Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friends will keep you warm in the coldest night!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Abbie - I discovered your blog from c Jane... and wow... it is amazing... I had the same experience as you... one week later. I was 12 wks PG, going in for nuchal screening... found my baby was dead... and instead of cytotec, had a d&c on 12/16... a day I will remember my whole life. I found out one month ago, my little angel was a boy too... no Downs, no trisomy, nothing bad... just normal little 46XY.... but still dead. I keep thinking no one else in the world can understand the pain of losing a baby you could never nuzzle and love and kiss (those sweet baby boy kisses!) - and then I find something like YOUR blog... and I know that I am not alone. YOU are not alone either. Just know that your angel baby is watching you and loves you for loving him... just like mine. Thank you so much for blogging and sharing your story and your pain! Your angel baby will forever be YOUR special angel. Peace and blessings to you as you go forward!