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My Experience with a Cytotec (Misoprostol) Miscarriage

Dear friends and family,

You are welcome to read this post, but I am posting it more for people who may be about to go through a medical miscarriage with the use of Cytotec, because I couldn't find many people's experiences when I was searching online. I will warn you that I'm not going to mince my words, and this is certainly not material for anyone under the age of 18.

Love you all,


Before taking the pills, I had a very large lunch with a lot of protein and vegetables, drank a lot of water, and also took a prenatal vitamin. I lost a lot of blood during the miscarriage, and I think that the food and extra iron in my system was helpful towards not fainting. Plus, the Cytotec does create nausea, so I wasn't able to eat a whole lot later. I also took two Advil at this point (my doctor recommended an hour before placing the Cytotec), to help lower the pain of the initial cramping.

Yesterday at 1:50 pm, I inserted the 4 tablets of Misoprostol into the posterier fornix of my vagina. Emotionally, this was difficult to do, but not physically. I say it was difficult emotionally because this felt very much like an elective abortion (as if I was choosing to get rid of my baby), but of course it was not. Our baby died long enough ago that we couldn't even find a body on the ultrasound.

By 2:30, the cramping began. The instructions said it would probably take 2-4 hours to begin, but I think they might have meant "the cramping that will make you want to die" starts in 2-4 hours. The cramps started as very harmless cramps - they felt like the lightest ones I have before my period is going to start.

By 3:30, I was extremely nauseous and had bad gas that was causing the cramps to hurt a bit more. The nausea was very different from pregnancy nausea - I knew when to expect my pregnancy nausea because I was near a bad smell or brushing my teeth near the back of my mouth, but this was more of a spontaneous spasm of your stomach which I thought might cause me to throw up (although I never did). At this point I started using a heating pad, although it would have been nice to have two - one for my back and one for my stomach. A hot water bottle actually might have been better for this, since my heating pad just wouldn't stay on long enough and I kept having to unplug it to get it to come back on again.

By 4:00 pm, the cramps were at the level that I normally experience as the worst cramps during my period. They will get worse. I recommend at this point that you take the prescribed painkiller. My doctor gave me three doses of percocet, which took about an hour to kick in in my case. I waited far too long to take the percocet. Take the percocet before it gets too bad!

By 5:00 pm, I truly felt as if I was going to die from the cramps, backache, nausea and gas that were all causing severe amounts of pain. I imagine this is what labor feels like. In this case, there is no baby for you to worry about a painkiller's effect, so please, please take your prescribed painkiller when you reach this point, if not earlier. This is when I took mine, and then I passed out from the pain.

At 5:30, the percocet began to kick in slowly: I still felt the cramps, but my mind was like, "Who cares! This is fun! Everything's funny!" I think that the percocet hit my brain before the rest of my body. :) This is when I got up and started moving around. Moving around makes the bleeding begin and the miscarriage happen faster, so I highly recommend moving around if you can. At this point I was able to eat dinner without feeling too nauseous, and if you want to eat, I recommend doing it before the bleeding begins.

6:00 is when my bleeding started. It trickled for about 2 minutes and then whoooooosh. An extremely full pad in about 15 minutes. At 6:15 I felt as if I was going to pass out, so I got up to go to the bathroom and see if I needed to check my pad (oh yeah I did), and that is when blood clots began to come out. Because the percocet had kicked in by this time, I felt no pain during this. I don't know if it's normally painful or not. I also realized that the cramps were very good, because they did all of the work for me. I didn't have to push, I just had to catch what was coming out (for my doctor to do testing on it). I *thought* that the miscarriage was over by 6:30, cleaned up, and headed back to the couch to watch Rocky.

6:45: Oops, I was wrong. Two more really large blood clots fell out into my pad. I went back to the bathroom and sat and waited for about 20 minutes, during which my body expelled many more blood clots. I caught a few more, bagged them (I thought these were pieces of the sac!), and let the rest go down the drain. I cleaned up again and headed back to the couch.

7:15: At this point, I could actually tell when things were coming. I was able to get up and walk to the bathroom before my body expelled more clots. I also stopped collecting things, since I thought they had enough material. I continued to lose large clots until 9:30 pm (plus one at 5:00 this morning)!

9:30: Most of the clots were gone by this point, but I was extremely faint from blood loss. I kept myself drinking plenty of water (actually, juice might be better to help keep your blood sugar levels up) and laid down with my feet above my head.

11:00 The intense cramping returned. Time for a second percocet! Most of my bleeding was done by this point in time. I was able to fall asleep when the medicine kicked in. Jonathan set his alarm to wake us up every few hours, just to make sure I had stopped losing large amounts of blood and wasn't in trouble.

This morning I passed a few small clots, but since the cramping had basically stopped, I had to push these out myself. This is a difficult concept for someone who hasn't been in labor before, and I had quite a hard time figuring out how to get them out. But I think most everything is gone by now! The bleeding is very, very light, and except for the lightheadedness from blood loss, I feel pretty good.

***Note: I updated this post to be more accurate. I accidentally collected blood clots, which are useless for testing, since they were made of my own blood. The majority of what you will pass during a Cytotec miscarriage are clots (which are large, perhaps as long as 6", and dark red, don't be confused by their size, these are not pieces of your sac!), and you may or may not pass your gestational sac at this time (which is a white/grayish ball). Mine didn't come out until Sunday, three days post-Cytotec.

UPDATE: If you are reading this post because you are about to use cytotec for a medical miscarriage, please do leave a comment. I would love to know who you are and what your story is - I know there are many, many people who find my site by searching for "experience with cytotec" or something similar, and my heart hurts so much knowing that you may be alone while you are going through this. Even if you leave an anonymous comment, at least I can use that to pray more specifically for you!


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Anonymous said...

Continuation to my post at 6:45 March 10, 2012. Graphic Details to some and maybe TMI.

Oh my, ladies, I spoke way too soon it appears. Within 15 minutes of writing my last post I was hit with cramping/contractions that made me feel like death. I sat on the toilet and literally just waited. They came on almost instantly and about 30 seconds apart for a good twenty minutes. I broke out into sweats, felt nauseaous and just utter dread. It made me rethink natural childbirth.

Just when I thought I could not tolerate anymore in a swoop, the gestational sac came out and the pain immediately dissipated - It was very obvious what it was. My sac looked deflated. It was a whitish-pink colour and looked like a cell the size of a plum...although it was deflated...its the best way I can describe it.

Once the sac was out, I started bleeding heavily and since have had bad cramping about every few of minutes. Nothing like the contractions when the sac was being expelled. I am still expelling clots, smaller in size, like quarters...but mostly watery blood.

I literally got off the toilet 10 minutes ago. I took a Materna Vitamin earlier to keep my iron up as well.

I now have no doubt that the 'miso' worked. It wasn't fun, but its an option that wasn't invasive and I am ready to start trying again as soon as I'm clear. At this rate I feel like it is cleaning me out quickly.

Thanks for listening. Take your pain meds ladies. And once you feel the contractions close to one another, I would recommmend getting to a place where you can be comfortable and prepared.

I wonder though, the pills didn't do this yesterday...has my body taken over?

Hugs again to all...And THANK you Abbie for giving all of us a place to share our experiences and advice!

Anonymous said...

Follow-up to my posts of March 10, 2012 6:45 & 9:26.

Hi ladies, I figured I would follow up to make sure my exprience with the "miso" was as accurate as possible.

I last posted on Saturday March 10 at 9:26pm. The following morning, Sunday March 11 was uneventful. I passed some blood, few clots, nothing major. However, by noon, my entire mid section was swollen. My bowels felt as though they were going to explode and I was in severe discomfort. I did not experience diarrhea as many others had. I was dealing with severe constipation and inflamed bowels, which in turn gave me hemorrhoids....this lasted all of Sunday afternoon/night/overnight. I could barely lay down comfortably and had an urge to go to the bathroom.

The next morning I woke up feeling extremely fatigued. Had to call in sick for work. By 8:30 am Monday, March 12, I had a fever of 102 and achiness and chills. I could barely move let alone stand and Tylenol 3 gave me the relief I needed. This went on all day. By midnight, my fever hadn't broke, my husband got worried and started researching the net and discovered this could be sign of infection.

I should note that i had felt pressure in my abdomen all day Sunday and Monday, but thought this was all part of the process. We went to emergency in fear of infection.

Long wait at emergency, my cramps became very severe, pain was excrutiating and fever hung around. They gave me antibiotics to start immediately. They also gave me Naproxen for pain (this helps with my inflammation - but it is not as effective for pain so I still feel horrible cramps). They also scheduled me for an Ultrasound on Tuesday March 13 (today).

After three hours of sleep, I got up and felt pressure once again in my abdomen...I went to the washroom and really focused on pushing whatever it was out...Out came a large clot. After inspection, it definetly looked like pregnancy tissue - very hard, thick and the consistency of raw steak, veiny. I felt some relief.

My ultrasound was inconclusive, meaning they found that i still had a uterine wall remaining which is normal, sac had passed, but they couldn't determine what was still in there "hanging around waiting to come out".

Soooooo...I am on the antibiotics because of the risk of infection (for 10 days). I have another follow-up ultrasound. I still have severe burning cramping that makes me stop and take a breath but no fever.

Was Misoprostol worth it? At the initial stages, I found it easy, Non-invasive and appeared to work. In hindsight, it did alot more to my body that was not anticipated. It has caused me severe physical pain and discomfort. It is not as effective as a D&C and it is unpredictable. In short...if I was younger and not desperate to start a family, I may have waited for myself to naturaly miscarry. If I had more trust in the OB/GYN I may have opted for the D&C. I don't foresee myself ever wanting to take the '"miso" option again...some of the nurses I spoke to said it best, "that is some nasty stuff!"

However, this was just my experience. I beleive it is effective for most woman...just know what to expect and take it when you know you have the time and comfort to take care of yourself. Also, always trust your instincts and if you think something is not ok, go see a doctor!

Baby dust to all...

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for coming across this blog!! I was able to "prepare" mentally as well as my circumstances before inserting the pills. I just wanted to thank you soooo so so much for sharing this. All too often this is a subject that is avoided as being too personal to share which makes it hard for those of us who are going through it to learn about. So a big thank you so much.

April said...

This post and comments were so helpful to read as I was preparing for my misoprostol induced miscarriage. I want to post my experience for other women to read too.

My pregnancy ended sometime in the 6th week. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks, which showed a yolk sac and no heartbeat. They wanted me to wait 2 weeks for a second ultrasound. During the wait I had a little spotting, but nothing major and no cramping. When I finally had that it showed a slightly larger sac, but still no heartbeat. I didn't want a D&C so my OB prescribed misoprostol and Percocet for pain. I waited for a week to take it, since my husband was out of town and I wanted to be with him when I miscarried. During that week of waiting I started bleeding a little more and having some cramping, but still nothing serious.

My husband and I went out for a big breakfast, and I took a Percocet. When we got home I held the 4 misoprostol tablets in my mouth for 30 minutes, and then swallowed what was left. (This is what my doctor said to do, but it sounds like this is unusual.) I laid in bed watching movies and knitting. I think it took about 30 minutes for the cramping to set in. It mostly felt like I had to go to the bathroom, so I spent most of the time passing clots into the toilet. I had a lot of large clots, plus some pinkish gray uterine lining (?). I wore giant overnight pads, but mostly didn't need them. The cramping was pretty intense, and came in waves. I took another 2 Percocet at one point. After about 3 hours I was sitting up in bed when I felt a big sploosh in my underwear. I went in the bathroom where I found a clear, yellowish blob about the size of a large olive. I could clearly see the embryo inside. That was really difficult, and I wish I hadn't seen it. I wasn't expecting to see anything like that.

After passing the sac I started having a little less cramping, and few clots. I still had waves of cramping for about 3 days after. It seemed to happen once or twice a day, I would get waves of cramps every 5-15 minutes, for an hour or two. I had a lot of bright blood at first, which slowed to spotting. I kept taking Percocet, and I think I had a bad reaction to it. It gave me a terrible upset stomach, so bad that I spent almost 3 days after not being able to eat, vomiting what I did manage to get down, and having a terrible headache. I stopped taking it after the first day after the miscarriage, once I realized it was making me sick, but it took me a few days to recover.

It has now been exactly a week. Since yesterday I haven't had any cramping, and just a little spotting. It looks like it is mostly over.

Overall I'm glad I used misopsrostol instead of having a surgical procedure. Losing my baby already made me feel so alienated from my body, and I think having surgery would have felt worse. I think it helped that my body was already starting to naturally miscarry, and the drugs just helped it along faster.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. I'm about to take Cytotec and it makes it a little less scary having an idea of what to expect.

Stephanie R. said...

I was considered a low risk pregnancy and was going to a clinic within the hospital. I went for an Dr appointment on March 28 when I was about 11/12 weeks. No heart beat detected with a doppler but Dr. was not concerned and didn't order ultrasound. Started having some light cramping and spotting about 3 days ago (but I assumed it was from yeast infection and the treatment -- I have read and heard that this can happen). Didn't think anything of it. Then last night I was laying on the couch and felt something leak out...I got up and ran to the bathroom and was bleeding profusely. Went straight to hospital, long story short, baby stopped growing @ 7 weeks and I had no idea until 13 weeks. The Dr. told me I could have a D&C, take Miso, or just do it naturally since my body seemed to be doing that anyway. I asked for the Miso, but after reading all this, I think I am just going to let my body try to finish what it's already doing. I have a Dr's appointment in 2 weeks so I guess we'll take it from there after the ultrasound determines if everything has passed. Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. Hugs to all <3

Diana said...

I am reading these trying to decide which to method to choose. I am 40 years old, and my husband (of 4 years) and I want to have a baby together. I went in to get an u/s at 8 weeks and was told that u/s was only measuring (fetal pole?)at 5wk6days. Went in 7 days later and fetal pole was even smaller with no sign of a heartbeat. I was supposed to be at 9wks. I was told that visit to come in the next day for a D&C, and I said I needed to think about it. My hcg levels were 25000 on Monday, and 27000 on Wednesday. Dr said that means pregnancy is not viable.I have absolutely no symptoms of miscarriage although I am reading that most women who experience a silent miscarriage are in the same boat.
Here is some of my history:
I had chosen to use cytotec 2.5 years ago for my first m/c, and thought it was difficult. Yes, the pain was like labor because I have a daughter that is now 11 years old, and I was pitocin-induced 4wks early with her due to toxemia. At the time, I refused pain meds during my 22 hour labor.
The difference is that the cytotec pains were closer together, more intense and over a shorter period of time. I was actually alone at home with my daughter, then 8 years old during the process, and was trying to hide my pain, bleeding, etc from her. My husband was working a long term job 2000 miles away and so I was on my own. I began the pill later so I could have most of it over with while she was asleep during the night. The cramping was very painful for me and the Vicodin did little to help, but I took it anyway. There was continuous gushing of clots, blood, etc. and you almost just want to go to sleep on the toilet so the blood does not keep running down your legs or onto your floor. (Sorry, very graphic)
By the next morning, I was having heavy bleeding, but not more than that. I was much better by the next day, just weak, lightheaded and had normal cramps. After 2 weeks or so my bleeding stopped and I felt back to normal.
We have not had luck even getting pregnant until now, only to find out that I have had a silent/missed miscarriage. I am still trying to decide if I should do the cytotec or try to let it happen on its own?? I know I don't want a surgical D&C as I have also had that done with a m/c before my 11 year old was born.
I personal don't prefer the surgical intervention unless I absolutely have to. I know for some it is a piece of cake since you sleep through it, but the whole sterile hospital setting makes me feel awful. I cried so hard the time I had my surgical d&c while they were prepping me and I am still traumatized from that experience. I ended up with an infection and hemorrhaging after that and had to go in for a second procedure, so I would rather not go there again. I will post again after I make my decision or after i miscarry naturally. Thanks for all the personal stories. I don't feel so alone!


Adan D. Rochester NY said...

Thank you for sharing your experience, it helped me a lot in planning when and knowing why to expect. I just wish my dr had told me about passing the yolk sac, that was the only thing I wasn't prepared for. Hopefully others are told about that by their dr.

Thank you gin and I'm sorry for your loss but overjoyed that you have to beutiful children.


Anonymous said...

I went through using misoprostol for my first miscarriage and my experience was identical to yours.I chose the medication and not a d&c because I wanted a less invasive process and I was afraid scarring or complications could harm my chances for a baby later. The only difference is that my doctor did not prescribe any pain killers or warn me of what was in store. Needless to say, this made the process a lot scarier and painful! I have since had my son, who is going to be two in a few months. I was brought to your site because I just found out I have miscarried again and about to embark on this (not fun) ride once more and I wanted to refresh my memory as to what I am getting into. Thanks for writing your story, its nice to know I am not alone!

Anonymous said...

I went through using misoprostol for my first miscarriage and my experience was identical to yours.I chose the medication and not a d&c because I wanted a less invasive process and I was afraid scarring or complications could harm my chances for a baby later. The only difference is that my doctor did not prescribe any pain killers or warn me of what was in store. Needless to say, this made the process a lot scarier and painful! I have since had my son, who is going to be two in a few months. I was brought to your site because I just found out I have miscarried again and about to embark on this (not fun) ride once more and I wanted to refresh my memory as to what I am getting into. Thanks for writing your story, its nice to know I am not alone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting all these great comments and this blog. Even years after it was posted I see it is helping women...and me too. I am 9 weeks, at 8 weeks fetus was measure only 5 w 4days, and I knew my days were not wrong. Today there was no heartbeat and barely any fetus, as if it had shrank. Anyway, been prescribed Cytotec. Was confused as I thought DR said it would take 24 hrs, but then I see here it seems like 2-4 hours... I am trying to plan when to take it as I have work (I see clients) and want to know when to move them. Anyway, think I will take it tomorrow. I am uplifted that some of you have taken advil or tylenol for pain, my DR gave me norco ... and sleeping pills. Thanks again for the information and bless everyone on here to receive the births they deserve and envision.

Anonymous said...

im so glad to found this site thanks to you i use cytotic one week ago i use 6 pcs tablet i started use 5:00 am in the morning 1st i take 2pcs and a few second i inserted 2 pcs again in my vagina and in 30 minutes i take again 2pcs tablet i felt cramping and nausea i fell pain in my body but not to much the hall day i fell that but the next day im ok nothing happen im so worried now in my situation i dnt know what to do its a 9 days already but no sign at all

Amy said...

I had a missed miscarriage with a blighted ovum. My first ultrasound was at 7.5 weeks and I waited 3 weeks for the miscarriage to start naturally. When I went to the doctor yesterday, my cervix was still entirely closed and my HCG was at 22,000. I was tentatively scheduled for a D&C but opted out to try misoprostol instead. I just didn't want to take the risk of injuring my uterus with the D&C however slight that chance is. I took the Misoprostol at 10:30 last night by inserting 4 tablets into my vagina as far as I could. By around 11:30 or 12, I could feel light cramping starting and took a vicodin. I then woke up an hour or two later with much more severe cramping. I felt chilled and queasy and ended up laying down on the bathroom floor for awhile. I did not have much bleeding until this morning when I was moving around more. My bleeding hasn't been as intense as some but I've passed several clots along with more "liquid" type blood. The pain has subsided with the vicodin I'm on but before that it was very intense. I really hope this works for me and I pass the gestational sac. I will update with my outcome.

