leave the KY at work its totally a sperm killer. If you need to use something try this stuff called "preconceive" they sell it at some drug stores and if you cant find it you can order it online. I dont like preseed which is the other sperm friendly lube because it only comes in the premeasured little tubes. Anywhoo just dont use that KY. Hey if you get online now and order that stuff you will probably have it in time to use for next cycle!

Adrienne, Another Ordinary Miracle said...

Hi, Abbie,

Just wanted to stop by to encourage you. I had the same thing happen to me (seeing the fertile mucous two days after I thought I ovulated), and I got pregnant that month so keep that hope! :)

Are you taking progesterone after ovulation?