Thursday, March 26, 2009

All clear!

Beautiful is not a word I would expect to be applied to my ovaries, but it was today. My left ovary is completely clear of cysts and I ovulated from my right ovary this month, where we could see the huuuuge, clear corpus luteum. My uterus looked fine, too, although I did think it look tilted when we looked at it from the top. That is not usually a problem, though; most people's are tilted, I read somewhere.

Surprise, surprise, we didn't see anything in the uterus, although I wonder if you could really see a ball of cells on an ultrasound anyway. I didn't ask them to look for anything, I thought that would be a bit crazy. I know I said there was no hope this month, but, hey, how can I not hope when the title of my blog is "hope and a future"? My temps have been up the last few days (as they should be post-ovulation) and I'm praying they stay up the next two, at least. Even if I'm not pregnant now, I'd like the ability to be pregnant sometime.


Anonymous said...

Great news about your ovaries! I'll be thinking about you the next few days. I know the waiting is definitely unbearable sometimes. My AF decided to grace me with her presence yesterday, so hopefully next month!!! Trying to stay positive :-) The key word is "trying."

Shaina N said...

Yay! Good job ovaries! I know how frustrating it can be to have cysts! I'm so happy you're all clear.

That's really cool that you know you ovulated from your right! I can feel it when I ovulate from the left, but before I started temping, I was always concerned I'd never ovulate from the right (because I couldn't feel it and my periods were soooo weird).

Anyway. Glad everything is looking clean and clear!

Staci said...

Great news about the "beautiful" ovaries! As for the tilted uterus...I have one too and have been able to conceive 4 times. Neither of the other two OB/GYN's I've had ever mentioned it. I went for my yearly back in December to a new Dr. and she was the one to tell me. Huh, news to me! Have a great weekend.