Anonymous said...


this was my first pregnancy so i was very excited,have been trying for five months,i was eight weeks pregnant went to the doc for my check up only to find out that the fetus stopped development at six weeks and i had a blighted ovum.
went to the hospital as here in my country its illegal to do the procedure ourselves so we have to be admitted at the hospital for this.The doctor on duty insrted the cytotec for me(four tabs)at about six oclock the evening and i had to laydown and not move for the rest of the evening,after two hrs i started feeling cramps then had some wetness until i started bleeding.But really to cut a long story short i had to be given beralgin vaccine for the pain which didnt do much for me,i was sent home the next evening after i got bck my blood work,i peassed my sac the following evening which also had some beading looking this to it which had a whitish gray clour i later passed alot of clots and had aot of pain,however im doing good today just mild pain.

Amy said...

This is my follow-up to my post yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night and went to use the bathroom. I felt something fall out and it was the gestational sac. It was a little bigger than I imagined and had a hard, rubbery texture. I actually started having a lot more bleeding after I posted yesterday. I do still have minor cramps and bleeding but it feels like the worst has passed. It's a really difficult decision to make for yourself in an already emotional situation but I'm glad that I chose this route for myself. In a strange way, I think going through this, however hard it was, allowed me more closure than having the D&C would've. In the end, it's such a personal decision that you really just have to go with your heart on it. And remember that you're not many women go through this and go on to have healthy pregnancies. The struggle will be worth it in the end!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great..thank you so much, it gave a lot of courage to go through the painful process..

I had misscarriage at 7 weeks, decided to go for natural and after about 3 weeks did Ultra sound..some more tissues were left..then decided to induce..

I just a few hours back had my vaginal Misoprotosol (4 tabs)..took 3 Ibuprofen before Misoprotosol and during the pain took one more Ibuprofen.. very bad pain..but it seems all over, passed big and small clots..much relief now..

This link was also helpful..

Again, thanks!!!!

Kimberly said...

I wrote about my experience with misoprostol on my blog - These stories helped me so much in knowing what to expect. I took my 4 doses on Friday, and 11 hours after the first I went through what I hope was the worst of it. My bleeding has subsided substantially and after reading through more stories I'm concerned I haven't actually passed the sac yet. My doctor wants me to check in tomorrow so I hope we will find out sooner than later whether or not we are on the healing end of this experience.

TarkheenaCrafts said...

I'll bet you never imagined so many people would still be reading and commenting on your post 4+ years later! Thank you SO much for starting this conversation by sharing your heart and your experience.
I am looking at taking my second dose after losing an 8 week baby. The first dose accomplished nothing. Really hoping and praying the second does.
I'm keeping a bookmark to this blog so any friends of mine who experience this in the future can find the encouragement they need!

Joshua Waddell said...

I wish I had found this post when my wife was going through the same situation! It was very tough feeling like we were going through it alone, thank you for being open and honest for others. So difficult when it is the last thing in the world you wanted to happen. Feels so unfair.

Has anyone had any side effects of the Cytotek? My wife has been spotting for about a month now after her first period post cytotek. Has anyone else had this experience? Not too worried yet, but getting there....

Pam said...

How Cytotec worked for me:

I found out at 9 weeks that the baby did not have a heartbeat. The midwife thought the baby had died sometime in the 8th week. I waited a week to miscarry naturally, but got anxious about upcoming trips and plans. She suggested I try Cytotec and also schedule a D&C in case it didn't work. It was very upsetting to me to schedule the D&C because I really did not want to be put under and have a surgery for something my body should be able to do on its own.

I started on Saturday morning. My instructions were to take 3 pills orally every 6 hours. I took them at 6am, 12pm and 6pm. Absolutely nothing happened (except for lots of farting, bloating and bowel movements, but not diarrhea as some have mentioned).

Sunday I started again (my midwife told me to skip the pills at night and to just get sleep instead). I took them again at 6am, 12pm and 6pm - and still nothing other than the bloating and gas. At least point I was very discouraged and frustrated. I spent some of the time alone and some with my husband. My daughter was with her grandparents. I was moody, upset and very irritable.

At 7:30pm I asked my husband if he would take a short, slow walk with me. I had to do something different. We took at 15 minute walk in our neighborhood. I had very very minor cramps - they just felt like the gas/bloating from before.

The second I walked in the house there was a gush that felt like it filled my pad. I went to the bathroom and sure enough, it had started. There was some blood in the pad and when I wiped, there was the baby on the toilet paper. It was about the size and color of a peanut, but very mushy/fluid. It did not retain its shape long...and I could not pick out arms or legs, but could see the spots for the eyes and something red inside (maybe the heart?). I put it in the jar I had been given and put it in the fridge.

Then we ate dinner and watched an episode of Mad Men. When it was done I went to the bathroom again, I peed and then the placenta plopped out. It was about the size of the palm of my hand - thick and rubbery yet soft. I put this in a ziploc bag and then in the fridge because I didn't want to mix it with the baby.

We watched another episode of Mad Men, then I took the last dose of Cytotec (the midwife told me to take one last dose after it was done to help the uterus contract and get all the blood out). I slept fine all night and when I woke up and sat on the toilet something else similar to the placenta came out, but 1/3 of the size. I put this in the bag also.

I brought everything in to the office to be tested and from my description the midwife thinks that was it. I was expecting a lot more blood and pain. I had just minor cramps and only took the ibuprofin the one time. It seems like everything just fell out easily and now I just have light bleeding and it is not even 12 hours later.

I was very glad I chose to do the Cytotec and that I did not have to do the surgery or wait around for weeks for it to happen on its own. The stories here really prepared me for a lot of what happened...and what didn't happen. I had a lot of anxiety about it all because some stories sounded so horrible, but my experience was not painful or traumatic...and it was very quick.

I am happy to be moving on from this.

Anonymous said...

I am 68days since LMP and my story is kinda interesting and weird. FYI I am taking Misoprostol - this weekend.
Positive OPK 16days after LMP - hubby & I were intimate 3 days after that. But Day 29 since LMP I have a super heavy period so you wouldn't think I was pregnant right?
Wrong.. June 21st - weird preggo symptoms took a random HPT and it was positive. Super excited but also scared. Did 2 beta HCG blood tests - low and slow rising. Tested negative for ectopic. Went back for a scan after 2 weeks.
First scan was around 54days from LMP - but sac measured only 4w4d.Follow up scan on day 68 confirmed likely miscarriage as scan measured only 5w2days :(

OB gave me all options and I opted for Misoprostol - because I couldn't imagine the risks of D&C unless it was absolutely the only option. And I didn't want to play the waiting game.

I will be doing Misoprostol this weekend and have been reading scary reviews that a D&C might still be necessary.

My only hope is that since right now I have only a sac (no yolk sac, heartbeat, fetal pole) the medication would work.

Will post once this is completed. Cannot believe I am here planning this but I guess only consolation is I took the HPT in time to avoid further complications.

Thanks so much for this post, wish we all didn't have to do this but the information and experiences does help one another. Hope after this its only happy babies for all :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm going to use the Misoprostol this week. I needed to know what it was really like. To be honest, I'm really pissed off that the Dr. describes it as severe period cramps and heavy bleeding. They really should describe it as major labor pain. They should also recommend you take pain meds ahead of time or as soon as you feel some cramping. WOW, I am so glad I read your post. THANK YOU! I'm terrified, but you really helped me.

TK said...

After being dx'd with a blighted ovum last week, I was prescribed 600 mcg to take bucally.

I took my first dose, and within 30 minutes, my cramps intensified and my bleeding went from spotting to light flow. I also had some diarrhea.

And that was it.

24 hours later, I repeated the same dose and had the same outcome.

It was the weekend, and so I called the on-call doc for my practice, and asked her for an additional dose, and to increase it because it was working to some degree but not as intensely as my doctor explained it should. She instead called in 400 mcg, saying that even 600 mcg is too high.

The 400 mcg dose basically did nothing.

Three days ago, I received one additional dose of 600 mcg with the same results. I'm still bleeding lightly and cramping some, but the u/s showed that my "products of conception" are still holding court in my uterus.

I feel like this can work for me, but that i need a higher/more frequent dose, which my doctors won't prescribe.

This is SO, SO frustrating!

TK said...

I also wanted to mention that when commenting about your own experiences with cytotec/misoprostol, it may be helpful for other readers if you mentioned the strength and quantity of the medication that you took.

I wanted to add too that when I took my doses bucally, I ended up with sores in my mouth from holding the pills between my cheek and gumline as they dissolved. The pain is not bad, it's just annoying. And as this was my first experience taking medication this way, I did not expect that to happen at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Abbie and all of you, for posting your amazing stories of suffering and STRENGTH. It's been a great help to me.

I went in to the midwife at 11 wks; no heartbeat was found. An U/S confirmed the baby had stopped developing about two weeks earlier.

I was prescribed misoprostol, and took it after five days of waiting. The waiting was terrible. I took it on a Sunday, in large part because my two-year-old would be with her grandparents for another day or two. Looking back, I could not have done this with my daughter in the house. Too physically and emotionally painful for me, too logistically complicated (keeping up with the blood), and too, too much for a child to witness.

Before I begin, one note: My midwives don't automatically prescribe painkillers, recommending Tylenol or Motrin. If this is your situation and you are concerned about pain, advocate for yourself. I called and told them that I had had a baby without drugs, but I got a BABY out of it. I wasn't going through any more torment than necessary to complete this m/c. She called in a Tylenol 3 with Codeine script for me. It was absolutely necessary.

I vaginally inserted four pills (don't remember total dosage) at about 8 am. Cramps started at about 11 and bleeding got a little heavier. I took the Tylenol 3 as soon as cramping started. Before I could take my next dose of Tylenol 3, the pain started to “break through”. My husband and I went for a couple walks around the block, which helped, until my bleeding got too strong. I took the next painkiller dose an hour early. That’s when the bleeding really started.

I bled very heavily, with some large, lemon-sized clots for two hours. (I never saw anything that looked like tissue, just clots. I sort of looked but sort of didn’t, afraid of what I’d see…) I sat on the toilet for the first hour, but switched to pads after that for one simple reason: I was surprised and concerned about all the blood pouring out and wanted to be able to keep track. The second hour, I soaked through a super overnight pad every 15 minutes. I was sitting on a waterproof pad covered with an old towel on the couch. I remember leaning forward and feeling blood and clots gush out of me. It was unreal. That’s the only way to describe it.

I called the midwife and she assured me this amount of bleeding and pain (it was closer to early labor pain than menstrual cramping) were normal, but to go to the emergency room if it continued for another two hours or if I panicked. I wasn’t panicky—I suspect the codeine helped with that. That level of bleeding continued for another hour, then started to slow to about half in the fourth hour. After that, the bleeding was heavy but not gushing. The pain had subsided.

It’s been two weeks since then and the post-miscarriage bleeding, then spotting, has stopped. Today is my follow-up apt.

Some practical advice: Have a waterproof pad on hand, lots of old towels, and at least a half dozen pair of sturdy underwear to hold the pads securely. We found that we (my amazing husband and I) had to hang some of these items to dry for reuse because we didn’t have enough and had no time to wash. You’ll need to hang on to these underwear for a couple weeks, then go out and buy yourself all new.

My heart goes out to you all. But I know you are strong, amazing women. You will get through this and you are not alone. Sending you love.


Rebecca said...

I really appreciated reading this blog. I was hesitant after reading others experience with Cytotec online and had effectively freaked myself out. After reading, I was given the confidence to go through with it.
This was my second pregnancy, second missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. It was difficult because DH and I have been trying for the last two years. The first miscarriage I had a D&C. But a few days later had extremely severe cramps (to the point where I thought I may need to go to the ER) and passed some large clots.
I figured if the cramps were as bad as the first miscarriage, and I was prepared, I could handle it. I was just worried because DH was across the country on business and was unable to be home, so I would need to handle it on my own.
I took the first dose of 4 pills vaginally around 3 am and had light cramping and light bleeding. I was sure to take the Percocet and Motrin. I continued to take the Motrin every 6 hours. I am pretty sure that if I was up and moving, I would have initiated the miscarriage more quickly.
12 hours later, I needed to take the second dose. I made sure to continue going about my daily chores, cleaning and whatnot. About 3 hours into the second dose (again along with the Percocet and Motrin), my water broke and I passed the fetus. Immediately following, I passed the sac and other fetal tissue. The cramps were not at all what I expected, very light and minimal. I am sure they could have been managed without any medication.
I am worried because I have had light bleeding, and barely passed any clots. I really don't want a D&C.
Again, that you so much for giving a forum to discuss this difficult time. You really helped me make the go ahead decision, and I am confident it was the right choice.
God Bless you and your family and good luck to all those trying again.

Teaks said...

I am the "Anonymous" who posted on July 12, 2012 2:17 AM and here I am 3 week after my misoprostol experience!
I was petrified about the whole thing and the plan was to take it on Friday evening..What a start to the weekend right?
I still remember Friday morning when I spoke to my doctor's nurse for some information, that's when it struck me that I would've been pregnant and counting my weeks if not for this misfortune. Tears rolled down and I consoled myself by crying it out (quietly) in the ladies room.
Evening arrived, and as if I was preparing for something exciting, went to the store picked up those oldie diapers, pads, hpt (to make sure in a few weeks it was negative). Came back home, had dinner enjoying time with my husband and baby and I inserted misoprostol into me. Was in bed for a little bit and in just an hour started spotting. But here's the ironically cool part which was "No pain"..yes you heard me right. My doctor's a darling and she prescribed super strong pain medication and not a single pain. The bleeding started, I was soaking pads, getting it out in the toilet - but didn't have the guts to look at anything. Next morning the bleeding seemed to stop and I remember going out for our saturday morning breakfast. But I remember feeling super super super weak and that's when the Gatorade comes handy (more than food). Believe me when I say, I had atleast 3liters of Gatorade in one day. Saturday afternoon bleeding seemed to stop and I called the doctor again, and she asked me to take one more round of misoprostal. So pretty much the same thing. Sunday seemed fine. Actually on Monday when i went back to work, thought everything was going to be fine. But I started cramping and bleeding again and had to change from the pad to the diaper and again went into Gatorade. For a day this continued and after that it was pretty much spotting for almost 10days and on and off a little blood when I wipe off - thought I was getting a period.
Only weird part was on one particular day I noticed a huge red blob..maybe that was the Gestational Sac (my story: Gestational sac measuring 4 weeks size @ 8weeks and didn't grow well) and since then its been on and off bleeding.
Today went to the doctor's had an ultrasound
Everything is out and she thinks I should have a period within a week and then everything sets back to normal. Should I say yeah ...No D&C or should i feel..well if it was a good pregnancy to start with I needn't have dealt with any of this.??
and even weird is that except for that one time..I didn't cry..! maybe I was too sore already and didn't feel this anymore!

Anyway my 2cents
1. If you don't see a yolk sac or fetal pole - your chances of misoprostol working are higher.
That being said every woman is different and her body reacts different to medication.
If D&C is the only option - she will have to do that to avoid any risk
2. Definitely get a prescription pain killer (not ibuprofen, motorin etc.) Maybe I didn't feel any pain thanks to this or I didn;t have any pain at all (thought I highly doubt that) but yes get that high power pain killer
3. Try to do it over a weekend if you are working and of course if your doctor is alright for you to wait that far.
But remember you can still have this continue thru the next week.

Well all I can tell is...hope this didn't happen to anybody...but if it did do the smart thing and don't wait too long that might lead into complications.
The sooner this ends the faster you can move on and plan for your next baby - Good luck only for that :)

Julie said...

Just read your post as I am currently going through a "natural miscarriage which I thought was over, however I had an ultrasound today, there is more to come". Thanks for letting me know about another option if I need it.

Anonymous said...

I took cytotec by mouth at 10:00 am after finding out the previous day that my baby was measuring 7 wks at 9 wks lmp and there was no heartbeat. I was nauseated about an hour following but took zofran for this. I also took ibuprophen when I took the cytotec to help with pain. I had upper abdominal pain initially that turned into low back and lower abdominal pain. The cramping was pretty constant but bearable especially by keeping a heating pad on my back and stomach. I had zero signs of miscarriage prior to my ultrasound and didn't even start to bleed until 3:00pm. I bleed heavy to moderately for 4 hrs, and only passed 2 lrg clots. I wasn't able to tell if there was any tissue, or anything that looked like an embryo. There was one lrg solid clot early on though that could have been my pregnancy. My bleeding and cramping tapered off by 9:00 pm. I also had lots of gas and pressure during the heavy bleeding and cramping. There were a few times I sat on the toilet and blood just streamed out of me. I was able to sleep through the night. I woke up the next morning barely spotting. I called my dr. and they told me to take the second dose. I took my second dose by mouth at noon. I had no nausea this time. There was only moderate bleeding and cramping, not as bad as the previous day, and only small clots. Most of my pain was gone by 8:00 pm and bleeding changed to spotting. Today is now Thursday. I took my first dose on Tuesday. I am still just spotting and only having occasional mild cramping. All my pregnancy symptoms are now gone which is a relief as this is the main reason I chose to take cytotec rather then wait for a natural miscairrage. I didn't want to wait for weeks feeling pregnant and knowing my child would never be. I also wanted to avoid an invasive procedure like a d & c if possible. I had prepared myself mentally for the worst after reading everyone's posts, and found that in all the experience though far from pleasent was tolerable. I was blessed to have lots of support from my husband and family. I also had my husband lay his hands on me and pray for my body to heal quickly and be able to let go of this pregnancy easily. I pray the same for all who are reading this post and for you to heal not only physically but emotionally as well.
With love---Jessica

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Elizabeth.

Marcie said...

Thank you so much for your post, Abbie, and thanks also to all the ladies who commented about their experiences. When my doctor prescribed misoprostol, all she told me was that it would be like a bad period, and if I hadn't read about your experiences, I would have been completely unprepared. Other than the fact that my first dose of misoprostol didn't work and I had to do a second dose, my experience wasn't as painful/horrible as yours. So I thought I would post the details in case they help someone who may be a little freaked out by some of the stories.

I went in for an ultrasound at 8w 5d due to some spotting, and discovered that I had a blighted ovum size 6w 5d. My doctor wanted me to wait for a natural miscarriage, but after she told me it could be another 6 weeks of waiting, I decided I definitely couldn't wait that long to move on with my life. So last Saturday, I took 4 advil, then inserted 4 pills of misprostol (800 mcg) vaginally at 8:30am. I started cramping only 15 minutes later, so I was glad I had taken the advil in advance. I alternated 4 advil every 6 hours with 1 norco every 4 hours all day long, and the cramping was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I also used a Thermacare pad on my back and a microwaveable rice heating pad on my abdomen which helped immensely. Thankfully, I had no nausea or diarrhea; I made sure to eat a small snack every time I took painkillers, and to stay hydrated. I started bleeding at 11:30, and had moderately heavy bleeding for 3 hours, passing small clots but nothing huge like other people have described here. By the evening, the cramping was gone, and the bleeding at pretty much stopped. I called my doctor on Monday, because I was concerned that I hadn't passed all the material, and she said it sounded fine and that everyone was different and that I should just wait to see if I get my period in 4 to 6 weeks. But I had a feeling it wasn't over, so I insisted on some kind of testing. She did an HCG test, and the results came back still high, so she recommended doing another course of misoprostol. I'm so glad that I advocated for myself and didn't listen to my doctor!

