Thursday, December 18, 2008

FUP stands for "follow up"

Today was my follow up appointment for the miscarriage. Jonathan came with me because he is such a sweet, sweet husband.

It turns out that the "tissue sample" I brought in on Friday wasn't tissue at all, but blood clots - that means that I lost 3 lbs. of BLOOD on Thursday night, not a sac at all! I felt kind of ridiculous that I didn't realize that it wasn't a sac... But how should I have known? The doctor and I think that what I passed on Sunday (after teaching 3 years olds and walking around all day) must have been the sac, especially because of my huge HCG drop from Friday to Monday. Poor Max didn't even get cremated (incinerated), just flushed like a dead fish. I'm so sorry, Max, for not attending to your little sac!

They took more blood today to check my HCG levels again. My poor vein was having such a hard time staying up, since it's been attacked three times this past week already, but thankfully she got the needle in the first time. I noticed another STAT label on the test tube, so maybe I'll get a call with those tonight. I am so sick of the lab at my hospital! Thankfully, I have at least the next two weeks off from going there.

Somehow I feel better about things after today's appointment. Well, not better, certainly not happy, but not so much despair. I'm thankful that I won't need a D&C (the doctor didn't even think we needed to do an ultrasound, she was so confident from my HCG levels) and I'm thankful that we can try again without anything stopping us. It's also nice to know that I don't need to go back to my Ob/Gyn's office until the next time I am pregnant. Phew, I feel like God has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. Thank you, Lord.

I miss you, Max. I'm happy to know that you are happy right now. Your mommy loves you!

UPDATE: Hooray! HCG levels are down to 170 (from 674 on Monday), which my doctor says "is great!" At least my body can do something right!!! (Wow, that is a lot of exclamation points.)


Melanie said...

Oh girl glad to hear you are feeling better! I flushed Nehemiah like a little dead fish too... See it was not easy for me the day I miscarried and it was so emotional that I wouldn't put my contacts or glasses on while I was miscarring because I did NOT want to see anything. It is such a devastating moment. I give you kudos for trying! God bless ya!

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