Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11w, 0d: We think it's a....

Boy! Wow, almost EVERYONE guessed girl (6 to 1). Who guessed boy? Just wondering... Now don't get me wrong, I would love to have a girl first, but somehow I just think the baby is a boy (as does Jonathan)!

This week, our baby is about the size of a fig (1.5 inches long). His or her hands are going to be able to close soon, and his or her bones are getting harder. There are also tooth buds forming under his or her gums! He or she is stretching and kicking, and may even be hiccuping, due to his or her forming diaphragm. The placenta is now forming, which explains how exhausted I am currently (making a baby and a placenta!), and will be forming for the next few weeks.

I think I am mostly done with nausea (not that it was really that bad ever) and although my breasts are still growing, they aren't really painful or sensitive right now. I do need more sleep, though - I took a two hour nap last night and then got 7 hours of sleep and am still exhausted. I will be so happy when Jonathan's class is over and we can both sleep better!

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