Friday, December 19, 2008

Grumpy, not-pregnant woman alert

"Hi, I'm calling to cancel my ultrasound appointment for January 20th at 9 am."
"Do you need to reschedule?"
"No." (I wish.)

It's almost Christmas break! It will be nice to be home with my family and away from this place where everything is associated with a memory of Max.

Rachel on Friends is pregnant right now. I guess they're having a Friends marathon on TBS because that's all that came out of the TV last night... Pregnancy tests, dating while pregnant, on and on... I am not a fan of that show right now.

At our office Christmas party on Wednesday night, I got stuck talking to one of two very pregnant women in the large amount of people that were milling around. She was upset about not having a girl, and then upset about not being able to drink.... I held it together, though, and only burst into tears later, when I had left.

I have been to my Ob/Gyn's office five times in the past 12 days. That is a lot of pregnant women in one place. Even the 40-50 year olds appear to be having fertility luck these days.

It's time for a break from pregnant women. Luckily, I don't think anyone at home is pregnant. Please, God? At least if they are, let them keep their mouth shut about it!

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Melanie said...

Oh girl are we dealing with this together or what!!! Just found out two of my blogging friends are pregnant. One had a miscarriage around the time I did and she find out yesterday that she is pregnant. The other had been trying for a year and is pregnant. Ohhhh how I would love to be pregnant too.. How I would love to STOP seeing pregnancy all around me.. Im hoping no one at home is pregnant either!!! Im feeling a little bitter. Sorry i guess im venting with ya!