So yesterday I inserted another 4 pills of misoprostol vaginally (800 mcg), and repeated the advil/norco painkillers like the first time. The pain started 15 minutes after I took the misoprostol, light bleeding started about 3 hours later and heavy bleeding started about 2 hours after that. This time I passed several large clots and one huge grayish clot that I believe was the empty sac. This may sound strange, but I'm glad I was paying attention and saw the empty sac so that I could be reassured that in fact there was no baby there. It didn't hurt at all to pass the clots, it just felt strange. Very heavy bleeding continued for about 4 hours, and just when I was starting to get worried that the bleeding was continuing too long, it lessened. This morning I have a little bit of achy cramping, and some light bleeding. I go back in a week for another HCG test, and I hope it comes back really low to show that this miscarriage is finally over.

Shauna said...

I am so grateful for all of the posts on this site. I promised I would relate my experience as soon as I could. I am sorry this is lengthy, but I found so much help in descriptive posts, so I hope this serves a similar purpose for someone else.

I began light spotting at 9 weeks. My OB practice brought me in immediately for a dating scan. The baby only measured 6w1d and lacked a heartbeat. The nurses were hopeful that my dates were incorrect (sadly, I knew they were not), and they scheduled me for a follow-up scan in one week. The follow-up scan revealed no growth, nor a heartbeat. The doctor explained my three options: wait it out, Misoprotol, or a D&C. As my body had yet to fully realize what had happened (other than the light spotting, which had subsided), I elected to take the Misoprotol. This was not a light decision; I struggled with it, as I was petrified of how it would make me feel. However, as this was my first pregnancy, and consequently, my first missed miscarriage, I was worried that if I have future issues with pregnancy, I might need a D&C later. But please remember, this is a personal choice, and my line of reasoning might not work for everyone.

Should you choose to take Misoprostol (or Cytotec), here is my experience: Inserted 4 200mg pills vaginally at 8:00 pm on a Wednesday. Not as difficult as I thought. I wisely trimmed my fingernail as low as possible, and I lightly wet the pills. Not sure if this helped, but others have recommended it. I immediately shuffled off to the couch and propped my legs up. I did not want the pills to slip out. I managed to rest there for about 2 hours before having to use the bathroom, despite drinking watered down Gatorade. Through these two hours, I felt light cramping, backaches, and chills. It was a hot and humid August night, and I was shivering under a blanket and asking my husband to turn off the AC. Poor guy.

The first bathroom break brought only a small amount of red blood when wiping, but it was enough that I believed the process had begun. It had; subsequent bathroom breaks contained lots of blood. It streamed out, similar to urinating. I continued to walk around the house, and I found that this not only reduced the strong pain of cramps/contractions, but it also increased the amount of blood.

Around 12:00 am, I passed the first of a huge clot. It was about the size of a lemon, and this was followed by many more on additional bathroom breaks. The second clot was about the size of a ping pong ball, and I believe it was the sac (at least I like to tell myself this, so I can have hope that I saw it).

I went to bed at 2:00 am, and I continued to bleed heavily and pass large clots. I highly recommend layering your bed with towels; I thought I would immediately wake up if I was leaking, but I managed to leak through three times. I overfilled a large pad every 90 minutes. I also found myself getting ligthheaded after each nighttime bathroom visit, so my wonderful husband got me a glass of juice each time.

Upon waking up Thursday morning, I was still filling a pad almost every hour. I planned to shower around 11:00 am (sitting down, and with my husband supervising), but when I got up, I could barely make it to the kitchen. I rested on the cool countertop, and as I finally thought I had enough strength to move to the bathroom to go again, I sank to the floor. I was suddenly hot and covered in cold sweat. I stayed there for about 10 minutes, sipped on some Gatorade, and finally had enough energy to make it to the bathroom. After using the bathroom, my husband put a towel and pillow in there, and I rested in there until I was able to make it to the kitchen and then the living room. I tried to eat some soup and drink more Gatorade. The bleeding started to subside around this time, and I was able to take a shower and nap around 2:00 pm. After my nap, everything was better. I was still very weak, but I could walk again. The bleeding continued to lessen, and I was able to sleep through the night. (Continued in next post)

Shauna said...

(Continued from previous post)

I took it easy on Friday, but I pushed myself too hard on Saturday and Sunday (I needed to get out of the house, so we went furniture shopping). The bleeding wasn’t an issue, but the energy loss was. I would say it took me a full week to recover from the exhaustion/blood loss. I still haven’t been back on my treadmill, as just walking up the stairs can be tiring.

I had a follow-up ultrasound 8 days after initially taking the Misoprotol. The scan showed I had cleared the sac and the placenta. The doctor advised me I would still bleed for about a week. This has continued, but is very light (I barely need a panty liner).

I am fortunate that my body seemed to work with the Misoprostol. Reading the various message boards on the internet frightened me, but it also prepared me. My medical practice does not usually prescribe pain medication, but they did when I asked. I got Ibuprofin 800, Vicodin, and nausea medicine. I did not end up taking any of these, although I probably could have. The worst pain was pretty rough, but I just kept breathing, walking around, and telling myself it was only a wave.

I also was armed with two heating pads, watered down Gatorade, towels on my bed, changes of clothes in the bathroom, extra toilet paper rolls, Lysol wipes next to the toilet, plenty of pads, a throw-up bucket (never needed), and a support system (husband and mom). We also had plenty of DVRed television shows to watch. I had hoped to get some ironing done (ha!), but I found that mindless distraction was much better.

Before I began the process, I typed up a medical information sheet for my husband and mom, should I pass out. It listed my doctor’s number, the information about the Misoprostol, known allergies, my blood type, other medical conditions, etc. I figured that if anything happened and I couldn’t communicate properly, I wanted my husband armed with as much information as possible. We did not end up needing it, but for those women who do pass out and need to go to the hospital, this might be helpful.

I am only 11 days out from my experience, so I do not know when I should expect my bleeding to stop, when I should expect my first post-miscarriage menstrual cycle, and when we might start thinking about going down this road again. If I learn anything new that might benefit someone else, I will post again.

My thoughts are with all of you reading this. We are strong, and our sweet babies will always be in our hearts and souls.

Anonymous said...

My experience with cytotec was not a bad one since I was so lucky not to feel any pain in the process. I found out I was about 4weeks pregnant through an US. I was so scared of a d&c so I opted for cytotec. I inserted 4tablets (800mg) by 12.10am and slept. I had chills throughout the night although the weather wasn't cold at all. By 6.10am I woke up and felt the urge to pee which is normal once I woke up. Surprisingly on sitting on the toilet I heard stuff pop into the toilet. I felt the tiny objects drop and I just looked and saw blood that came out with it. My cervix felt so free and relieved. An hour later I passed out some lumps of tissue with blood which continued till I exhausted three sanitary pads. From about 4pm to this minute the bleeding has stopped even though after reading these posts am still expecting more. The entire process was surprisingly painless and I've been eating, drinking and moving around the usual way. I keep u all posted when I have more information. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this site. I had to take cytotec yesterday for a missed miscarraige. I was 7w5d and my pregnancy had stopped progressing at about 5w4d. There was no embryo and sac had not grown in two weeks. the doctor gave me the option of waiting for it to happen naturally or take the cytotec.

Being able to read your experience before i took it much better prepared me for the experience. It was not pleasant, but it was not the worst thing I have been through in my life. The pain was not as bad as post surgery, for example. At least for me.

Thank you and good luck to everyone with their next pregnancy and bless all of our little souls that didn't make it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am in the midst of completing my miscarriage with misoprodol as I type. My husband and I found out yesterday, at nearly 14 weeks, that the baby had stopped developing at about 9 wks 3 days. When given the options for completing the miscarriage, and given I had already gone nearly 5 weeks without completing it naturally, we opted for the pills so we could move on. I took 800mg vaginally at about 9:30 am. Light cramping started a couple hours later, followed by much more severe cramping around 5 pm. This was my first pregnancy, but the cramping seemed like what I would imagine contractions to be like, I could time the worst of it about every two minutes. This lasted an hour or two, then I felt a pop and then the bleeding and passing of the fetus/clots really started. It is 10:30 now and I have finally, for the last half hour, been able to lay in bed for more than 3-5 minutes without having to bolt back to the bathroom. Large clots are still passing, but fewer and further between now. It seems the worst is over and the miso worked the way it was supposed to, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Cytotec. This is my 3rd m/c and my body does not seem to want to pass the tissue naturally. I was given the option of using Cytotec or doing a d/c. I didn't realize the Cytotec would be such a long process. Thank you for the information.

Kassy said...

Just took 400mcg orally - along with 2 Tylenol 2's about an hour and a half ago, and cramps are slightly starting now. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum and after 2 weeks of pretty heavy bleeding the doc wanted to try this before d and c, however I think that's what I preferred. I hope this passes soon. And my doc told me in a month I can try again to answer others above me! Thanks for all the great responses this has made it easier for me as well as others!

ร„ndrea said...

Abbie, I also want to share my thankfulness for how helpful your blog was for me.

My baby died 3 weeks ago at 6w2d. This last Wednesday I administered 800mcg of Cytotec at about 7pm. About 20 minutes later I was bleeding. I took Tylenol 3 early; thanks to your blog. Cramps were fairly mild until 10pm when it became more like labor. At 12:30am I passed what seemed to be the gestational sac with a small amniotic sac attached. There was nothing to really be seen inside the sac except for a light colored small 'string' looking tissue (for those of you who might be curious). I believe the embyro shrunk or absorbed.

The rest of the day had minimal bleeding, a couple of cramps and perhaps one more clot passed which I didn't bother trying to catch with a strainer.

Today, I am still quite tired with intermittent cramping and a headache. Has anyone else experienced headache? I wonder if it's a hormone crash? The day I administered the cytotec my Hcg was 18,000 (down from 30k 6 days prior)

I just can say how thankful I am for your story Abby, and for all the stories in the comments. It has helped me so much!

Best wishes to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I am reading this as I am waiting for my appointment in two hours. I had a healthy pregnancy at 9 weeks. Great heartbeat and good size. Then I went back to my Dr. 4 weeks later and they couldn't find a heartbeat. They called it a missed miscarriage. The baby only measured 12 weeks and I should have been almost 14 weeks. I should now be almost 17 weeks and nothing has happened so I am going in to do the cytotec. I guess they insert it.

megan said...

thanks so much for this post, and for all of the stories that have been shared. i am taking comfort today, as the Misoprostol takes effect, that i am not alone in this and there are so many other moms out there who have been here before me. i am hoping that each of you is finding your own peace in these heart wrenching times. and, for me, that my body can get back to normal so i can finish healing/grieving.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. I too read this when I had to go through a medically induced missed miscarriage. It is really helpful to read another person's story when experiencing something so traumatic.The meds didn't complete the miscarriage in my case so I had to have a d & c a month afterwards due to prolonged bleeding. Trying to conceive again 5 months later. I had one chemical last month. I am praying for a sticky baby soon.

Anonymous said...


Great blog, I took 3 cytotec oral tablets befor 7 days but still blooding not stop, can anyone confirm how many days it will continue and when it will stop.

is there any need to take any medicine or is it normall?

Anonymous said...


Great blog, I took 3 cytotec oral tablets befor 7 days but still blooding not stop, can anyone confirm how many days it will continue and when it will stop.

is there any need to take any medicine or is it normall?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your experience! I found it EXTREMELY helpful!

I recently used Cyotec for a missed miscarriage this past weekend. It went better than I expected. The baby passed at 6w4d. I was 8w2d when I started the Cyotec. At 9:00am Saturday morning I took 600mg of Advil. At 10am I took 500mg of Vicodin. (I repeated the Advil and Vicodin every 4 hours like clockwork until it was over). Take the pain meds first and keep up with them. There is no reason to feel pain extra pain. This is hard enough already. I inserted 4 tablets (800mg total) vaginally at 10am. I didn't feel much of anything until about 3pm when I started cramping lightly. By 5pm I started bleeding but it was slow. I had a few clots, but nothing major. By 10pm I could feel the cramps more strongly, but the pain medication really helped, because what I did feel felt like period cramps. Also at 10pm I inserted 4 more Cyotec tablets vaginally. I had a few long mucusy clots that came out while sitting on the toilet around 11pm. I went to bed at midnight. I set my alarm and woke up to take the pain medication at the appropriate times. When I woke up in the morning at 8:30am, I was suprised that nothing had happened. There wasn't even that much blood on my pad. I got upset thinking it hadn't worked. I went to the bathroom and while sitting on the toilet a chunk fell out. I looked at it, but it really wasn't identifiable. It was red and white and a little larger than the size of a quarter. About 30 minutes later another chunk. It was pink and just looked like tissue. The cramping and bleeding continued mildly for throughout the day. I continued taking pain medication. Around 5pm another chunk came out. It was the same size as the first 2, was also unidentifiable, and was red, white, and gray. After that the bleeding continued mildly. I have had no clots or tissue since. I stopped taking the Vicodin, but continued taking the advil. Monday afternoon I had an ultrasound and everything had passed.

I hope I never have to go though this again, but I would use the Cyotec again if I needed to. I was glad I had the pain killers (you must request these from your doctor). I am also glad that I had a few other items. First, I ended up getting a box of adult diapers. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was so glad not to have to worry about bleeding through or ruining my clothes, sheets, towels, etc. These were really the best purchase I made. Much more comfortable than I anticipated too. Second, gingerale. I did get a little naseated, and this helped keep me hydrated and soothed my belly. Third, heating pad. This felt really good on my abdomin. I took it upstairs with me to the bathroom while I was sitting on the toilet. It kept me warm and helped the cramps. Fourth, an amazing husband. It's important to have someone with you to make sure you're ok.

I'm sorry you are going though this, but I hope the process goes smoothly for you and you can start healing.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to thank everyone for sharing their miscarriage experiences with the use of Cytotec. I recently took two separate doses of the drug for a missed miscarriage and I am so grateful these posts gave me an idea of how painful it might be so that I was fully prepared. However, I would like to share that I had a very different experience. I was adamantly against having a D and C for multiple reasons (cost, increased level of invasiveness, and that it felt more emotionally difficult to me), so I opted for Misoprostal. I took the first 4 pills vaginally at 6:00 pm on a Tuesday night. I watched tv for a while and went to bed as I expected to have a long night ahead of me. I woke at 2 am with some cramping and pain. I took a Vicodin, though now I don't think it was necessary. I cramped for about four hours, spotted some, and had one instance where I lost a clot and some fluid. My partner and I sat in bed and watched television those couple of hours. Honestly, I couldn't sleep for those hours due to anxiety of impending pain, not any pain itself. I did not change my pad all night and only spent about 10 minutes sitting on the toilet with cramping. I went back to bed around 5:30 am, but none of it was unbearable or extreme. The next morning I had some cramping, but a heating pad took care of that no problem. I stayed home from work Wednesday, but probably could have gone in and worked very comfortably after about 11 am. After that, I had minimal bleeding for the next few days. I assumed the Misoprostal had not worked due to the lack of significant pain or bleeding. On Friday morning, I explained my lack of symptoms to my doctor on the phone and he advised me to refill the prescription and administer a second dose. At 11 am, I had about 20 minutes of cramping and then passed a blood clot. I left work early at 1:30 Friday afternoon and around 3:00 pm, I had my partner help me to insert four more pills vaginally in the hope that they would get placed closer to my cervix than I had managed on my own a few days before. I laid on the couch with my hips elevated for about 2 hours to fight gravity and keep the tablets where they needed to be. I had a few pangs of discomfort but nothing significant and fell asleep around 9:30 pm. I woke at 7 am, again with minimal bleeding and once again assumed I was a failure as I did not have any significant bleeding. I was very upset and felt like my body couldn't manage to do anything right. Sunday, I had about 20 minutes of slightly painful cramping and passed a small blood clot. On Monday morning, less than a week after the first dose, I called my doctor and said that I was pretty sure I had not had a miscarriage and the Misoprostol had not worked. I literally convinced myself I would need to have a D and C in the next few days due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, which I was very unhappy about. He had me come to the office that morning for an ultrasound. According to the ultrasound, the Misoprostal worked perfectly, though not sure with which dose. My uterine lining was down to 16 mm and the sac and fetal pole were gone. I was shocked! No D and C, and nothing else necessary. I will take a pregnancy test in a week, just to confirm my HCG levels are down, and if it is positive, I will go back in for bloodwork, but my doctor is optimistic that won't even be necessary. My entire reason for posting my experience is that if you are considering or currently using Misoprostol to induce miscarriage, do not assume you will have an extremely painful and traumatic experience and do not despair if you do not have severe symptoms. For some, I am sure it is extremely painful, complicated, and traumatic. However, my experience was not that at all. If I have another missed miscarriage in the future, which I am certainly hoping I do not, I will absolutely opt for Misoprostol over a D and C.

Anonymous said...

First, thank you Abby for posting this. I had done a google search and reading your post and the responses has made it a bit easier for me just having taken my first dose about 30 mins ago.
my situation has been a bit different. After experiencing some light spotting at work on nov 9th, i decided to go to my doctor. I was almost 12wks and actually had first u/s scheduled for nov 16.
After visiting my doctor and having an ultrasound it was confirmed there was no heartbeat and I lost the baby ay around 8 weeks. After being in emerg for 5 hrs that night they booked me in with the obgyn on Nov 19 (yesterday) This would be the longest week of my life.

It was really interesting how it just all started to happen shortly after that. 2 days later (Sunday) at about 3am I started to get the most horrible cramps I have ever experienced in my life
.this went on for the next 7 hours, accompanied by very heavy bleeding and clots. Needless to say I did not sleep a wink that night. The entire week I continued to bleed passing large clots but thankfully not enough to go back to emerg. Friday while I was at work, at the end of the day, I passed the sac. It was kind of ironic that that day was when my husband and I were to go for the first u/s (Nov 16). I had more clots and bleeding for the next couple days.

At the appt with the obgyn yesterday and ultrasound they said almost all.of the tissue had passed with the exception of a 1-2cm piece of placenta still stuck in the uterine canal. They gave me options for d&c or mispostrol (sp?) To get rid of the remaining tissue. They recommended tablets over surgery given how far my body had come along.

I am lying in bed after having just inserted the pills. I know I am goimg to have some cramping but doctor said it won't be as bad as what I experienced a week ago.

This was my first pregnancy and it happened after the first try. Fingers crossed the next one works!
thanks again everyone for the posts..

Anonymous said...

