Monday, December 1, 2008

10w, 6d: Weight and Waiting

Well, I'm steadily gaining weight! I was up to 88 lbs. at my 8-week appointment, and am already up to 91.5 with another week to go before my 12 weeks appointment! Yeah, I know that you're not supposed to gain weight in your first trimester, usually, but I'm happy to know that I'm getting closer to a normal weight. Underweight mothers make underweight babies, and I would like a nice 8 pounder, so I'm just going to keep gaining weight, hopefully! It'd be nice to be closer to 95 or 100 lbs. by the beginning of the second trimester, so that I can be more on track for gaining the normal pregnancy weight after that. That's my goal!

I'm so excited to be able to tell EVERYONE in eight days!!! I feel so AWFUL about withholding information this important from some of my bestest friends... Aparna, Sarah, Rashida, Debra, Katelyn, Karlen, Jennifer, Molly, Chris, and everyone else: I'm so sorry that we haven't told you all yet! Just eight more days and you will all know, I promise! (As long as there is a wiggly baby with a beautiful heartbeat on that ultrasound next Tuesday...) I cannot wait, that will be SUCH a relief to my mind. For everyone who doesn't know why we were not telling (most) people, I had some bleeding from weeks 6-9 that was very worrisome (50% of people who bleed in early pregnancy have healthy babies... wait, those odds aren't very good!). At this point, the baby could still have died and not miscarried properly (we haven't heard or seen a heartbeat yet), but we are praying and hoping for a beautiful, strong heartbeat at our regular Ob/Gyn appointment on Monday and a precious wiggly baby on the ultrasound next Tuesday!

Remember to keep voting in the gender poll, and I may reveal our thoughts tomorrow!

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