Friday, December 5, 2008

11w, 3d: Only 200 days to go!

Man, did I have a rough night last night. Sorry to Jamie, Brian and Debra for looking like I hadn't showered for weeks (don't worry, I had actually bathed less than 24 hours before!) and to poor, poor Jonny for having to deal with me yelling at him approximately every 5 seconds (that's not much of an exaggeration, either). But, to make myself look a little less evil, he was sitting on the couch doing coding for a final project, while I ran around the apartment cleaning and packing for our trip tonight. It did bother me a *little* that he could claim to be working while sitting on his butt all evening watching Seinfeld and movies.

Ahhh, Christmas. Luckily, my wonderful mother has absolved me of buying her and my father presents, and I have managed to figure out something for Matt, Naomi, and Jonathan's brother Drew, so I only have four more immediate family members to shop for. I love online shopping! It is my favorite invention EVER.

I'm so excited to start getting baby things! Since I assume I will never actually have a baby shower (my peeps are too scattered now to have much of a significant shower, unless I travel to where our families are), I think the most things he/she will get will probably come for Christmas, a very convenient present time. To give you a peek on our registry, here is the pattern I picked out for the stroller, high chair and pack 'n play.

We will be moving states away right after the baby is born, so we're going to stick with not many big ticket items that we will have to move! I'm so excited to get little baby things. Jamie and I already went out before Baby Burnham was conceived and bought two little outfits that I just love looking at. Babies are so precious.


Unknown said...

Yes we did... which I think makes the outfit Baby Burnham's first technical gift. :)

Anonymous said...

Where, my love, are you moving?