Hello. I thought after reading so many positive experiences, I wanted to post my painful story using this drug. I was 8 weeks pregnant when we discovered the heart was not beating. I was informed that my body would expel on it's own. I waited just over a month, and nothing happened. Eventually, my doctor became concerned for my emotional state, and for my health, and thought it best that I have a little help. She prescribed misoprostol. I will make a long a grusome story short. I ended up in emergency, as I was hemoraging so badly I could barely walk. I was admited and in emergency surgery within minutes of arrving in hospital. I was extremely close to needing a blood transfusion. The D&C was painless as I was out cold, and when I woke up, the bleeding had completlely stopped. There was no pain with the D&C. This drug caused me a great amount of emotional distress, and trauma, as well as left me in great physical pain, and near death. I highly advise against it. It is extremely poisonous, and I certainly think a D&C is not only safer in todays world, but also less emotionally painful. I am also very skeptical of pharmaceutical companies, and would like to suggest that they do not give us all the information. There are some reports of long term increases in cancer rates and the like. I hope this is helpful for some who are unsure. Please be safe. if you do decide to take this drug, please surround yourself with responsible caregivers who can monitor you in the event of an emergency.

Anonymous said...

This is my third mc I had an ectopic and emergency surgery with the second I had the meds for a week and was scared to take them like you said it was like forcing it and it felt horrible. I got the courage today at around 9 pm been having terrible cramping light bleeding and a few small clots I am about ten weeks and im alone and afraid of what's going to come out im depressed and angry at the same time...i do have a healthy beautiful six year old daughter. Im grateful for her beyond measure. Im afraid this won't work ill have to do it again or have the d/c I was told the sac was empty I wanted to wait a few weeks to see if there was something there I started spotting very lightly this morning it was just pink but at work noticed a bright hopes were dashed I realized it was really not going to happen. I took it thinking it would help to get everything out. Now im freaking out that I made the wrong choice that I should've got an so sad and confused....

Devon said...

Getting ready to take cytotec tonight. I found out on Monday that my baby no longer had a heartbeat(I saw it a week before) and was only measuring 6w6d when I was 8w3d. I have a subchorionic hematoma and have had 3 major bleeds already with 2 of them passing clots, 1 feeling like I was in labor, and 2 just had intense cramps. I'm hoping this works because I really want to avoid a D&C.

Anonymous said...

ur blog was helpful in letting me know how long this could last. i found out at 9 1/2 weeks that my baby died at 7 weeks. i elected to have the d&c done the next day. i woke up after the d&c in the worst pain i had ever felt. then i found out 2 days later that they didn't get everything out. so my doctor prescribed me the pills to take to abort the rest. i have been in the most pain i have ever felt. the doctor didn't give me anything for pain. it was hard enough to find out that my baby died but it was even harder to find out i had surgery for nothing.

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for posting your experience.. im about to take the pill in a few hours and im so scared.. reading this at least makes me know what to expect thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am 12 weeks pregnant, but the baby quit progressing at 6 weeks. I waited this long hoping to miscarry naturally and because my uterus is tilted back, sometimes causing an obstructed view of the baby. Because of this, I needed to wait to be sure. I have had several ultrasounds and the gestational sac is now decreasing in size, with no heartbeat. The doctor called in cytotec, pain meds and an anti nausea medication and I plan to take the drugs this Friday. It is such a heart-wrenching decision and I can identify with your angst over feeling as though you are opting for an elected abortion. I feel as though I have prayed and left it with God and asked either for a sign of life or for my body to take care of it naturally. Unfortunately neither has occured, leaving me with the option of taking the medication or having a D & C. For me, taking the meds is both less expensive and invasive. I hope it works and isn't too painful. I am appreciative of this post, to somewhat prepare me for the experience.

Thank you. :(

M.Irene said...

Just had my 5th miscarriage a couple of weeks ago at just over 6 weeks pregnant (I also have the most beautiful 22-month-old son, but it was a rough road). My first m/c passed naturally and I had D+Es for my others. I was hoping that because this m/c was so early it would pass naturally, but I just inserted 4 misoprostol pills because I am already tired of waiting.
This post and its pages of comments is a great resource. I will be sure to share my misoprostol experience.

Anonymous said...

After my ultrasound at 9 wks, I found out my baby hadn't progressed more than 6 wks and 2 days. The dr prescribed me Cytotec and tylenol 3s and percoset, incase the tylenol 3s didn't work. I inserted two vaginally, and 4 hrs later took another one orally, as directed by my dr. I didn't find this blog and comments until AFTER I had been taking them for over 24 hrs. I experienced extreme cramping after the 2nd dose. I passed lots of very very large, sometimes palm sized clots. I'm not sure of the fetus or sac has come out yet, but the pain isn't nearly as bad. I wanted to leave a comment because I did notice a difference between mine and most others.

Most people have seemed to have been prescribed large doses such as taking two 400s at once.. or 600.. and that was it. My dr gave me 20. They were actually 10 200 size pills broke in half that I have to take every 4 hrs.. I was wondering if maybe that would make a difference for some who didn't see results. This is my first pregnancy and miscarriage, so I really wouldn't know.. but decided to leave my comment here incase it might help anyone that was having trouble.

Jessica said...

2012 was a difficult year. We experienced three miscarriages and the most recent one was the worst. I just wanted to let you know my opinion of Cytotec versus D&C.
The first miscarriage happened at around 6 weeks. I woke up and there was just a little bleeding. I went in for an ultrasound and they found that the fetus had stopped growing at 5 weeks. They offered me the misoprostol to speed up the process. I opted for it to happen naturally. A few days later I had some cramps, similar to those of a bad period and expelled the tissue over a couple days. I took ibuprofen I had at home to help with the pain.

Next miscarriage occurred super early (?4wks) (only a few days after my period was due) so it was like a period with mild cramps.

Now the 3rd one kicked us in the butt, both emotionally and physically. We made it to our 8 week ultrasound. We were happy but trying not to get too excited. I had my husband come with me. I tried to crack jokes with the ultrasound tech while she was setting up and doing her thing. I had my little mantra in my head "everything is fine everything is fine." But it wasn't. The tech was pretty quiet. She then said she had to get the doctor but wanted me to know there was no heartbeat. I was a complete mess.
The doctor gave me options: natural, misoprostol or D&C. She said that because the tissue was measuring at 7 weeks I was still in the range for misoprostol. After 8 or 9 weeks they lean towards the D&C. I decided to wait and do it naturally. She gave my 600mg ibuprofen for pain. She said a narcotic would just make me feel happy with the pain. (umm okay what ever you say, doc). About a week later I started to get some mild cramping. I would take the pills and be fine. One night the pain was so SEVERE I was screaming and crying and vomitting. It was awful. I assume these are what contractions feel like. My husband was confused and unsure of what to do. I would just rock back and forth and head to the bathroom every hour and change my pad. Awful. So much for those useless pain killers. Luckily the pain only lasted about 5 hours.
I went to the doctor for an ultrasound feeling good that everything passed. A good amount of tissue passed so I felt confident we were in the clear. Wrong. Ultrasound showed some extra tissue leftover. This time I opted for the misoprostol pills. I was an emotional wreck at this point. I read all the horror stories of people taking this pill. I took the pills intravaginally. Ate a big dinner. Got comfortible on my couch with a blanket, Hulu and a bucket (I heard lots of vomitting stories). The cramping starting about 3 hours after taking the pill. It was like bad period cramps. I had chills and I vomited as well (good thing for that bucket). Some more tissue came out. The next day I had no cramping or any symptoms with the second pill.
I went to the doctor a few days later for an ultrasound. Still some more tissue left! FML. D&C it is!
The day before the procedure I got my period. Doctor says she doesn't think it was but I know it was. At this point I was about 1.5 months from when I had the ultrasound showing no heartbeat. She had me do another ultrasound to see if maybe I expelled the rest of the tissue and wouldn't need the procedure. Nope, still some tissue left.
I hate needles and the thought anesthesia creeps me out which is why I didn't opt for the procedure initially. Everything went smoothly. Everyone was super kind and helpful. I went into the procedure room. They hooked me up to the anesthesia. Next thing I know I am in the recovery room. No cramping or discomfort, just some drowsiness the rest of the day. I would absolutely opt for the D&C if God forbid I have to go through this again. The amount of waiting and the number of ultrasounds I had prior to getting the procedure was ridiculous. So having done all three I would choose to do the D&C again.
Thanks for reading my story. Hoping for a better 2013. Good luck with all your future pregnancies.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank everyone for there input because I have justwent threwthe same thingand it wasokay from a first time. Experience....

Angie Duncan said...

I am taking cytotec tonight. I found your blog by google searching cytotec side affects. Needless to say, I am scared. I found out I miscarried 1 week 1 day ago. I was 8 weeks along, baby stopped developing at 6. I have already started to naturally miscarry on my own, so I called my Doc and she said I only need to take the first 'set' of the medication. so 4 pills at first, and not take the 4 more pill 12 hrs later like I was supposed to. Thanks for your helpful, and truthful post. Please do pray for me and my husband's future w/ fertility.- Angie

Anonymous said...

I am about to do this. Thank you for sharing what is like!!!

Anonymous said...

I am about to do this. Thank you for posting the details!!

Anonymous said...

I am about to do this. Thank you for posting the details!!

Anonymous said...

First I'd like to say thank you for creating this blog/thread - I found it very helpful and preparatory. I took 800 micrograms of Cytotec vaginally last night before bed as recommended. That was, to say the least, intense.

I'm wondering if there is a relationship between how far along you are and how severe your reaction is to the medication, and also whether you take it orally or vaginally. In my case, I was 7w4d. My recommendations for women who are taking this med before bed are: (1) make sure you have PLENTY of water by your bedside. (2) Put on socks before bed and have an extra blanket close to you. (3) When you finally get up for the first time - RUN TO THE TOILET. RUN. (4) Don't be a hero - get yourself some pain killers. I'm no pansy and was crying from the pain until I finally gave in and took the pain medication NOT as directed. (5) Make sure you get the Always overnight maxi pads with wings. Using tampons during something like this puts you at high risk for TSS, and trust me, a regular pad won't do. (6) Did I mention you should run as fast as you can to a toilet when you finally get up? (7) Get up frequently throughout the night until you've noticed that the bleeding has slowed.

Good luck moving forward with your future pregnancies, ladies <3

Anonymous said...

I also am SO appreciative for all of the tips and details of all the stories. I read every one and when I noticed common issues or recommendations I wrote them down. I am a person that likes to be in control and I feel because of this blog I was as in control as I could be. I took ibuprofen (600mg) one hour before inserting the cytotec with a medium meal and set up all my supplies (heating pads, overnight super flow pads, wet wipes, tons of water, etc...) My husband laughed at me because it was as if I was preparing for war which I felt I was! I inserted 600 mg of the cytotec (3 pills) and layed down at 530. At 630 I took 500mg of vicodin not because I was in a ton of pain but just prevention. By 730 I was feeling like progress was being made. The cramps were like a heavy period day but getting worse every 30 min. I scheduled another dose of vicodin at 930 but I didn't feel like I needed it and to be easy on my tummy I skipped it (HUGE mistake) by 1030 I was reeeally uncomfortable and started visiting the bathroom more I wasn't really bleeding a lot but I was passing big clots every time I sat down. The cramps progressed very quickly so I took that vicodin at 1115 but it wasn't soon enough by 1130 I was in full blown contraction mode and there was no letting up. I'm pretty tough and I cried. I kept passing clots with not a lot of bleeding and the pain kept getting worse to where I was doubled over praying for the meds to kick in... My poor husband just kept saying "if you're in trouble let me know" he held me and I cried and then felt an urge to go #2 so I made my way to the restroom sat down and pushed and the sac came out it was 1215... I felt immediate relief. I made sure it was and ladies you will definitely know when it happens. I cried and said a prayer and said goodbye then prayed with my husband. It's around 1 now and I'm having some tolerable cramping and bleeding like period on a heavy day. I feel pretty light headed and I'm glad I made it through. I'm sorry you have or had to go through this my personal tip was I wrote down a med schedule by time and crossed them off as I took them which helped me not have to think too much. The heating pads are a must and take those pain killers on time. May we all be blessed with new beginnings and healthy pregnancies. I'm glad I didn't have surgery and I hope to never have to do this again but if I did I would choose the same route.

Erica said...

So I found out at 11w my baby had no heart beat. I was cramping and spotting so I went to the er. I was told I had an incomplete miscarriage and would most likely need a D&C. 4 days later I went to my OBGYN for a check up. I was told my cervics did not dilate and I have not passed anything. This was then comfirmed by an ultrasound with made the situation even worse.

I chose to try the pill form before a D&C because I am terrified of being "put to sleep".

It's been almost 3 hours. My cramps are horrible and I'm cold. I took the prescribed pain meds (Tylenol with codeine) but I'm still hurting. When I stood up a watery substance came out. Not sure if if was part of the process or the dissolved pills?..

alaina said...

thank you, thank you, thank you. i read through your blog yesterday while i was in my own misoprostol hell, and i can’t say enough how this helped.

this was my second miscarriage – the first one last year happened naturally, and i was terrified of taking misoprostol this time. it was every bit as terrible as i thought it would be, and i had every symptom in the book. at one point my husband was in tears out of concern for me, wondering if the pain i was going through was normal. but after reading through blogs like yours, we were reassured.

Anonymous said...

This post in particular has been so very helpful. I am eternally grateful for your words. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My experience SECOND PART
WHen I had the second miscarriage, they did not asked me again what I wanted, they just sent me home to abort the baby my self with no painkillers,I had no idea how would that feel like, I just thought everything was going to come out harmlessly..cause the first bleeding was not painfull at all... Little did I suspect of the big pain that I was going to endure for several hours without painkillers!. ... the pain was so strong that I just passed out, I remember it was day light outside, when I opened my eyes I was totally knocked up, I felt my body with no strength at all, and what scared me to death was that when I tried to stand up and go, my heart began to beat without control at all, and I really belive I was goint to have a heart attack.... I was like this for several days!. Like the whole pain was really really to much for my heart, the last thing that I felt before pass out, was this kind of pain like if someone was literally trying to pull me inside out!. I felt like someone was pulling me in the most violent way my womb out of me! . I will never forget that feeling. This happened when I was 33 years old.

Anonymous said...

This is my first pregnancy, and unfortunately I was 9 weeks along but my baby was only 8 weeks in size with no heartbeat. Emotionally I am a wreck, but I have high hopes that my future pregnancies will be more successful.
I was prescribed Cytotec yesterday, and I started the process today. The pain I experienced at about 4 hours into the process was absolutely horrible. It was so intense I was seriously debating going to the hospital. After about 45 minutes of feeling like I was dying I felt physically exhausted, and I took a short nap. I still have cramps and back pain, but I think the medication has kicked in.
At this point it has been almost 6 hours, and I am worried that I am not passing anything. There is very little blood, but there is a lot of mucus.
These posts have helped me ease my mind, and I am thankful for the chance to share a little of my story.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I am...was...nine weeks and today just found out there is no heart beat and that the baby stopped growing weeks ago. I'm about to take the Cytotec and I'm terrified and feel guilty and all those other emotions I'm sure you felt. I almost can't even bring myself to do it, but I have to remind myself that I'm not giving myself an abortion. This post has given me some comfort.

Laura said...

Hi every one,
i found this post searching for misoprostol miscarriage and it helped me a lot.
I was 8 weeks when they told me it was a misacarriage, but waiting almost three weeks my body dind 't seem to do nothing so we took misoprostol last weekend.
It was a very bad experience. i took it on saturady al 11,30 am, and light cramping started at 12:30. Then very hard ones started a 2 pm, and by 3 pm it was horrible. I took the vicodin and it helped me a little, but there were 4 hours of very bad pain. Bleeding started at 4 pm but not too much. Finally I felt asleep and by 9 pm the pain was gone and the cramping was better. I coninued bleeding all sunday, with some clots and ocassional cramping ( I knew there was something left). On monday al night i felt some cramping, I went to bathroom and I pushed out the sac. It was like a red ball.
Today I am going to the doctor and have an US to see how is it going, but I feel much better and confident.
Thank you all of you for sharing your experience and best luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Well im experiencing the same thing! Im 12 weeks but the fetus stopped growing at 8 weeks! I waiting to see if i would have a natural miscarriege but Nothing! So i decided to take it last night @ 9pm. I have no Cramps, No bleeding, NOTHING!!!!!! Im kinda worried :( i think ima have to get a D&C and dont want too!!! :( Good Luck tho. And God bless!

Hayden said...

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. This blog has truly helped me emotionally and has given me strength.

A little background info: This is my first miscarriage and my second pregnancy. I am 33 years old.

I found out when I was eight weeks pregnant that the baby only measured to be 6 weeks old and there was no heartbeat. The doctors performed some blood work and confirmed that my hCG levels were not rising and I was told I would 100% miscarry. My husband and I were devastated. We have been blessed with a son who is 22 months old now and we are so thankful for him. He is very demanding at this age and has not given me a chance to sit down and be sad (which is a good thing!). So, at the time I decided I would wait and let my body expel the tissue naturally. Well, it has been 2 weeks (I would be 10 weeks pregnant now) and I have only had minimal spotting and very uncomfortable cramping. I feel like my body is holding on very tightly to this pregnancy. I am ready to try and conceive again and would like to put this whole process behind me and move on.

I have decided to take Misoprostol and only have a D&C procedure as a last resort. Not sure the dosage just yet but I do know it will be administered vaginally. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up ultrasound just for a piece of mind to know there is absolutely no life in my uterus before taking the pills.

Once again, thank you everyone for sharing and I will make sure to follow up with my Misoprostol experience. I plan on beginning this unpleasant ride tomorrow afternoon.

Take care everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I was feeling so lost as to what to expect. I will be taking Cytotec tomorrow. I am such a planner, this has helped me so much. Praying for all of those who are going through this. Thanks again.

Hayden said...

My update after taking Misoprostol. Might be TMI for some.

3:00 pm (Thursday): I was given 800mg (4 pills, 200mg each) intravaginally. I inserted the pills myself as far as I could! At this time I also took 800mg of Ibuprofen.

5:00 pm: Started cramping but was not uncomfortable. Then the spotting and bleeding started as well.

7:30 pm: First large clot came out with blood. About the size of a small lime. Bleeding a lot. The cramping is still not that bad and very tolerable.

8:00 pm: Passed another clot.

12:00 am: Very mild bleeding to spotting.

8:30 am (Friday): Passed another large clot.

Saturday: Nothing happened except for mild bleeding and spotting.

8:00 am (Sunday): Passed several clots and lots of bleeding.

Monday: Still bleeding and passing small pieces of tissue. I was under the impression all tissue should have been passed in a 48 hour period, but I'm still bleeding. This might be a bad sign. I go in this afternoon to get another ultrasound to see if I passed all of the uterine lining. If I didn't I will need to have a D&C this week.

I will update later. Hope this timeline was helpful!!

