Friday, March 20, 2009


Hubby's coming home today - hooray! Sophie has been a very good kitty while her daddy was gone and let mommy sleep as much as mommy wanted to - hooray!

I started Pilates last night and my back is killing me this morning. I think it's a combo cramp/backache, but I know it'll go away with time. My poor back is just not very strong right now! I'm really going to try to stick to doing Pilates at least every other day, since I really need to strengthen my core muscles and it'll be good for me during pregnancy, too.

Fertility friend is messing with my mind and telling me that I actually O-ed on Tuesday, not Monday. Hmmm... Well, in any case, now I have hope again. We'll see next Saturday/Sunday if AF shows up or not. I'm either pregnant or I'm not and me worrying about it right now doesn't change matters.


Jessie said...

I don't miss charting. The way it can mess with your mind is tough! It seems like there is almost always a way to reanalyze everything to change your O date. I used the ovusoft/taking charge of your fertility software. It was really good at analyzing and predicting O dates for me.

Crysi said...

I rented a prenatal yoga DVD, but I haven't watched it yet. Pilates sounds like great idea though. Strong core muscles will really help you out while pregnant. Somehow my back is doing ok right now, but my stomach muscles are separating.