Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And we're back...

Sorry to be gone all weekend. I never really write on days off, and I was home sick yesterday, so I haven't been on since Friday.

  • I'm currently on CD14, waiting to O... should be any day now.
  • Max was 22 weeks yesterday. My goodness how time flies! It's going to be June before I know it.
  • My sweet husband puts up with a lot of crap from me. I love you, Jonny!
  • My cat got a stuffed Maltese from "Grandma" on Saturday - and proceeded to rip it limb from limb. Is this a bad sign for her relationship with a baby?
Alright, I have to run. Tons of work to do today (for once)!

UPDATE: You folks are just too good to me. There has been a commenting frenzy today, and I am just feeling so encouraged by you all. I love that I have friends online who can step in and support me in ways that people "in real life" can't. You girls are a huge blessing to me. Like Paul said, I thank my God for you every time I remember you.

If you read my blog and haven't commented yet, please do leave a comment sometime! I would love to know who you are and what your story is - I know there are many, many people who find my site by searching for "experience with cytotec" or something similar, and my heart hurts so much knowing that you may be alone while you are going through a miscarriage. Even if you leave an anonymous comment, at least I can use that to pray more specifically for you!

UPDATE #2: My in real life friends (especially the ones that read this blog, and are therefore up on my life!) are also very, very supportive - I just wanted to make that clear. You girls are the best friends a girl could ask for! There's just a different way that I can be supported by people who have been through what I've been through, and I don't know anyone in real life who has. I love you guys and thank God for you every day, too!


Crysi said...

The weeks do fly by. Adia turns 2 in just 2 weeks and I have no idea how that happened. She's her own little person, no more baby. And my pregnancy is almost halfway done too. Wasn't I still just wrapping my brain around 2 little sacs on the ultrasound picture? Now we know it's two more little girls, most likely non-identical.

Hope you O soon. Maybe you'll get twins too, ;) Wonder what temping looks like then.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just got done praying for you. I hope you find some joy today. As a matter of fact, I jsut talked to God, and I KNOW you will find some joy today. You just gotta look!

Many blessings!

Candace said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog for about a month now. I think I have commented before, but can't remember. I can't really remember how I came across your blog, but I also have recently had a miscarriage. I was about 9 weeks along and miscarried on January 5th. I have been praying for you and know that you will have that baby in your arms soon.

Anonymous said...

I have always been kind of surprised that people on the internet that you never meet in person are often far more caring, loving, and supportive than people you know.

Hope you start feeling better soon :-) Being sick is never fun.