Take care everyone and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting all your stories
It helped me so much, so my story, I was 91/2 weeks pregnant, first pregnancy very excited to go in for our first check up, physical exam good, now lets hear the heart beat and nothing, ultrasound to confirm there was only a sac with yolk meassuring 61/2 weeks but no fetal pole which we got diagnosed with non viable pregnancy

Devastated I wanted more confirmation and we meassured hormone levels being 38,000 48 hrs they dropped to 33,000
Without hope we were given the 3 options, my midwife was amazing in helping me through this
On saturday I decided to use the misoprostol 800mcg intravaginally at 1:00pm, took 600 ibuprofen just in case
Nothing until 4:30 mild cramping took vicodin thanks to the posts
At 5:00 I started spotting very mild bleedling, some clots everytime I would go to the bathroom, at 6:30 I passed the entire sac size of a pin pon ball not a lot of pain or bleeding
Took an other vicodin at 8:30 just in case and continued mild bleeding like my period, sunday a few more clots but pretty much doing well took only ibuprofen
Today doing better physically, still very sad
Had ultrasound this morning to confirmed I had passed the sac and I did little tissue left so to wait for the body to do its job no need for an other dose

Going in 2 weeks to check hormone levels which should be down to cero hopefully, able to try again after one cycle

After expecting to be a horrible experience using the mosoprostol worked very good for me, thank tou again for sharing hope my story helps

Hayden said...

3rd Update:

I had my ultrasound yesterday and the Doctor said I had passed just about all of the uterine lining. So he was very pleased and I do not need to have a D&C procedure.

Everybody is different and will react differently to taking the Misoprostol, but this is how it reacted with me and I hope my story was helpful.

Take care and I pray for all of you who are having to go through this.
Also, thank you everyone for sharing your stories because I know it helped me :-)

Anonymous said...

Here's my story, it was much easier than expected. My blighted ovum was diagnosed at 13.5 weeks :(. The sack was about 5.5 weeks. I read these posts and was pretty scared to take the cytotec. About 2.5 hours after inserting 4 pills vaginally I took two prescription strength pain killers even though I was not feeling any pain at that point. About 4.5 hours after taking the pills, I started feeling some moderate cramping. The cramping lasted about 45 minutes and I was doing some online shopping (bought an anniversary present for my husband :)) while it was happening (it was really tolerable). I felt like I had to pass something so I went to the bathroom and a passed a fist sized object which I assume was the sac. I had barely any bleeding. It is now an hour later and the cramping has stopped completely.
Good luck to all have to go through this.

Elizabeth H said...

Hello.I just found out my8 week fetus has no heartbeat. I recevied conflicting advice - my RE wants to do a D&C while my gyno feels Cytotec is the best option. I have to decide Monday. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Your words are so much more informative than a doctors opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is the most helpful blog site I have seen on the topic. I went in last week at 6 weeks 3 days and only saw a small gestational sac without a yolk sac, fetal pole, heartbeat, etc. Assuming a scan this week at 7 weeks 3 days shows the same, I would like to opt for cytotec. A prior D&C last year led me to develop Asherman's Syndrome (uterine scarring that needed to be treated surgically by a specialist). I am grateful for this information and hopeful that my doctor will prescribe painkillers along with it. I will demand them after reading what I have here. I am also hoping that since this pregnancy didn't progress far, I won't be left with any retained contents of conception.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting such a personal experience as you did, i recently lost my baby at 6 weeks and had to take cytotec and exactly as you stated it is such an emotional thing to go through because you feel like you are voluntarily killing your baby but youre not. it was defenetly more emotional i kept crying and thank God for my wonderful husband who was my support system. had less then 24 hrs of heavy bleeding and golf ball size clots, then it stopped for the next 24 hours then light bleeding with cramps continued the next day. go to the doctor on sunday for a check to see if all the matter is gone. i pray to all the women who have gone through this it is emotionally exhausting so my prayers go out to all of you :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this starting a blog like this. It helped me feel that I was not alone.

I was supposed to be 11 wks this past Monday but Dr. indicated the baby did not have a heartbeat and stopped growing around 8wks2days. He recommended that I wait it out, take cytotec, or have a D&C. Since my body was not responding naturally, I chose the Cytotec as he mentioned that a D&C could cause scaring and make it even more difficult to have a baby in the future.

Due to the stress I was in, my body started responding and Thursday I started bleeding. It was not progressing so I took the 4 pills orally on Friday at 1pm. I took another 2 pills at 5pm. I was having major cramps this whole time. Cramps that are 10x worse than normal period cramps. Around 6, it appeared my water broke and that's when the blood clots were releasing.

I passed so many clots and lost so much blood, I felt so weak. I was up until 5:30am the next day releasing and passing clots, so I recommend that if you start the medication start it as early as you can the morning of. It's exhausting when you're up that late and losing so much blood. Your body needs rest.

I also recommend having someone make sure you're getting the nutrition and hydration you need.

I also experienced nausea, which he Dr. had previously prescribed medication for.

This was my 2nd miscarriage.

For those of you reading this, I kept this verse handy
Psalm 38:14 'The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit'.

God wept when his son died prematurely and he weeps with us. May you be comforted during this time of sorrow. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Abby, thank you so much for this blog. It's been years since your original post and it's been incredibly helpful (and somewhat comforting) to know what was ahead before taking the misoprostol tablets.

I found out at 11w that there was no heartbeat, apparently it had stopped at 8w6d. I didn't want to carry it any longer, it was too hard.

I inserted the tablets at about 6:30 pm. About an hour later I had mild cramping and took Mersyndol for the pain, which wasn't too bad. The pain increased 3 hours after the pills and started taking 2 mersyndol every 4 hours (which is what I usually do for menstrual cramps). I started spotting at around 11:45 pm, and woke up to take the mersyndol every 4hours. The pain was bad, but not horrible.

At 7:40 am I got the first clots, which were small, and more blood. Every time I went to the bathroom, as bad as the pain was, I pushed to try and help my body expel the rest. At 9:10 I had some light breakfast and 1 gravol (for nausea), plus 2 mersyndol. 10 minutes later, the pain was horrible, I was in so much pain that I threw up. As soon as I did, I sat back on the toilet and out came everything. The pain and nausea passed instantly. Half an hour later, I had breakfast and went to sleep.

This was 2 days ago. I'm bleeding as I would with a regular period, and will follow up w a doctor later this week.

If I can offer some advice to those who will still go through this, take a small stool to the bathroom to raise your feet a bit - I felt so much more comfortable like that. I also took a pillow to rest there - I preferred to sit in the toilet rather than to bleed in bed, and there will be a lot of blood. While I was in bed, I found that applying some pressure on my belly helped enough for me to get some sleep - so I tried to sleep with on of my thighs against my belly. Most importantly, have someone w you to go through this, to check on you or just to be there.

Finally, I just want to say that I'm grateful that I live in a country where women's rights exist, including my choice of how to handle this. I owe this to the women that fought for this before me. We can never let this be taken from us. Those who say that cytotec should be limited because it shouldn't be a contraceptive measure have obviously never seen or experienced this physical pain, or the emotional pain of carrying inside you something that no longer lives, and for how long.

Good luck to all of you who will go through this. And, again, thank you Abby, for opening this door.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Some key points:
-Thank you to all the women who have shared your experiences, I found them extremely helpful.
-I did not have a horror story.
-Prepare yourself & read about the possible experiences people have had, but do be aware that you will find many more negative reviews than positive reviews. That’s just the nature of the game.
-TO PREPARE – take your pain meds on time, even before taking Misoprostol. Take anti-nausea meds too. Your OBGYN should prescribe these. If not, ask. Have some anti-diarrhea meds on hand. Have lots of maxi-pads ready. I had pads inside of adult diapers (Depends) for any spillage, etc. Have lots of towels ready to go. I had towels for the bed under me, on the floor on the way to the bathroom, & one handy to put between my legs when I walked to the bathroom. Have at least one emergency contact. Lastly, drink lots of water, eat protein.

My experience:
9 week appointment at OBGYN was to be our first ultrasound. Unfortunately, no heartbeat was detected. Baby was measuring ~6w. After a week of checking my beta values & a follow-up ultrasound, it was clear baby had passed away. I began experiencing some cramping & spotting during this time, but nothing major. We waited ~1.5 weeks to see if I could have a miscarriage naturally. More spotting & slight cramping, I passed a few clots, but nothing major. Bleeding would often stop for 24+ hrs & then pick up again. After the 1.5-week period had passed, I went for a follow-up ultrasound which revealed that I still had quite a bit of work to do to pass the uterine contents. Doctor prescribed Misoprostol to take over a weekend, with a follow-up ultrasound Monday, D&C scheduled for Tuesday AM just in case.

I was prescribed 6 doses of Misoprostol (take every 8 hrs), an anti-nausea med (take every 8 hrs), & Hydrocodon (1-2 tablets; take every 4-6 hrs).

Friday 9PM, took 600 mg Miso orally (3 200 mg tablets; tablets dissolved between my gums & cheek). I took anti-nausea meds & 1 Hydro for pain at the same time. Within ~15 minutes of the Miso completely dissolving, I started to spot & I had some mild cramping. I went to sleep ~11PM & woke up at 2AM I could feel that I was doing more than spotting. I went to the bathroom, changed my pad, & took another dose of Hydro. I went back to sleep & woke an hour later due to pain from cramping. I was awake for the rest of the morning fighting pain & a bit of nausea (from the pain). I changed out pads & hung out on the bathroom floor working through the pain. I took another Hydro because the pain was pretty strong, but it was manageable.

Saturday AM, once my family was awake, I took my next dose of Miso. Light cramping & bleeding, but overall much easier than the night before. I continued to take my dosages as prescribed, moving around as much as I could to keep things going. I was taking 1 Hydro every 4 hours, but I wasn’t in much pain. I was mostly tired from the lack of sleep, but glad I experienced the “tough stuff” overnight while my daughter was asleep.

Saturday PM/early Sunday AM I awoke with cramping. Took a Hydro & waited for the pain to subside, then went back to sleep. Pain was manageable & bleeding was relatively light.

On Sunday, uterine cramping had diminished entirely (or was blocked out by the Hydro). I tried to keep moving to keep things progressing. By the time I went to bed that night, the biggest issue I was having was gas pains from the meds.

Overall, the worst times were the first 8-16 hours of taking Miso. After that, the pain/bleeding/etc. was weak & manageable for the most part.

Monday AM, I passed several large clots in the morning, & bleeding continued. Follow-up ultrasound revealed I still had some clots left behind. At this point, I opted to have the D&C. Baby passed 5-6 weeks ago, & I gave my body 3 weeks to pass everything. I could have waited longer, but it is time to finish this process & move on. I am having a D&C this (Tuesday) morning.

Anonymous said...

It's been exactly 4 years now since my first BFP that ended up in a missed miscarriage which in turn landed me here. I receive an email with every story of a woman who posted after me sharing her experience.
Thank you Abbey for posting this as there was not much information on the drug or realistic experiences of the process both physically and emotionally. Every last woman who has posted on here has been a strong brave hero. <3

Lauren said...

Abbie, thank you for starting this post nearly 5 years ago. It was very helpful to me. I had quite an unexpected turn of events and wanted to share my experience.

Part 1:
This was my 5th pregnancy; 3rd miscarriage. I am happy to say that I am blessed with 2 healthy little girls, ages 3-and-a-half and 15 months. This pregnancy was not planned, but much wanted and this is my first pregnancy where there was originally an ultrasound that showed a viable pregnancy at 6 weeks with a good, strong beating heart at 121 bpm. It was such a shock, because we really thought we were pretty much in the clear.

My physician really only originally gave me 2 options, none of which included Cytotec. I had a really strong desire to be able to pass the baby at home. I felt this would give me closure. Thankfully, he respected my wished and consulted another physician and then prescribed it for me.

The last ultrasound showed that I really should have been starting to miscarry on my own. The sac had become broken and placenta had become detached. You could still clearly see the baby, still no heartbeat. So, I have to say, that I'm not sure exactly how much effect the Cytotec had on me as I had already began experiencing some bleeding prior to using it.

Last week, on Friday at 4:30am, I inserted the Cytotec. As many of you had mentioned, very emotional. It took me several hours to get up the courage to do it. At 8:30am, I woke up disappointed because I had had no cramping at all. Right as I was getting ready to make a phone call, the bleeding gushed out without warning. Fortunately, I had prepared my bed with a protective hospital pad. I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. There was a lot of blood, which I had expected. I immediately took a percocet for pain, just in case the severe cramping would start. At this point, I really had no pain. I only passed one or two small clots and the bleeding was not too bad at this point. I got up from the toilet and began to black out. I got nervous and sat back down on the toilet. I started drinking gatorade and water to help. I ended up sitting on the toilet for an hour and nothing was happening except for several episodes of this "blacking out" sensation. I told my husband to stay with me because I was scared. I then decided I needed to lay down. I got him to put more protective pads on the bed and the bleeding really wasn't too bad yet, but I knew there had to be more to come.

Lauren said...

Part 2: (Sorry so long)
I laid down on the bed with my head elevated. I felt much better and laid there for an hour. Then around 11:00am, the contractions started. I knew to expect them, so I was glad things were progressing. However, I was still so weak and could not get out of bed. I decided I was going to have to do this in bed. They got stronger and stronger and finally by 11:30am, I passed 3 lime-sized clots. Then the contractions stopped, just like you all had posted. I felt that I must have passed the baby. I sat up a few seconds later to look and immediately began to pass out again. I laid back down on the pillow. Then, I began getting really nervous, because with every little move I'd make, I felt as though I was going to pass out. Finally, my mom and husband came to try to help me, but there was no getting out of the bed without passing out. I felt I had lost too much blood and we called 911.

I ended up needing an emergency D&C. Though, they performed another ultrasound before the D&C and I was so relieved to know that there was no evidence of the fetus. My wonderful mom was nice enough to save the clots I had passed so that maybe I could find the baby when I got home; which I later did find. The D&C went well, but I had lost a lot of blood and ended up being hospitalized all weekend and had to receive 4 units of blood.

I'm sorry if my story scares anyone, but I hadn't seen too many stories like mine and thought it only fair to share. I will admit, that if I could be guaranteed I wouldn't lose so much blood, I would do it again. Also, I should have considered the fact that I have always been slightly anemic. I also have an auto immune esophageal disorder called achalasia and lately have been having trouble eating and drinking, so I may have also been dehydrated.

All things considered, the pain was not that bad. Do not do this alone and please be sure that you are normally 100% healthy. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Just please be smart in the decisions you make.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

i am 7weeks and i have the same condition but my boyfriend told me to shallow four and insert too and i did so i have never heard of this i am not sure if i supposed to shallow this cytotec 200 misoprostol tablet but i actually swallowed four pills and insert two is this dangerous? someone help me

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for starting this conversation, I really found it helpful. Here is my experience:

I went in for a 13 week ultrasound with no indication that anything was wrong (June 20, 2013). Unfortunately, the baby only measured 8 1/2 weeks and they were unable to find a heartbeat. My husband and I were pretty shocked because I had had no symptoms of a miscarriage - I had what they call a silent miscarriage. (This was our first and very wanted pregnancy).

I was referred to a gynocologist who gave me a perscription for Misoprostol. She said that if I waited to miscarry naturally there would be a 40-50% chance that I would need a d&c to clear out retained products - with the pills there would be about a 10% chance. She also thought that the pills would be a good idea for me since it had likely been over five weeks and I hadn't naturally miscarried.

The pills seemed like a pretty good option since I wasn't crazy about a d&c and being able to plan when I was going to go through the miscarriage was a nice plus. I also found it frustrating being caught in limbo, because I just wanted to quit being pregnant and we also wanted to move forward with trying again and there was no saying how long we'd have to wait for it to happen naturally.

I went back for an ultrasound one week later just to be sure before I took the pills.

With the confirmation from the second ultrasound, I went home and took 4 misoprostol vaginally (2:30 PM). Since I had already had about a week to deal with the emotions, I didn't find it very difficult - just something I knew needed to be done.

For some reason I just had a bad feeling that is wasn't going to work (My doctor said it would likely take effect in about 4-6 hours). I felt a little crampy, but nothing bad at all. I went to the bathroom at 6:30 and was pleasantly surprised to see some blood and pass a small clot.

I felt like things were progresing slowly, so I actually went to a friend's ball game for about an hour and picked up a bunch of juice on the way home. I got home around 9:00 and my pad was pretty soaked. I passed a fairly large clot and took a couple of ibuprophen. Around 11:00 I passed a couple more little clots, but the bleeding had slowed significantly. (Cramps were quite manageable).

I went to bed with a nice big pad and set the alarm to wake up and change it, but I didn't bleed at all throughout the night. The following morning I called a perscription drug help line and asked about if I should take the next 4 pills. My doctor had said to take the second dose if there was no bleeding within 24 hours of the first dose, but there was some, so I wasn't sure. The health line advised that I take the second dose, so I did (around 3:00 on Friday). Basically I just had nausea and diarrhea and no progress as far as the miscarriage went. Saturday I was pretty frustrated and upset, because I figured that I'd probably need a d&c. (Continued below)

Anonymous said...

Continued from above.

I decided to go see the walk in doctor at my clinic on Sunday to see if a doctor would okay me to try the Misoprostol one more time. Since it had partially worked on Thursday night, I was hopeful that my body wasn't totally immune to it.

The doctor didn't seem that optimistic that it would work, but he humored me and refilled the perscription.

So I took the third dose of 4 (still vaginally) Misoprostol on Sunday at noon. I took two gravol at the same time as I was hoping to avoid the nausea that I had experienced the last time. I had no symptoms and no blood at all. I seriously considered not taking my last four pills as I was feeling rather discouraged. Also, I was supposed to work on Tuesday and I wasn't really comfortable taking the pills the day before I was supposed to be at work. However, I decided to go for it again.

I had done my best each time to get the pills as high up as I could (just doing it in the bathroom while standing). The last time I did it on the bed and used a tampon to try and put them even further up. My doctor didn't say anything about lying down after, but I had seen that advice a couple other places so I rested for about 30-45 minutes after (I had also laid down after inserting the pills the second and third times, but not the first).

I wasn't too optimistic that it would work this time. My husband and I actually talked about it and said if we had had to put money on it we would've bet on it now working.

I went shopping with my sister from 3:00 to about 6:30. When I got home, I started to get some fairly intense cramps. These felt totally different than anything else I had experienced after taking the pills previously. The cramps would be fairly intense, lasting about 30 seconds and then going away for about 2-5 minutes. (I've never had a baby, but I imagine it might be a bit like contractions). For me, the pain was quite manageable with the ibuprophen.

At 8:30 I went to the bathroom and had some blood - I was pretty relieved. I parked myself in the bathroom from about 9:30 to 11:00 and passed several clots and some tissue (and of course, a fair amount of blood). (I had my iPod to keep from getting board or too caught up in what was happening). I also experienced the "pop" and "gush" that some have described as water breaking - I'm so happy it happened when I was on the toilet! :)

I showered up afterwards, put on a pad and went to bed. I think I woke up at about 1:00 and changed it, and the next one was good until morning. I've had a couple days of pretty light bleeding and just went for my follow-up ultrasound today. My doctor will call if more follow-up is needed. I'm hoping there won't be, but I know it's not in my control so I'm just trying not to worry about it.

I hope that my experience will prove helpful to someone else. I know that I definitely felt more empowered and prepared to go through it after reading many of the comments on this blog. It was a good choice for me, and I'd do it again if I found myself in the same situation.

May you all be blessed with the support of loved ones and strength that you didn't know you had.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for sharing your stories.

