Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday again.

20 weeks down, 20 more to go. Sadly, there won't be a sweet, cuddly baby at the end of those 20 weeks. I wish I could just sleep through Tuesdays!


Melanie said...

Ohh Abbie how I wish I could be there by your side to let you cry on my shoulder! I know the Lord has everything planned out for you. Keep your head up, be in prayer like never before, and rest everything in His hands.

The 22nd of each month reminds me of Nehemiah.

I just started a new blog so go check it out! It's my "healing" blog.. Things that help me heal for ex: crocheting, etc...

Anonymous said...

So sorry. I dont knwo your faith... but I get through knowing that God's timing is beyond perfect... and that He knows what exactly your life holds in store...so while this may be a sad time and you feel disappointed, try to get out and enjoy your life everysingle day no matter what.

Hope you liked todays installment of un-solicited advice.

God bless-