Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No hope, but still a future (and a future hope).

Yesterday, a friend, in the comments, mentioned a possible scenario in which this month could turn out with a pregnancy. And then my mind was off running, full of hope again. What is it about hope that we so desperately cling to it as long as we possibly can? Even I, who have gained the nickname "Pessa" (short for pessimist) from my husband because of my great pessimism, cling to the possible good things that could happen. But, alas, my temp was down again this morning and I am merely waiting for the fun times to begin.

A short story that will hopefully make you laugh and illustrate my pessimism:

My alarm clock had lost its settings when the power went off, and I reset the first alarm, but didn't want to set the second one. This is a seriously annoying clock to set.
Jonathan: "Why don't you set the second alarm?"
Me: "Because it takes forever to set. I don't want to have to set it to only use it once! The power will probably go off before I need it, and I'll have to set it all over again!"
Jonathan: "Why don't you just set it? You need it now and you will probably use it again before the power goes off."
Me: "See, you're looking at the bright side, but there probably is no bright side."


Unknown said...

The bright side is you've got friends like us!?!? :) Miss you!

Happy thought for you--> We get to see you for small group this weekend, and start our new book! I think we're going to go to 11am service, because I want to do the Hosea class which starts this week. Then, we don't have to be rushed and can see you MORE! If you want to do something special maybe we could, and let the boys play Settlers or something... Just let me know what we can do for you!

Anonymous said...

I understand. It's so hard to get back to your normal self after something like this. I wish I could just feel how I used to feel, before all of this happened - I miss being happy and cheerful.