After two years of infertility treatments my husband and I were delighted to learn we were pregnant. It was quickly discovered that my beta HCG levels were not doubling every other day as expected. With an ultrasound last week it was confirmed that the pregnancy is not viable as the gestational sac is not growing as expected.

I have an appt. with my OB tomorrow morning to talk about options and alternatives to a natural miscarriage as we leave for Europe for two weeks next Wednesday. The nurse mentioned that the doctor would discuss the use of Misoprostol in addition to a D&C. Your stories have helped me understand more about this option. This is all very scary and heartbreaking but your stories have helped.

Best of luck to you all. I will follow up with my story if I decide to take this drug.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. I just took the medicine 20 minutes ago and was so nervous wondering what to expect. My husband confidently told me it would take 12 hours to start, but I think the doctor must have said it lasts 12 hours. I can already feel mild cramping, and I will take the pain medicine as you advised before the pain gets too unbearable.
Thank you again!

Mellisa said...

I've come back to the top of this post to add a new first like to begin. This got very long- so sorry. It wasnt my intention but it just seems very therapeutic to be sharing this. If you just want my cytotec experience, scroll down to the * If you want to super quick version --> i was lucky enough to have a good experience & yes, I would do it again.

I would first like to begin by saying a great big thank you to Abbie for sharing her story as well as everyone who commented & shared after it. I read each & every one of the 293 posts & am so grateful to have stumbled upon this after the horror I read on many other sites. Going through something like this is something you wouldn't wish on anyone but admittedly, there is a huge sense of peace & relief to know that there are others who know your pain.

Before I share my cytotec experience, I'll first give you a bit of background-39 years old, trying to conceive my first take home baby for almost 14 years, PCOS, incomplete miscarriage this was pregnancy number 9 & 8th first trimester loss - half assisted pregnancies, half natural. I have no living children & have the bittersweet blessing of having my sweet daughter Hannah who was born at 24 weeks due to incompetent cervix & blessed us with a few hours of herself before passing away. Without cytotec this would be D&C #5.

After finding out I was unexpectedly pregnant 2 days after Xmas, I was horrified to find out at the end of January that they baby's heart had stopped beating. (everything was great Friday ultrasound with fertility doctor but baby had died between then & my Wednesday appointment with the high risk unit) I was complete & utter mess. I had resigned myself to the fact that my dreams of motherhood gone & grieved that loss, if you will. Christmas was a very large part of the process & I spent much of it crying for the daughter I lost, the fun that would never be had with her during a season loaded with love & tradition & for the babies that would never be. For the first time I had to take time off work for depression & anxiety ... something I had never had.

Much to my surprise I fell pregnant after one cycle. Once again, we werent trying but we werent protecting either. Mentally, this one was completely different. I went into self preservation mode with the expectation that’s this too would end. Though a natural pregnancy, I always call my fertility because I really dont trust anyone else. I had an ultrasound 2 days after four + tests & everything looked great. Measured 6w3d - bang on with my dates, strong heart beat, long cervix. As my appointment approached with the high risk unit the anxiety kicked in & I called my fertility doctor asking for an ultrasound even though I was going to have one the following day. Finding out my pregnancy wasnt viable on an obstetrics ward amongst a floor of pregnant women was like adding salt to the wound - no thanks. They humored me & it was at that appointment that I knew this pregnancy wasnt going to be viable either. We have a great heart rate of 162bpm but the baby hadnt grown at all. He/she was still measuring 6w3d. At my ultrasound the next day the baby was the same but the heartrate was 70bpm. One week later a final ultrasound confirmed what we knew ... yet another dream had passed. Because of the fact that I have an incompetent cervix, my high risk dr ordered cytotec for me. I was scared BEYOND belief of doing this at home but the risks of what could happen if I had another D&C outweighed that fear. Regardless of my experience, I'm really not sure why this option wasnt offered to me before. I got the perscription & did a ton of reading before filling it. That just made me even more terrified. This site is what made me move forward with the option & gave me the courage to do it. I think what I feared more was the unknown & unpredictable. So here goes ...

Mellisa said...

* Dr gave me rx for 12 tabs cytotec to be inserted vaginally. 4 tabs at 0, 24 & 48 hours. He also rx'd me some Tylenol 3 with codiene (that was a first - never been on anything higher than extra strength advil/tylenol) with the recommendation of gravol. After reading everyones experience, I also made sure to have some immodium too. Heating pad was ready, gingerale was on hand, pads, pads & more pads & ate a good meal before administering the cytotec each day. Hoped for the best while I prepared for the worst.

- Day 1: inserted first 4 tabs on July 6 at 11am & went to lay down. 20 minutes later & impatient, I went back to the bathroom & wiped. Saw that I had started to bleed. 20 minutes after that the cramping started. I waited 10 more minutes & took my first T3. The hardest part of this was the psychological. Regardless of the knowledge of the pregnancy wasnt viable, ending my pregnancy by my own hand was difficult to deal with. I cried for 40 minutes as I sat on the toilet trying to conjure up the courage to begin the process. After the first hour passed, I got out of bed (which was lined with a garbage bag & towel under the sheet) & went the toilet where I passed two very large clots. I didnt look or touch but they were very different than the normally large clots I pass with my period. It was almost as if they were ball formed & much harder. Not much bleeding. Freshen up & back to bed where the T3's clicked in & I slept for many hours. Bathroom when I got home, some more clotting & bleeding but nothing significant outside using the toilet. Back to bed. About 4 hours after inserting the pills, things really intensified. Had to take another pain med & that barely cut it. (I couldve taken two & was tempted but I dealt with it with whimpers & tears) After about 20 minutes of constant pain, I went to the washroom, passed a third very large clot - & it was over. No more pain, just very mild cramping. Cleaned up (more for sanitary reasons than necessity - I couldve used a light days to be honest) & slept for most of the evening & night.

- Day 2: inserted 4 pills, went to lay down, cramping started after a few hours. Took one T3 w/codiene when they became constant & slept some more. (seems they make me VERY sleepy) Up & down to the bathroom with alot of smaller clots & tissue passing but no heavy bleeding. Another day where light days could've been worn.

- Day 3: final dosage. Mild cramping, barely bleeding, clots & tissue when I went to the bathroom. No pain meds needed.

- Day 5: Went for a follow up ultrasound & was told it was clear. (if your dr doesn’t do this insist. Important to make sure the uterus is empty) Still light bleeding which cont’d for the next week & a half.

Approximately a week & a half after finishing the cytotec, my bleeding really picked up. I was bleeding through double pads within an hour to an hour & a half. Lots of cramping. The more I moved, the worse it got. I am typically a "bleed through a super+ tampon in an hour" kinda girl when I have my period but the fact that I couldnt wear one & felt it all because only a pad could be used - ick. This was off & mostly on for three weeks. It ranged from only there when I wipe to double-up pad days. Just when I thought it was gone, I would go shopping or to the gym & it would start up again. Today is August 2 & I am finally bleed free for two days-including gym & shopping.

So now this comes to an end. If you've made it through my story & read this long post, thank you for being a part of this therapeutic moment for me. If you skipped to the * - dont blame you. This was definitely a two cuppa something post. Regardless of how much you read, I am so sorry you had to because that means you are experiencing an awful loss in your life. My thoughts are with you. There are no words to make it better but hopefully knowing that you're not alone helps. xo

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your experiance with us it was helpful to me. i was told to take the liquid(at drs office) last wednesday and then to put the first set of 4 pills in my vagina on monday then the second set of 4 pills on tuesday night before bed. i did so and on tuesday morning, after the first set, i bled and cramped and passed some clots then last night tuesday, i put the second set of pills in and although bleeding, its not a lot and no clots at all...cramping but not feeling many of them thanks to the painkillers (lol). im just scared its not working. and how long this is supposed to take to expel the sac because i didnt notice a clot big enough t be the sac...ugh im so frustrated

Anonymous said...

Dear Abie, sorry for your loss and thank you for your post. I do know it was long a go, but as I sit here, 5 hours since I took the 4 pills, I find it very helpful. I do not have a ton of symptoms, just minor cramps every 3-15 minutes. I did, however, take 4 Advils twice and 2 tylenols. So, I am sure those are helping a ton. I hope this happens soon... I should be about 8 weeks, but my pregnancy is at 5.5 weeks (gestational and yolk sac only). I tried to wait it out naturally for a few weeks, but nothing's happened, so I took the cytotec. This is my 3rd early mc (others were at 5wks), but those occurred naturally within a week or so after my HCG levels started dropping. Ok, well I am emotionally ready to have this pass as it's been so hard being in limbo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Abbie,

Even though this was posted in 2008, your post and all the additional comments have helped me tremendously. I wanted to post a message to all you brave and wonderful woman out there firstly to thank you and secondly to share my experience with you.

I recently fell pregnant with our first child after trying for more than two years. My husband and I were ecstatic at the news however at 6wks the doc couldn't pick up a heartbeat and a week later an US showed no further growth or heartbeat :( I took some blood tests over the next few days which confirmed that the pregnancy wasn't progressing and my husband and I decided to take cytotec as we are due to travel and didnt want to risk complications whilst abroad.

I had also started spotting the night before so it was only a matter of time. I also had some lower back pain which seemed to be getting worse.

It was a very emotional first step but I eventually started with taking three 200mg tablets viginally. As recommended I ate a full meal prior to this. My doctor also prescribed Voltaren (antiflammatory) suppositories for me which I used with the cytotec. This seemed to help with the pain as well.

After two hours I had some cramping and started bleeding heavily. Cramps were mild but back ache intensified. I used heated pads for both back and cramps which helped a lot.

6 hours later I took another dosage and continued to bleed heavily. I layed down and drank lots of liquids. Tried to watch some tv and eventually fell asleep due to weakness.

Took the final dosage at 10pm and slept through the night while hubby helped by continuously heating pads for me and making sure I was eating.

By 9am the next day I passed the sac and after that the pain and cramps all subsided. This morning US confirmed everything was removed and I didnt need a D&C.

I just wanted to let you all know that with pain meds and anti inflammatories it was all bearable and of course with TLC from hubby and friends and family.

Good luck to all of you.
Everything is in our one and only Gods plan and he has bigger better plans for us all.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you all for your posts and detailed information. It was this blog that gave me the courage to go the cytotec route yesterday before needing a D&C.

Here is my story...
I found out about my miscarriage a week ago at my 12 week appt. There was no heartbeat and baby only measured 7w4d. It's sad to me that there's not more information given to women at the Doctor's office about the three options available. I decided to do all the research I could online. I wanted the best thing for my potential next pregnancy, and the D&C seemed a little risky to me. The concern in my case was that the baby had been gone for awhile...5+ weeks and still in the womb. My body was not responding naturally. To me, cytotec was the next best option.

I took (3) 200mg tablets of cytotec yesterday morning at 8:45. I was told to scratch the surface of both sides of each of the tablets in order to help activate the tablets quicker. I inserted them vaginally. It's so hard to know if you are putting them in deep enough and correctly. I swear two went one way and the third went another. I'm not used to feeling around up there. I laid down for 2 hours. My Doctor wanted me to lay down for at least a 1/2 hour. Nothing much happened in that time. I took a few ibp pills at 9:30 just because...I wasn't feeling anything at all. Around noon I thought I felt very light cramping but it was so light I couldn't tell if it was all in my head. Around 2pm, I went to the restroom to pee and noticed blood starting to drip out of me. I was thankful in a twisted way. I just wanted the process to work, and it started too. Over the next few hours I made several more trips to the restroom, passing the sac and several (4-5) large blood clots. Probably 1/4 c big each or the sz of a ping pong ball. None of this was painful, just lots of annoying trips to the bathroom. During that time I took additional ibp pills but did not have any severe cramping. I was able to comfortably read and watch a movie. Within 2-4 hours of the blood starting in, the majority of the clots subsided and it seemed more like just a period.
I am so thankful I had a good experience with cytotec. I was prepped for way worse and it turned out to be a good outcome.
I had a follow up ultrasound today and the nurse said everything looked to be gone. I was so thankful for a positive report.
I would recommend cytotec based on my experience.

There are a few things I would try to prep before taking the pills...

I sent my 2 year old to my sister in laws so I could focus on nothing but this process.

Have someone with you. My husband was with me every step of the way. Even if it's just for moral support.

I made sure to eat something in the morning before taking the pills. I wasn't sure how my body would react with just the pills in my system.

I started the process in the a.m. (instead of at night) so I could follow everything that was happening. I was nervous to lose a lot of blood at night. The only thing you have to remember is to lay down for at least a 1/2 hour after inserting the pills.

Be prepped with pads and liquids.

Most importantly...pray. Allow God to get you through this process.

So many of your stories have been an encouragement to me. I hope I can add to someone else's success.

Anonymous said...

I think I read every single story here and I'm so sad we all had to go through this. I am struggling with the emotional aftermath and thought I'd share my experience too. I am 43 and had my first pregnancy in December, which quickly ended in miscarriage. I only had a few days that I knew I was pregnant and I'd lost the baby before the first ultrasound. It was traumatic and gory but made me realize how much I wanted a child and how in love I am.

I have just had my second miscarriage and this time it was rougher. I was thrilled to be pregnant but trying not to get too excited, because at my age the odds are over 30% that it would end badly. There was a gestational sac and a yolk sac at my first ultrasound, but no fetal pole at 6 weeks-not a good sign.

They scheduled another ultrasound for two weeks later and I was a wreck the whole time, worried sick about it. I took my partner with me to the second ultrasound because I wasn't sure I could handle bad news by myself. There was no embryo and I was painfully sad. My doc gave me the trio of choices and I decided to wait a bit. The miso cramps sounded really scary and painful.

For two more weeks I grieved and waited. There was no bleeding and I still felt pregnant but without a baby. That is a horrible feeling and made me extremely depressed. My GP put me on Wellbutrin immediately. When I had the third ultrasound, it showed no growth or diminishing, so my doc highly recommended the miso so that I wouldn't get an infection and so I could move on and try again.

I did the 800mg dose, vaginally, and it took about 5 hours to start the process. I also gratefully took the painkillers she prescribed (the max dose every 4 hours, starting when I had inserted the pills).

Passing the huge clots and the tissue was awful, but more gory and upsetting than painful. I could feel bad cramping even through the pain meds. I had to decide whether to take the 2nd round of miso pills, which was confusing. The doc said if I bled very heavily, then I wouldn't need to, but the bleeding seemed very light, despite passing the huge clots. I thought the cramps were worth putting up with to expel any tissue left, because I really don't want a D&C.

The pain kept me from sleeping so I watched a Breaking Bad marathon in bed pretty much all night. I passed two more large broken bits of greyish tissue that morning and afternoon and continued cramping.

A couple of smaller bits of tissue have come out over the last few days with light bleeding.

I have my final ultrasound tomorrow and hope it is all out and that my body can get back to normal, even though my depression is really tough. I cry day and night because I don't know if I will be lucky enough to have a child at 44 and for the loss of this child that was so wanted. It will be tough to try again and risk going through this again.

I also wanted to share a bit about what I think is helpful about going through this process, because I was so desperate for info and advice myself.

*I prepared my bed with layers of towels and a tray that had clean clothes and underwear, maxi pads, the pain medicine, and my computer for Netflix-watching

*try and eat and keep hydrated

*petting my cat helped keep me calm, talk to some friends who have been through a miscarriage, and have a loved one nearby in case there is a problem

*make sure you have a couple of days that you can just stay home and not drive anywhere

I didn't end up bleeding badly or having nausea, but it sounds like everyone has a different reaction to medicines. I didn't faint or feel too much pain, even though I am a huge wuss, so my experience wasn't as bad as I feared. The worst of it has been the sadness of it all. I hope that some people will find this useful or comforting. I feel for every single person who loses a baby, at any stage, and hope that good things are in store for everyone. Sending love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the post. I read your story as well as other stories in the comments and made myself ready for the wors, but it wasn't as bad as I had thought.
Yesterday I had my cytotec in the morning ... inserting the first 2 pills vaginally around 9:00 am ...after 2 hours I started some spotting and I felt chills ... But there was no cramping or heavy bleeding. As per the RE directions, if nothing major happens in 4 hours, I inserted the other 2 pills around 1:40pm, and within half an hour the real thing kicked off ...
I had some mild cramps (I never took any pain killers), and the bleeding and clots started gushing out ... the process needed about 4 to 5 hours , after which the bleeding started to be less intense and there were no more clots.
By night ... the bleeding was like a light-regular menstrual bleeding, and I had a good night sleep.
This morning I still have light bleeding, and tomorrow I'm praying that the U/S will show a complete miscarriage so that I don't need D/C.
I'm glad the experience wasn't as hard as expected ... and I do believe that it might be related to the gestational age, and probably the relatively low beta hcg levels I had.

Thanks for all the shared stories and for starting this thread. Good luck to all

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this blog and thank you for all of the comments. I found out yesterday that I had "missed" and was given a prescription for Cytotec and not many warnings or directions. After 6 hours in the Emergency Room because of pain so bad that I could not breath I have passed all of the tissue and fetus. I was told to take the 4 pills allow them to dissolve in my mouth and it will take a "couple hours" to start to work.... 45 minutes after taking the pills with Tylenol as directed the pain had begun. 4 hours later and a call to the on call OB/GYN I was on my way to the ER. The on call OB said she would talk with the doc that prescribed me TYLOENOL for the pain and also tell her that she should have been more direct with how much pain I was going to have. I explained to the doctor that I did what doctors hate the most and jumped on Google to see if what was happening was normal... She wasnt happy that I googled but she was happy that I came to the ER since I didnt know what was going on inside my body. While in the ER my water broke, I started to bleed and I passed the fetus, tissue and many clots. I had a whole medical team to get me through this with Morphine.
I am not a wimp when it comes to pain, but this pain was unbearable. I hope my comment helps another woman as all of the other comments helped me. Stay Strong Ladies.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm reviewing this several years after your original post, but I'm planning to take Misoprostol tonight for a missed miscarriage. Went in for my 8 week appointment, baby measured small and had a very slow heartbeat. Worst news. Not expecting bad news, I had my 4 year old son with, who, throughout the ultrasound, was discussing what to name the baby. One week later, went back in and there was no heartbeat. I started spotting about 5 days ago, but nothing major. Very nervous about going through this...and I've experienced the live birth of my son. There's something bizarre about making the choice to take a medicine that will have your baby (although the baby is no longer living) leave your body and the pain you'll go through.
I am so thankful for the 4 1/2 year old miracle of a little boy that I already have the pleasure of parenting. good luck to everyone and thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

I am starting mine tomorrow and have a lot of fear about it. Thank you for your post it gave me much information that I didn't get from the DR. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

This blog prepared me before taking cytotec so I wanted others to hear my experience.

