Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rant over

Sorry for that, but I was just too mad to function and needed to get some anger out in words. I'm over it now, though. There's always next month! And I'm happy that my cycle is looking back to normal hormone levels. My next goal/prayer is to have a luteal phase with high temps for at least 10 days, hopefully lasting at least 11 days. My last few cycles have been non-pregnancy sustaining lengths, so I need my progesterone levels to stay higher longer!

Doctor's appointment today to check my hopefully dead cyst. That's at 11 am EST, and I'll update afterwards.

My husband's leaving me today! He's going to Baltimore to finish some processing for his job and will be back on Friday. I'm going to miss him something fierce!

Jamie reminded me that I didn't update yet! The appointment lasted all of 10 minutes (it was just a brief internal exam), and I was told that my uterus tilts slightly to the left and my left ovary is somewhat larger than the right. They don't do ultrasounds at my Ob/Gyn so I have an appointment set up for next Thursday at 9 am.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I'll be praying for your next appointment.


P.S. We're just a train ride away if you want to hang with us while Jonny's in MD (or any other time, for that matter). Our door's always open for you :)

Staci said...

Thanks so much for "joining" my blog! I was surprised when I opened up my dashboard and saw I had a follower :) Isn't it amazing how much work it actually takes to conceive a child yet a high school girl can have unprotected sex 1 time and get pregnant?

Keep checking for the "EWCM" when we stopped "DTD" every other night and I started watching for the "EWCM" instead is when it happened for us. TMI maybe but it sometimes helps to share what works :)