Monday, March 9, 2009

100th post!

To celebrate 100 posts, I'm using the classic 100 facts about me. Here they are (in no particular order):

1. My name means "joy of her father." I have always been a daddy's girl!
2. I got married on June 15, 2007, the happiest day of my life (so far).
3. My husband, Jonathan, and I went to the same college, and met each other the first day he arrived on campus.
4. Jonathan is a year younger than me in school (and almost a year younger in age, too).
5. I have three siblings, and I am the oldest.
6. When I was 2, I would correct my dad as to where my toys belonged.
7. I am quite the control freak.
8. I hate breaking rules. I just don't do it!
9. I am an ISFJ, the Protector, although the F is pretty weak, so I am also a bit of an ISTJ.
10. I did not vote for Obama.
11. I want Bobby Jindal to be our next president. Inaugural Bhangra!
12. I watched Bollywood movies before they were cool.
13. I have lots of Indian friends and sometimes I wish I were Indian!
14. I love, love, love theater.
15. I have been both a techie and an actor. And sometimes both in one show!
16. Adelaide from Guys and Dolls has been my favorite part so far, although Kathy in Singin' in the Rain is a close second.
17. I was also a speechie in high school.
18. I was deathly afraid of my speech coach.
19. I still am deathly afraid of my speech coach.
20. I never was very good at Speech, but I won some prizes for categories like Extemporaneous because no one ever does Extemp (there were approximately 5 people in entire tournaments).
21. I used to make up facts that I would quote as if they were from articles (for Extemp). I guess that's one rule I've broken. :-P
22. I used to be able to give an entire speech with a Halls in my mouth (and no one ever knew). Because my throat was so raw during tournaments, I had to keep it coated to be able to speak!
23. I took Spanish for 7 years and can't speak a sentence of it. Yo quiero bistek. (And that I remember from a song.)
24. I took German for 1 year and still remember a good bit. Ich habe nur ein bisschen vergessen.
25. I always liked Italian, but then I had a boss who was Italian and I quickly grew to hate the language.
--This is harder than I thought. Onward to 50.--
26. I got my college degree in Chemistry... but I don't really want to use it. Except maybe to teach.
27. I want to homeschool my children, at least through elementary school.
28. I want four children, just like my family had.
29. I've never been to Disney World....
30. ...or Florida for that matter!
31. I was born in Louisiana, further south than and before my husband was. I use this to tell him that I'm more of a Southerner than he is.
32. When I was 12, I had moved 16 times in 12 years.
33. The final move was to West Virginia, where my mom is from, and where I now say I'm from, even though I've lived in Massachusetts almost as long as I lived in West Virginia.
34. In middle school, I spelled my name as "Abi."
35. Thus, when we were reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel, I earned the nickname "Rabbi Abi" (pronounced Rab-eye Ab-eye).
36. My cousin Amy eventually evolved that nickname into "The All-Knowing Rabbi."
37. I used to speak to Amy and some other friends solely in "optalk," which is the secret language from the PBS show "Zoom."
38. And then we discovered that my mom knew "ubbi-dubbi," a variant of optalk, from watching Zoom when she was younger. We stopped using optalk for telling secrets around my mom!
39. I had a paper route for several years. But my mom, the sweetest mom ever, would deliver the Saturday morning papers for me, so that I didn't have to wake up at 6 am on my day to sleep in.
40. Once, while delivering papers, I almost got blown away by tornado-strength winds. (Seriously - I was "running" towards my front door, but Amy said that I looked basically frozen in space, running, but not moving.)
41. I have been to Kazakhstan, but not Switzerland or Spain.
42. I lived in Germany for two months in 2004. I only learned German once I got back home!
43. I can sleep on planes, but only if I'm cold and I have something to cover my head with.
44. I used to be able to read full books in the car, but since starting birth control pills I have had the weakest stomach ever. I can't read or watch tv in a car or airplane, which really limits my options for keeping myself amused.
45. I've used the barf bag in airplanes on several occasions. Poor Jonny. :)
46. My family has always owned at least one Toyota at a time, including two Corollas, a Sienna, a Tercel and an Echo. I drove the Echo.
47. I remember when gas was $0.97/gallon! Those were my high school days and it was glorious. Also, I was filling up an Echo, so we're talking $10 a tank!