First I was scared after reading this but prepared for the worst. My DR started me with 2 vaginal only.( I never took anything orally) I was told to start in the early morning. I did this after breakfast at about 8:15. I did take one Imodium pill( after all the talk about that). My Dr said if nothing stated by 12 pm I could take 2 more vaginally.I actually had a little spotting at that time and he said I could still go ahead with the other 2.A couple hrs later I did start to have cramping and back pain. It was getting pretty uncomfortable so I took one Percocet. That helped a great deal. I did have some small clots nothing big. Around 8:30 pm my cramps came back and decided to take another percocet. About an hr later I passed a size of fist clot and I think the sac.This did not hurt at all as I had the pain meds in my system. I did sleep well that night and have had period like bleeding since then( 2 days ago). I will be honest I had no nausea or vomiting and no diarrhea. I DO BELIEVE IF YOU DO THIS YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT PAIN MEDS ON HAND.When you start to feel a little pain take them. With the pain meds it didn't hurt at all.I was supposed to be 10 wks but my baby stopped growing at 6. I really didn't want to have a DNC so decided to try this as I was still experiencing severe nausea daily.I hope this helps someone else.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add to my post more about pain meds. When I saw others being sent home and told to only take tylenol. I personally Do NOT think this is enough. I tried 800 mg of motrin and it didn't touch it. The only thing that worked was percocet. I would not want anyone to go through this with not the right pain medication. I would talk to DR and make sure they prescribe you something strong so you won't feel anything.

Anonymous said...

I just used Cytotec last night, after having a "missed abortion" miscarriage via ultrasound 3 weeks ago. My HCG levels continued to rise, apparently my sac was very happy in. I have had a natural miscarriage 3 years ago, With no need for any medical intervention. And when I was in labor with my daughter a year later, I actually said "I'm having a miscarriage." It is so painful, emotionally obviously, but physically. But this with Cytotec with awful. I cramped SO bad, stomach and back & even though I have prescription pain medication they didn't do anything because I kept vomiting, projectile like. It was awful. If I have to experience the loss of an unborn child, God for bid, every again, I will probably elect for a D&C if I need medical assistance. However, I wanted to tell you your blog brought satisfaction in knowing the symptoms and thoughts are shared by others. I felt like I was being dramatic and a little over the top, but your blog was almost word for work how I feel it goes! Thank you and I hope you have had success since you started this blog.

Grace Loo said...

Thank you so much for sharing all the experiences here. I had 3 consecutive miscarriage where i had D&C for the first 2 unwillingly due to pressure from the Doctor. For the third mc i finally decided to remove it naturally and i would say i felt cheated after i go through it naturally. Anyway it's part and parcel of life and i hope there will be more doctors that take care of peoples health instead of money earning attitude.

I was 8 week pregnant but the embroy stop growing at 6W2D. Found out that i had blighted ovum this round. The first 2 mc, the embroy lost the heart beat by 7 weeks. To date, we couldn't detect any reason for it.

So this is my journey. I took 3 Cytotec at 2 pm and i drink lots of water and walk around my house as per the bloggers advise. I felt uncomfortable coldness after 15 minutes. By 2.45 I had my first diarrhea. I started to bleed by 3.45. I took second batch of 3 Cyctotec at 5 pm. Again i felt the uncomfortable coldness even I'm with my long sleeves shirt, long pants and socks. By 5.45 I laid on the bed under blanket. I can feel my body r temperature increase drastically. It went up straight to 100.1. I can see clogged blood on the pad. I took 2 panadol at 6.15. Rest on the bed and by 6.45 I can see the sac is out with other clogged blood. I took the pain killer even it's not painful to prepare for the worst. By 8 i feel much better even the fever is still there. I had diarrhea from the beginning till 11.30 up to seven time before i went to sleep. I don't bleed like others where they can soak their pad by 15 min-1 hours. It's just like my normal heavy flow day except with extra clogged blood. The next day I'm just having normal menses. Today is the ninth day after my miscarriage. Went for check up this morning and everything is cleared. Lining is nice too. I still have some brown spotting to date but i'm sure i bleed lesser than my previous D&C. For all these it cost me less than USD20 where the surgery is around USD 1200.

Please don't lose hope for those who are reading this. I bet you made lots of wish for your baby when you got pregnant. God is answering your prayer as He knews this is not a healthy or good child for you. Sometimes God answer our prayer with No. Be happy, move on with your life and when the time is right we will be given the best. Hang on there mummies, mummies to be and myself :)

Grace said...

Thank you so much for sharing all the experiences here. I had 3 consecutive miscarriage where i had D&C for the first 2 unwillingly due to pressure from the Doctor. For the third mc i finally decided to remove it naturally and i would say i felt cheated after i go through it naturally. Anyway it's part and parcel of life and i hope there will be more doctors that take care of peoples health instead of money earning attitude.

I was 8 week pregnant but the embroy stop growing at 6W2D. Found out that i had blighted ovum this round. The first 2 mc, the embroy lost the heart beat by 7 weeks. To date, we couldn't detect any reason for it.

So this is my journey. I took 3 Cytotec at 2 pm and i drink lots of water and walk around my house as per the bloggers advise. I felt uncomfortable coldness after 15 minutes. By 2.45 I had my first diarrhea. I started to bleed by 3.45. I took second batch of 3 Cyctotec at 5 pm. Again i felt the uncomfortable coldness even I'm with my long sleeves shirt, long pants and socks. By 5.45 I laid on the bed under blanket. I can feel my body r temperature increase drastically. It went up straight to 100.1. I can see clogged blood on the pad. I took 2 panadol at 6.15. Rest on the bed and by 6.45 I can see the sac is out with other clogged blood. I took the pain killer even it's not painful to prepare for the worst. By 8 i feel much better even the fever is still there. I had diarrhea from the beginning till 11.30 up to seven time before i went to sleep. I don't bleed like others where they can soak their pad by 15 min-1 hours. It's just like my normal heavy flow day except with extra clogged blood. The next day I'm just having normal menses. Today is the ninth day after my miscarriage. Went for check up this morning and everything is cleared. Lining is nice too. I still have some brown spotting to date but i'm sure i bleed lesser than my previous D&C. For all these it cost me less than USD20 where the surgery is around USD 1200.

Please don't lose hope for those who are reading this. I bet you made lots of wish for your baby when you got pregnant. God is answering your prayer as He knews this is not a healthy or good child for you. Sometimes God answer our prayer with No. Be happy, move on with your life and when the time is right we will be given the best. Hang on there mummies, mummies to be and myself :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this blog. It provided me with some excellent info and comfort as I sat waiting for my prescription to be filled.
I am currently suffering from my second loss in four months, my first MC was complete body took care of very efficiently and I had stopped bleeding by Day 10. My cycle returned two weeks after. (I was 8 weeks pregnant)
This time, although there was no HB detected on the ultra sound at 6weeks, and I had cramping and some discharge, the 'show' never got going on its own. My doctor prescribed Cytotec and within 1/2 hr of two tablets under my tongue I was cramping terribly and began passing many clots. I took my prescribed pain pills (Tylenol 3) and kept moving. I am hoping after the third dose, everything will be gone.
Thank you again for the support, I was scared to death what this drug was going to do to me...after reading all these comments, I am reassured and don't feel so scared or alone.

~Have the courage to have faith~

Anonymous said...

I took the Misoprostol Monday evening. By 11:30 that night the cramping began. I was up all night just sitting on the toilet cuz the pain got worse if I tried to get up. At 8:30 the next morning I felt something very large come out and the pain associated with it makes me believe it was my sac. This was my first pregnancy and I am scared to try again because I don't want to go through the emotional pain of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I came across this. I haven't found too many "positive" experiences and really didn't want to take it.

I went in at 11 weeks and found out the baby stopped growing at 6. My hCG was ridiculously high and only dropped minimally so they wanted me to wait another week for a follow up ultrasound. By then my body had absorbed the fetal pole but I didn't have any signs I'd expel anything on my own. I couldn't have a D&C for another 3 days and that felt like an eternity.

I opted for the meds because they told me I would likely be completely done bleeding by the end of the weekend. I had them inserted at 11:30 and by 1:30 I had passed a good-sized clot. My cramping has gotten much worse and it's nothing I can't handle, but I haven't had any more bleeding. I really don't want to have to take the second dose tonight, so we will see what happens in the next few hours.

Anonymous said...

can cytotec cause Amenorrhea for 3months now. please if yes. what can i do to return my menstruation.

Anonymous said...

I am starting mine tomorrow and have a lot of fear about it. Hope God Bless Me!

Meg Carlson said...

I thought this would be the happiest Christmas of my life. At 8 weeks and 3 days, an ultrasound showed the baby had died at 7 weeks 3 days. Ultrasound scheduled for 9 weeks 3 days. Brownish discharge yesterday, so Dr prescribed these pills. I inserted 4 pills Saturday at noon, and had strong cramping at 5 pm with a significant amount of blood in the toiled, but not much else since then. Around 8 am Sunday (today), Dr. instructed me to take a second dose, and I noticed a mass above my cervix when I put the pills in. I didn't want to disturb the meds, so I will wait until later to investigate. Nothing more has happened. Terrified that the ultrasound tomorrow will reveal the need for d+c. Miscarriage in July at 6 weeks was natural and over in one long day. Thanking the universe for my three year old and feeling enormous amount of empathy for women all over the world who have suffered lost pregnancies. Will update anything significant and am thinking of writing more, publishing. There are so many of us, why do we need to search for this information?

MC, Maine December 15, 2013

Meg Carlson said...

Just to update on my comment. 5 hours after second treatment, I felt around and realized the mass I had felt was stuck in my cervix, and i could not pull it out. my dr sent me to er where they finally check and pulled out one very large and creepy looking thing. ultrasound showed that was all of it, only blood remained. three days later i am still bleeding some. i guess i would use this drug again, but i pray i never ever have to. I am so sorry to everyone reading this blog.
every time i try to act normally i feel awful physically after a few hours and then feel awful emotionally. I am having a really hard time with this. supposed to go to a Christmas party on saturday, havent seen anyone in over a week. cousins wife pregnant with 4 child. sis in law preg. i dont think i can do it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Here is my story: This was my second pregnancy. We have a healthy, happy 2 1/2 year old girl. We were extremely excited to announce that we were having another baby! I started to bleed a minimal amount after intercourse when I was around 9 weeks. After talking to family/friends, and of course googling it, they all assured me that it was normal to spot during early pregnancy. My husband is a worrier, so I called the OB office to see if they wanted to see me, just to be on the safe side. They asked me to come in for an ultrasound, which I did and found that there was a gestational sac but no yolk sac or fetal pole. It was devastating. So my doctor gave me the option of D&C, wait to see if it will happen naturally, or cytotec. I chose to go with the cytotec. I took 4 200mg vaginally, at 8:40am. It was hard for me emotionally, even though I knew that my baby was gone long ago. It is now 10:50 and I am experiencing mild cramping in my abdomen, but haven't taken any pain meds yet. I really hope this works because I would like to avoid surgery if possible. But I am home alone because my husband has to work and that in itself is kind of scary, but I can do this. I will update later on the progress and the outcome.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for this blog and the additional comments, as it is comforting to read of others' experience and feel less alone (and have a better idea of what to expect)!

This is my second miscarriage, and my first time trying medical management (first time it passed naturally before I could have a d&c - it lasted several days and was terribly painful). Inserting the misoprostol tabs was physically painful for me, and I finally had to use lube to help push it in. It has been about five hours, and I am just starting to pass a few big clots. I have nausea and terrible gas, and will be grateful when this is over. My doctor prescribed pain meds and it is so much less painful than passing naturally was without them (though I still have hours ahead).

I am relieved that no one on this site seems to have experienced uterine rupture as that has been a fear of mine. Good luck to all in future pregnancies...

Em said...

I wanted to post an update... For context, this is my 2nd miscarriage. Both times, baby developed to around 6 weeks, and we found out around week 10 that it died. 1st time, I passed naturally before d&c could occur. This time, i opted for medical mngmt, hoping it would be faster. Dr prescribed 4 tabs to be inserted vaginally. I did as instructed, and had nausea, terrible gas, and cramping around 6-8 hrs later. Some blood clots passed but not much worse than a light period. Now, 24 hrs later I still havent passed the sac or as much blood as I did last time when it happened naturally. I am thinking misoprostol may not have worked for me and a d&c may become necessary after all but i guess we will see... Just want this to be over...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. This has been a very interesting, helpful, and comforting site. I wonder how many one should take, how often, and how it's taken (orally or otherwise). Your inputs are very much appreciated.
I took 3 miso on my first day; 6 on the 2nd day.. how long should this be taken? How many days? Bit confused.
Thanks for your help and advise.

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Mary Asmaay said...

I had to take medicine to say goodbye to my baby I have been carrying my dead baby for 3 weeks. The heart stopped beating. :(What a wonderful Valentines right :'( 3rd loss in less then a year. The other 2 happened naturally. So cold and cramps intensifying. Time to take pain meds soon if it gets worse. Instead of announcing today this is happening. Would've been 9wks Sunday, baby must have passed right after we saw heartbeat flickering away at 6wks1day. Emotionally numb.

I took it at 7pm mild harmless cramps immediately, 2hrs later period like cramping 3-4hrs later horrible cramping took ibuprofen 30 minutes later I stood up and whooosh grabbed something to catch stuff and went to the bathroom then after done peeing plop either clot or baby, haven't looked at it too much to find it but saved it anyways. Stood up blood running down my legs and dripping all over I didn't have a chance to change clothes and clean up for 30 minutes just trying to catch it, I even held a big chunk of paper in between my legs and it got drenched in 3 minutes. Started out cold and shaking and now I'm burning up. This is my 3rd miscarriage in less then a year, the other 2 losses were natural though. Emotionally I'm broken, physically I'm drained.

Anonymous said...


I too am on hour 12 of cytotec. I had severe cramping and some bursts of blood at the beginning, but sadly no clots and less blood as the evening progresses. I am worried that I will have to take the second dose. This medication definitely sped up the process but hasn't quiet been effective yet.
I too had a very hard time administering it emotionally. Although I knew my baby was gone (this is my second pregnancy, first miscarriage) I couldn't help but feel like I was getting rid of it. I can't tell you how sad and alone these last few hours have been. Thanks you so much for sharing your blog, it makes me feel less alone throughout this sad process.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys but I was given 10 tablets of cytotec and another 10 tablets to induce labor. I was told not to eat for 8 hours before taking 2 cytotec and 3 for labor. Then I have to wait for 3 hours to put 2 cytotec inside my vagina and the same time take 2 cytotec and 3 tablets for labor. Then another 2 tablets of each to be taken after another 4 hours. Then the last tablets is to be taken after 2 hours. I'm afraid because I'm going to do this alone and I might over dose, because after reading your posts I have the most number of tablets to be taken.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your informative post, and all the gorey details. I just found out I have a blighted ovum with missed miscarriage. I have never had a miscarriage before so I had no idea what to expect, so that is helpful. Still not sure if I want to induce or wait. Seems like a nightmare to wait for three weeks and still have nothing happen. I still am showing no signs of a natural miscarriage...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for everyone's losses. I wish there was more info on what to expect when choosing to miscarry this way. Also, what it's like during the days following. This is my 5th miscarriage. I've had a d&c, d&e, and 2 natural spontaneous miscarriages. This time, I found out at a 8 week ultrasound (after seeing a heartbeat at 6 weeks)that my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, 3 heartbeat. Honestly, having a d&c would have been my first choice. But, I chose the misoprostol mainly because I didn't want to inconvenience anyone. The doctor prescribed 800mg orally for the first dose, then to repeat the same dose 24hours later. The first dose only caused minor cramping and very little bleeding. 24hours later, I took the 2nd dose at 7:30pm. Not long after I didn't feel right so I went to lay down. Soon after I felt contractions. I felt like I was going to be sick. I regretted in that instant not doing the d&c. The contractions were painful even though I took the prescribed Motrin. I don't think the Motrin helped at all. I passed the pregnancy around 11pm. I knew what to look for, the tissue is greyish. I thought the cramping and contractions and bleeding would slow down after that but they didn't. I was in pain most of the night but was finally able to get some sleep around 3am. The next day I woke up feeling GREAT. I took a motrin and the bleeding wasn't bad. I told my husband that I felt good enough to go shopping. This was a mistake. (I recommend that anyone who is going to have a miscarriage this way, rest for a few days.) Halfway through the store I got really achy and crampy. Bleeding picked up. I felt that way for the rest of the day. I feel even worse today. Bloated, and pressure along with cramping and moderate bleeding. I just want this over with. I regret not doing the d&c. I hope I'm never faced with another miscarriage, but if I were, I don't think I'd take the Misoprostol again.

Maria said...

I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Cytotec. I was very fearful to go through with the whole process, especially after reading a lot of the comments on here. Kind of wish I hadn't, but I wanted to prepare for the worst. Anyway, I took 800mg vaginally and started bleeding about 4 hours later(Lots of clotting- got up to the size of a golf ball) I had not one cramp, just bleeding for about 2 weeks straight. The first week was mostly clotting. The following week was almost like a normal period, then a few days of old(brown)blood. Sorry for all of the details, I just want others to know what they can expect. I still need to have an ultrasound to see if everything actually passed, because I was only about 4 weeks pregnant. The few pregnancy tests I've taken are coming back negative. Anyway, I just wanted anyone who felt like I did to know that it can go either way. I have heard that Cytotec can cause the most painful cramping you've ever experienced or you can end up like me who didn't feel any pain whatsoever. Going through the whole ordeal was really draining emotionally and physically, but just know that you are strong enough to get through it.

Joy said...

Hello Abbie ...i just read your blog after i used cytotec ...i think im about 1 month pregnant and what i've noticed this past hours were just smudges of blood and no large amount of clots ,is this normal or okay ? i mean should this be the result?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Abbie for the blog. It helped me to understand what to expect from Misoprostol. Our baby stopped growing at 7w4d after seeing the HB at 6w4d (this is our 3rd mc). Waited for 2 weeks to see if it happens naturally so my OB recommended me to take the medication to start the process. Today is the 2nd day and I think I passed all of it but still bleeding and occasional cramping. Didn't have to take the 2nd dose. Good luck with everyone who is planning to take this in future (really pray that no one has to go through this).

Anonymous said...

I know this was originally posted so long ago. I just wanted to say that I've found comfort in all of the posts on this board. I just took cytotec vaginally about 3hrs ago for a missed miscarriage. Our 10 wk appt showed that the baby stopped growing just shy of 6wks but my body never let me know. This is my fourth pregnancy and third miscarriage (my first two pregnancies were miscarriages and my third resulted in a beautiful little boy). I don't have much cramping or any bleeding yet, but I did spike a fever with the worst chills of my life. I literally couldn't stop my whole body from shaking. I hope this is all over soon. Big hugs for all of the other women who have shared their stories on here.

Anonymous said...

Where can i buy genuine meds? I needed it badly...plz help me im in trouble..

Becky St. Clair said...

