Thursday, February 5, 2009

The gig is up

Temp went down today, thus AF is on her way. See, that's one reason I like to temp - I knew not to hope any more as of 5:30 this morning. (Plus, now I can take Advil for these awful cramps.) Oh well. At least she should be over for my birthday next Saturday - that's good news at least!

I want my baby back. I already did this patiently waiting to get pregnant thing. I shouldn't have to go through this again so soon. Why don't I have my little Max?

Update at 4:25 pm: And she's here. What is up with my 24 day cycle? Am I lucky (in that we can try to get pregnant more often) or unlucky (in that I have farrrr more days of AF than most women, considering mine last 5-6 days and I get her about every 3.5 weeks)?


Brooke said...

I am sorry. I know how hard it is to see that temp drop. So far I think its been about 10 times I have had that feeling. I hope you dont have to do this much longer.

Crysi said...

I know you weren't really "trying" this cycle, but it's still hard not to get your hopes up. Fingers crossed for next cycle!

Anonymous said... cycle this month was much longer than normal for me (35 days) and I started AF on Wednesday. AF typically visits me for 5 days + or - a few days. I think that RB has shorter than average cycles, too, and that she has AF for probably around the same number of days we typically do. I wonder if our any of our aunts/moms/cousins also have/had this kind of cycle?