48. My family has moved twice (within the same area) since I came to college, and switched churches. It's weird to not have my "home" any more!
49. My top three favorite artists are: Rebecca St. James, Joy Williams, Bethany Dillon. I own all of their albums! And for Rebecca, that's quite a feat!
50. I once sent a letter to Rebecca St. James and actually got a letter back from her staff that said she was going to personally read my letter! I have no clue what I wrote about.
--Alright, I'm totally considering quitting at 50. Let's see if I can make it to 75, at least.--
51. I've been using the internet for quite some time. Some of my old favorite sites are: AncientSites, Horseland, Neopets, and Geocities (Where I hosted my very own website for a long, long time. Man, I wish I still had the code for that thing! From what I remember, it was wicked awesome.)
52. I don't actually use the word "wicked" in real life, unless I'm mocking someone.
53. I do, however, use the word "sketchy" frequently.
54. I am extremely picky when people make obvious grammar mistakes. (For example, replacing "their" with "they're" or "there.") I think this stems from the fact that although my writing in middle/high school was never interesting, it was always grammatically correct, so that I could ensure my A. (I mean, you can't give me a B because my style isn't that grand. Bwahahaha.)
55. Relatedly, I am very good at comma rules. My husband tells me I use commas far too frequently, but really, I only use them when you're supposed to. Duh.
56. I always try to use the second comma in a list of three (for example, "me, mine, and ours") because if you leave it out it is called the Harvard comma, and I hate Harvard. (I hope none of you went there.)
57. My AP English teacher in twelfth grade told me that it was acceptable to use prepositions at the end of a sentence. She was a moron, but I used that as a good excuse to start doing so.
58. I am extremely picky about the kind of pen that I write with. There are some pens that are worth writing with, but most aren't. I like gel pens (especially the Bic VelocityGels) and I like certain kinds of ballpoint pens.
59. I far overuse smiley faces (:-P or :D) when chatting on IM (and on e-mails, too, probably). Sometimes I realize that I am using them on my blog and I try to make myself stop. Sorry, peeps.
60. I ride a shuttle to and from work every day. It picks up at my front door and drops me off about a block away from work. Epic laziness.
61. I kill plants like nobody's business. I think I mostly overwater them. But if I don't water them frequently, then I forget to water them and they also die. So, basically, I kill plants.
62. I love, love, love, love, love hot dogs. I ate one every night in college (I definitely missed some nights, but in general.) and I could still eat them every night now, if I didn't want to be fat and in super bad health. So I eat them about once a week instead. Healthy, right?
63. I just realized that I love to start sentences with a dependent clause. Because it makes me happy. I really hope that doesn't bother anyone.
64. I drink many, many cups of water each day. Thankfully for the environment, I use a stainless steel water bottle and almost never buy bottled water.
65. When I came to MIT I wanted to major in Physics and Math. And then I started classes.
66. I only applied to two colleges, MIT and WVU (go West Virginny!). I knew that I wanted to go to MIT if I got the financial aid, and if I didn't, I was fine with WVU.
67. I wanted to go to MIT because that's where I thought all astronauts went. And, yes, I wanted to be an astronaut at some point in my past life.
68. I love crossword puzzles.
69. I love crossing out days on a calendar. (I'm currently getting my inspiration from things sitting out on my desk.)
70. I sit on my feet a lot. I think it's because I'm short and it brings me to a more normal height. Also, my feet dangle off of most chairs, which makes my hips sore.
71. I'm only 5' 0". My husband is 6' 5". That makes a 17" difference between us!
72. I hate cooking. My poor husband eats things out of boxes most nights.
73. I make my husband watch Gilmore Girls with me every night during dinner. Actually, I started out having to make him, and now he watches willingly. We're almost done with Season 6 (out of 7)... I'm not sure what we're going to do once we finish!
74. My weekly TV lineup is House, Heroes, Jon & Kate Plus Eight, 24, and the Colbert Report. I watch most of those on Hulu if I miss them! (God bless Hulu.)
75. I have a chronically bad back, which has been mostly fixed by Dansko Professional shoes. I call them my "back" shoes, and since I do so much walking in Boston, I wear them with everything, all the time. I cannot wait to move and get to wear shoes that actually go with my outfit!
