Monday, March 2, 2009


Okay, pink it is! I'm in agreement with all of you - the pink is much better than the purple. Phew, problem solved.

It's the blizzard of the century outside, and I'm at work. I think that if a nuclear bomb were dropped on Boston, MIT would still say that their policy on Excused Lateness was in effect. Oh, excuse my lateness, it's just hard to crawl in when your legs have fallen off. (Sorry, I'm just sore that they DON'T HAVE SNOW DAYS in the FROZEN TUNDRA. I hate the Northeast.)

But the weekend was nice! We didn't have Sunday School yesterday so Jonathan and I were bad Christians and stayed home to listen to the church service via the Radio. Jonathan's a bit worried that we're going to have to teach Sunday School for the rest of our lives to make sure that we end up going to church ever. But that's what evening services are for!

I don't really feel like doing a Not Me! Monday today. Oh, well.

Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying
Planning and dreaming...

Oh, Max. I love you, sweet baby boy.


Jessie said...

I'm not feeling a NMM post today either.

I like this lighter background/header too.

Crysi said...

The University of Oregon doesn't seem to believe in snow days either. We had 4 inches of ice on the ground, everything else was closed, no one could drive anywhere and it was nearly impossible to walk out your door, but school was still open. Too bad none of the teachers could actually make it to work so we didn't find out classes were cancelled until ice skating our way to class.