Thursday, December 4, 2008

11w, 2d: I'm so hungry I could eat a...

Horse, cow, pig, etc. You name it, I could eat it. My appetite has DOUBLED over the past two days. Why? Who knows, maybe the placenta-making? I blame everything on that now-a-days. It's a very convenient excuse for, say, not getting the cat a scoop of food until the next morning. Anyhow, we're ordering Papa John's for dinner tonight (WOOHOO) and I am so excited I could burst! Yummy pizza!

Tomorrow we are heading to New Hampshire with our life group (read: Bible study) for a nice, relaxing weekend away. No Sunday school! It'll be nice to relax with everyone and NOT go hiking when they go. Yay for excuses to stay inside! I love you, Baby!

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Unknown said...

yay for not going hiking for no good reason... outside = yucky