--Are you really still reading this? Now I have to finish, I'm almost done!--
76. I love reading Dilbert in the biweekly campus paper. He's such a dork, just like me. (In all honesty, I probably read this because of Jonathan, but it is so funny!)
77. I used to play the violin, clarinet, piano, and reed flute. At the same time. (Just kidding about that last part.)
78. I have 486 friends on facebook (add me via my facebook badge on the left column!), but considering that I haven't actually spoken to probably 400 of those people in the past year, I'm not really that popular.
79. I love genealogy! I have a subscription to Sadly, my family's only been in the country for a few generations, so I'm pretty maxed out on what I can know about them.
80. I recently discovered the joy of night showers. I think I'll switch back to morning when I can sleep in, but for now, when I have to get up early (7 am is the very definition of early to me), then I am perfectly happy to take night showers.
81. I also recently discovered the loveliness of long, hot baths. Sooo relaxing - I take one most nights!
82. I love to read and I burn through books like nobody's business. Jonathan says that I couldn't possibly remember what I'm reading at the speed that I read, but I do! He tests me on it sometimes.
83. I love photography. Someday I want to take pictures of a) people's children or b) weddings. Of course, I'm going to get plenty of practice taking pictures of my children first!
84. I get out at 4 pm on Fridays - woohoo!
85. I had three out of four wisdom teeth and none were impacted. I had one pulled because it kept growing (since it didn't have a matching tooth below it). Both of my parents have all four of their wisdom teeth still.
86. I'm good at baking - I think it's that German sweet tooth in me.
87. I am 5/8 German, 1/4 Swedish and 1/8 Irish. My husband is about 3/4 German and 1/4 British. So our kids will definitely be mutts!
88. I do all of the family finances, mostly because I would be nervous about whether Jonathan had paid something or not. Lots of trust there, people.
89. My birthday is Valentine's Day and I was born on my dad's 22nd birthday.
90. I hate talking on the phone; I will avoid it at all costs. Good thing I was born in the age of e-mail!
91. My favorite author is John Piper, followed by a close second of Jane Austen. But I'm more in love with Jane than John.
92. My skin is allergic to the perfumes in hand lotions. I have to make sure I don't get any smelly kinds, or they will crack and bleed!
93. I walk really fast. As in, I walk at the same pace as my 6' 5" husband does.
94. I don't actually believe I have any friends who are reading at this point in time, but the fact that I'm still writing shows how stubborn I am.
95. I am a Sunday School teacher of 3 year olds. Last year I did first grade, and I highly prefer the 3 year olds. (But don't tell the first graders that!)
96. I love Vineyard Christian Fellowships! Sadly, my husband doesn't. We go to a Congregational church currently, although he was raised Southern Baptist.
97. My favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. When I was in high school, I tried to memorize the whole book. I think I got through 2.5 chapters, but I'm not sure how much I could recite now.
98. I hate to exercise. I used to love running, but then I got bad shin splints and hurt my back and it wasn't fun any more. Now I do the elliptical when I feel really bad about myself.
99. When I was in first grade, I could do a perfect backbend. Now I can't even touch my toes!
100. I had contacts in high school and followed every rule in the book, but they made my eyes bleed! It was very sad.

By the way, there is no way I am doing one of these for my 200th post.


Anonymous said...


I loved reading your 100 posts! There are so many things that made me think, "Me too!" and so many that made me think, "That's so Abbie."
I love you and miss you! Let's hang out lots more before you leave this dreadful state :)


Shaina N said...

I looooooooove the fact that you watched "Zoom"! I loved that show!!!

I also have the same wishes for photography!

Awesome post!

Crysi said...

Wow, now that takes some dedication!

I loved Zoom too and Adia is constantly correcting Scott about where her toys are supposed to go. It always makes me laugh. You've got several that make me think of me. Especially the changing your major thing. I started majoring in Biochemistry, absolutely sure that's what I wanted to do. What was I thinking? I should have done elementary ed.

And I am so adding you on facebook. Assuming I can find you.