Wow, this was posted a long time ago. I'm still in the "what do I do now?" stage, having found out about 24 hours ago that the fetus had no heartbeat. I have a prescription waiting for me at the pharmacy if I want to go the med route, but I'm so scared by the stories I'm reading I'm going to wait it out for a while before picking them up. Thanks for sharing so openly. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I would have been 12 weeks pregnant this week. Unfortunately, this past weekend I was spotting and no cramping. I called my obgyn and she said it was fine/normal unless I started "actively" bleeding or cramping. This reassured me but after the third day of spotting, my husband and I decided to go to the ER to make sure I was good enough to work the next day (Monday). At the ER, they drew my blood and did an ultrasound. When the DR. came out he said I was about 8 weeks and that they had a hard time seeing a fetal pole. He said it was probably due to being early. Well, I obviously was baffled and told him I was shy of being 12 weeks and we had already seen the heartbeat with my obgyn. His facial expression changed and said "oh, well then you might already miscarried the fetus". From there I wanted to stay positive and wanted to believe that they just had a hard time finding the baby. But deep down I knew. The next day I went with my doctor and she confirmed that there was no fetal pole; baby had most likely stopped growing at 8 weeks. So i didn't know my baby was gone for 3 weeks. Yesterday I took the misoprostol and after an hour and a half i started cramping and bleeding heavily. Lots of blood clots and I think I passed the placenta with an umbilical cord looking thing attached to it. Luckily, I didn't see the baby as the dr. said it most likely gets dissolved or absorbed by the body. I think seeing my baby in a toiled would have been devastating. Today Wednesday, I am supposed to take the second dose but since I already passed many clots and placenta I need to ask my dr if I should still take the next dose. Right now, I feel ok, i have accepted my baby's fate but don't want to think about going through this again. This was my first miscarriage and I dont know some women go through this multiple times. Initially after learning what had happened I felt sad and depressed. Then i felt anger. Anger as to why this happened to me and my baby. Anger because many undeserving women get these precious babies that they do not care after (I feel guilty having thought this). Now, I have accepted God's plan and realized that everything happens for a reason. Just have to believe everything will be ok.Luckily, my husband has been really helpful and understanding. We all deserve this kind of love and support during these difficult times.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you still get these comments but I just had to. I very much appreciate your post, it touched me deeply and it will be very helpful to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading most of the comments and I would like to extend my apologies to the pain and loss you all felt during such a tough time. I have to admit that reading your comments helped me a lot when sometimes you feel you're the only person going through this in the world!

I am a 30 year old Muslim living in an Arab country, where pre-marital sex and abortion (for obvious reasons) is frowned upon. I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant when I missed my period and felt that something was terribly wrong with my body.

The day I went to see my doctor he told me that the sac didn't look healthy and a probability of a miscarriage will happen, this was two weeks ago and the sac is still in my uterus but with no signs of growth.

He prescribed Cytotec as opposed to going through surgery because he wants me to avoid the 'trauma' that comes with the process. I wanted to get it over with and move on but agreed to this option.

I have to admit that some comments scared me especially that I am alone and thankfully I moved out of my parent's house so they wont be able to tell that something is severely wrong with me. The 'father' is an ex and he is on an assignment abroad and not here to help or support physically, which is even scarier but I do have my girlfriends to support as much as they can.

I took 4 doses of Cytotec in my vagina at 6.15 PM, 2 more at 9.15 PM and 2 more at 12AM. So far I only feel tired and bloated and nothing but the basic brown discharge i've been having for the past two weeks.

I am not sure what to expect or when, I am just worried the cramps start while Im at work. My doctor said if by Thrusday (after tomorrow) the sac is still there he will operate.

Wish me luck, I'm a bit worried but hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your info on what to expect. I was what I thought 9 weeks but started spotting and cramping and went for an U/S and found that there was only a yolk sac. I contiued to bleed for 4 days and on the 5th I am going to take the Cytotec. I sounds so scary what all happens but now that I know what to expect I think I will be able to make it thru this difficult time.
Thanks again and God bless all women who have to go thru this terrible ordeal.

Anonymous said...

Hi abbie hope ur still reading this post...
Abbie please help me.. I took cytotec last week its been 8 days and I can still pass some clots.. is it normal? Anyone pls help me.. and I can feel some cramps from time to time. What is the best thing to do...thank u

moon said...

I am 5 weeks pregnant. I tried the cytotec last week but didn't work. I am giving it another trial today before i go for a surgery. I hope it will work this time. last time I used it like 1 under tongue and one deep inside vagina each hour for 3 hours. I got only diarrhea and little fever than no cramps, no bleeding nothing. this time I was instructed to use it like 2 under tongue, 1 inside vagina every hour for hours. When I read your post it is like you used it differently. so I decided To use my own way, I decided to put 3 tablets in vagina and 3 under tongue the first hour, then under tongue one in vagina for the next 2 hours. it is 9:15 pm now. I will keep posting to be encourged

moon said...

again cytotec didn't work for me it seems i am going to do a surgery please for me ladies

Anonymous said...

Thank you Abbie, and to all those who have shared their stories. It has taken me a while, but I wanted to share my experience. I'm sure it will help me with closure.

October 2013, I went to my OB/GYN for my 8 week appt. My doctor used an internal sonogram for early pregnancy. After asking again when my last period was, he had me worried - as I saw a blank look on his face. I knew something was wrong… I knew exactly when my last period was and when we tried for a baby.

My doctor wanted me to be checked at the specialist across the way, claiming that the machines in his office were old and that he wanted to check for viability. I knew then, but we went anyway and yes, no heartbeat.

We decided on Cytotec/Misoprostol over waiting for a spontaneous miscarriage or surgery. I did wait for two weeks for something to happen on its own, but I was just stressing myself out and was probably in a bit of denial. While I can't remember the exact dosage, I inserted the pills in vaginally at around 10pm after much hesitation. I also took a normal dose of Advil.

I stayed in bed and watched TV to ease my mind. An hour later I had light cramping. I was sleepy but my husband had ordered a pizza and brought some up to I ate, thinking I may not want to eat later/in the morning. I drained my bladder around midnight and had light bleeding. At around 1am I took the pain meds. I did not log whether I was actually in pain, but I'm going to guess I was anticipating it. I had light bleeding (used sanitary pads) and around 6am I was up again to urinate. I had lots of blood and passed what felt like a large clot. I only kept a small light on. I didn't want to see anything, even if it just looked like a glob of blood. I'm going to guess it was the size of a golf ball. I will never forget it. I had light cramping but relatively no pain. Not sure if it was because of the painkillers or not. Maybe there was no pain. At 7am I had what was similar to normal period blood. At 8:30am I passed another large clot and it was just a uncomfortable as the first. Not pain, but was just a weird feeling to pass something like that. I took pain meds again - not sure if I was in pain (I didn't log it) or I was in fear of it. At 8:45 there was one more large clot. Again, I never looked. My natural curiosity of the science of things didn't interest me in this case. Otherwise I'd not be bothered by blood, etc. I just didn't want to have the picture of anything in my brain. I was active that day, so more bleeding due to gravity.

I bled for at least a week after that, like a normal period but dragged out a little longer than usual. I did have light cramps and some back pressure but that was about it. The first 12 hours seem to be the most activity and then just bleeding.

Thank you again for all of your stories. Up until the day I inserted the pills, I read each and every one of your entries. And today, I read through a few and felt for those of you experiencing what we all have… A big hug to each of you.

***On a side note, I am seeing a lot of people looking for advice, which I did not see before. This is not the place for medical advice. Please seek medical help from a trained professional and please be sensitive to the women before and after you who have shared with us. I hope you safely find the medical attention you so deserve. Maybe would be able to help you in your search. Best of luck to all for a better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. At 10 weeks I found out that my baby had no heartbeat and was measuring only 8 wks 1day. I was heartbroken and confused. I wanted to hope it had been a mistake. Another ultrasound a week later confirmed there had been no growth and still no heartbeat. My hope was gone, but I didn't know what to do still. After a lot of research and prayer with my husband, we felt ready for the medication to help my body pass the baby and end my pregnancy (since the symptoms of morning sickness were still present and a constant reminder of the baby that I carried that would never be born). It was a very emotional and difficult time. At week 12, my baby had been dead for 4 weeks and we were ready to not be pregnant any more. I was terrified of the medication and didn't know what to expect. This post and the comments that followed helped me to know what to expect each step of the way and it was very reassuring. Thank you for helping me through this emotional process.

Kim said...

Thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry for your loss. I really appreciate you leaving this up to help others. It has really helped me prepare. I'm 10w 1d and it's been 3w 5d since I was told I was going to lose my baby. Two weeks ago I was told I have a blighted ovum and that I should pass the baby any day. My HCG is still increasing but weekly ultrasounds show growth is slowing down. Three weeks ago I measured 5w1 & last week I measured 5w3d. My midwife & I have decided to try acupuncture first to try to induce my miscarriage. But if not I will need to be admitted to the hospital & given cyclotec. (The hospital admission is a precaution due to my medication allergies, autoimmune disease, & IBS.) Blessings to you and your family!

trying to conceive said...

I went in for an ultrasound at week 7 last Monday and was shocked when the Dr told me that there is only an empty sac and a yolk sac, and no fetal pole and or heartbeat. Dr then asked me to stop taking all pre-natal meds and see if I will start bleeding on my own. Unfortunately, didn't work. So I went back this Monday.

Dr again did ultrasound to double confirm. He said that I did have a blighted ovum (empty sac) and so prescribed me with Cytotec to speed up the process.

I inserted on Monday after dinner, at 8:10 p.m. Bleeding started at 9:30 p.m. and by the time at 2:00 a.m. I saw something as to what I though was a sac, so called my hubby who is a dr. He had a look at it, poked it with a toothpick, and said that it is just blood clots.

Then I inserted another 2 tablets vaginally yesterday after getting up. Thinking all is well, I went to the hair salon, and as I left, I felt a lot of clots coming out. Then felt that my pants is very wet. Then touched the back of my pants, which was all blood. Luckily, my hubby went to pick me up. He told me to go straight into the car. I sat cannot, as the blood will soak through the leather. He then took some newspapers from the back of the trunk and put on my seat. I complained to him that I was feeling very dizzy too. He said to go home first, then see how much blood. I seriously thought that I was going to die.

As I got out of the car, my hubby was very shocked to see the amount of blood on the newspaper. He asked me to go into restroom and check. I discovered that I soaked through the whole panty too. I tried calling Dr's clinic, but then nobody picked up. My hubby said maybe can wait for a few hours and see. I called my mom, she said no, must go by then, as my life might be at stake. Before I went, my hubby took my blood pressure, he said that it is slightly high, though my heartbeat was normal. Then asked me to drink down 1 cup of Milo which would help with the dizziness. Then my mom called and said she would go with us. As I arrived at the clinic, Dr was paged to the Labour ward for an emergency delivery, which took about 40 minutes. Then while waiting, I went to the restroom to change another pad. When I went back, my hubby said that it was already my turn.

I didn't have to wait long before Dr Loh saw me. He immediately did an ultrasound, and said that everything is out, no bursting of blood vessels luckily as otherwise have to do d and c immediately, just left with blood clots and a mild infection, so prescribed me with antibiotics for 5 days. And to see him again next Mon or Tue, to make sure that I am in the all clear. I asked Dr if my empty sac this time can be to do with my negative blocking antibodies and he said that it is likely. However, no point for me to do blood tests now- the antiphasoid (wrong spelling?) and Lupus as the hormones won't drop down so quickly.

The dr did not let me do a d & c this time since I already did one before when I miscarried at 8 weeks in around end of Jan 2012, when the fetus underdeveloped by 2 weeks, and was dead in me for 1 week, with no more heartbeat. I slept through the night, but woke up the next morning with excruciating pains and a fever, and was admitted into hospital, and kept on asking the nurse to give me more painkillers, even though the dosage already exceeded, as was in so much pain that night that could not sleep until 4 a.m.

I think that if I am to use the Cytotec again next time, I will be extremely cautious.

Anonymous said...

These comments where very hepful my experience wad not so easy. I was instructed by my dctr to insert three pills vaginally at the same as far as i could get them. The first hour not so bad cramping but plenty of nausea as the night went on very intense cramping and plenty of bleeding. About four hours and five pads later i had passed my sac this was by far one of the hardest experiences ive had to go thru. Its now three days later im still bleeding and cramping. This is a very emotional experience but i think it only makes us stronger.

Anonymous said...

can i bought the pill over the counter without any prescription?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I need it badly please help me....

Tara said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, now so long ago. I need to take misoprostol tomorrow because of a missed miscarriage and was trying to find some information about it.

Praying for your little Max, Olivia and your family still on earth tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thankful that I have come across this blog.I've been looking for some help. I am 6 weeks pregnant and it stops growing. I've been prescribed to took 2 kinds of pills. Mifepristone and misoprostol. Is it more effective to take the two pill? Is the pain gets even worse if I took 2 kinds of pills?
For those who tried taking the two pills please share your experience.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, helped me to face mine starting out positive. This was my first pregnancy and miscarriage at 8 weeks and a day.I'm 28.
My husband inserted five diamond shaped pills vaginally on Friday night at 11.30 pm.Previously I ate dinner by 10.30 pm and took one Advil pill right after it.
As per my Docs instruction I lied down for two hours after insertion of pills.My cramping started off by 1.30 pm , very mild.At 3.00 pm however it was another story entirelyThe cramps got terrible, I was unable to lie in bed so I paced up and down the room.Checked my pad and there was some spotting.I began crawling on the floor.Went to the toilet and had a bout of diarrhoea. I tried lying in bed again but around 4.00pm I felt a gush of water and check my pad (overnight size) to find it soaking wet with blood and water.I went to the toilet and passed some clots.When I tried to get up and return to bed I almost blacked out and called out to hubby for help.I asked him to give me another advil which I downed with some fruit juice all the while cramping in pain.Within minutes of taking the Advil I felt a sense of relief and fell asleep after changing pads.I woke up at 8 am to a very soaked pad and what I can only believe was the fetus on the pad.I wasn't able to discern much but that was tge largest tissue I passed since .I wasn't cramping anymore.O returned to bed and had breakfast later at 11.30 am.All seemed to have ended quickly and the bleeding was minimal the rest of Sat and Sun with very mild cramping.Come Monday however and the cramping got worst, I passed some more smaller pieces of tissue and few blood clots.I had to take an Advil to control cramping pain for Monday evening as it was getting worse.Tuesday I experienced mild to moderate cramping and bleeding, did not use a pain killer and had my Docs appt.for ultrasound in the evening. She said to my utter relief that most of the uterus looks empty with still a bit of placental tissue and blood clots remaining.This she said should find its way out through the bleeding.I have just returned from that appointment and truly happy that I won't have to go thru d and c.Hope all goes well from here on.May God be with us all as we go through these hard times and may we all be blessed with our sunshine soon.

Anonymous said...

This blog so helpful when I was deciding what to do once my fetus that should've been weeks stopped growing at five, that I wanted to share my story. Mine is unfortunately one of the 'horror' stories.

I had already started bleeding so my dr thought I would be a good candidate for the drug. Took it at vaginally at 3pm along with a Percocet. Started bleeding at 5 and bleed very heavily until 11pm. I passed 20 enormous clots and actually thought myself fortunate since I didn't have any pain and it appeared to be working. At 11pm I threw up, took another Percocet (had also taken another at 6pm) and went to sleep. At 12:45 I woke up to go to the bathroom and my husband said I passed out face first onto the ground. He revived me however I passed out again and at 1am I was in my way to the hospital in an ambulance, alone as my husband stayed home with our 2yr old daughter.

I thew up again in the ambulance and arrived at the hospital shaking and going into shock. I immediately needed an IV as my blood pressure was so low. I stayed in the ER from 1-10am, found out there were still clots and the sac inside and needed to have the d&c anyway. I was on totem anesthesia and only felt minor discomfort after for which I used over the counter ibuprofen. I was home by 3pm.

It's 9pm now and after reflecting on everything that has happened I can't believe I tried this at home and listened to my dr. With all of the stories of immense pain, bleeding and fainting, compared to a minor surgical procedure with less than a 1 percent failure rate, I shouldn't have been more scared of the procedure than all of the horror stories I'd read with the drug. God forbid I ever have to go through this again I will immediately request the d&c.

I remain hopefully that I will get pregnant in the future. Only 5 percent of women miscarry twice in a row, less than 1 percent three times of more in a row. These are great numbers and we all should remain hopeful in this trying time. I am so sorry for everyone's losses (which ironically only two of the many nurses and doctors I saw in the hospital said to me) and wish everyone the best of luck for successful and healthy pregnancies!

Anonymous said...

I found out at 10 wks after going to hospital with light bleeding that my baby had stopped growing at 6.5 wks and no heartbeat. Waited 2 wks and had period like bleeding every day. Went back for scan everything was still there so decided to take cytotec. Was told it might take a few hours or few days. Took 2 orally at 3 pm and started cramping straight away. Took another 2 at 6 and the next 2 hours were awful. Had such bad pain, nausea and i passed so much - big liver like pieces and smaller clots. The sac came out then, bigger than a golf ball and full of fluid. I found it all very traumatic and didnt expect it to be that bad. Had very heavy bleeding all the time too. It eased off that nite and i was afraid to take my last dose so i didnt. 2"days later am bleeding quite heavy with a few little clots. I hope i am near the end of it now. I made the mistake of taking them when i was at home with 2 kids and my partner working. I didnt expect it to happen so fast. If u are planning to take these have someone with u, have heavy soaking pads, prescription painkillers and i found drinking lucozade great for blood sugar. Its not a nice experience and i wouldnt wish it on anyone.

Leah Feist said...

I have a TMI Question...

I'm about to vaginally insert the first set of 4 pills when i get off of work today. The directions on mine says insert 4 more in 6 hrs. How are you supposed to do that if you are bleeding out?

Carol said...

At 8wks i was diagnosed with a blighted ovum, a week later it was confirmed and i was given cytotec vaginally to induce a miscarriage. The dr placed the tablets and cramping started about 3 hrs later. I've never had bad menstral cramps and even though i bled profusely for some 7 hrs, the pain was uncomfortable at most. I had a heavy period like flow for the next couple of days until my follow-up appt.
At my follow-up, the u/s showed that the sac had passed but the lining was still too thick. I chose to do a second dose of cytotec, vaginally. Again, about 4 hrs later, increased bleeding and mild cramping that lasted about 6 hrs, but deep down, i feared it wasnt enough. My dr's office doesnt do more than two doses of cytotec. My follow-up a few days later confirmed my fears, i needed a d&c.
So, the morning of my d&c, my bleeding picked up and i had some mild cramps and passed some clots. I placed a fresh pad in my undies and headed to the hospital. During the 20 min drive i felt myself pass clot after clot. When i got out of the car, the seat was bloody. I walked into the lobby, checked in, and dared not sit. I felt a huge clot trying to pass. I told my hubs i needed to go to the bathroom and waddled to the restroom about 30 ft away. By the time i sat on the toilet, i passed a monster clot the size of a baseball, soaked the pad, my undies, my pants, had blood running down my legs, on my sock and shoes, and on the floor. I also left a small trail of blood from the lobby to the restroom. My husband alerted some nurses and they came to the restroom to check on me. They brought a stretcher to the restroom and wheeled me into pre-op. The dr and i had a laugh about me probably passing what he was about scrap out. Murphy's law i suppose. The surgery went as planned, my poor hubby ran home to get me fresh clothes. Love him. Went home and slept all afternoon.
Next time? D&C, all the way. Just get it over with. I went thru three agonizing weeks, missed several days of work, worried my husband, and mentally tortured myself. Please, never again.
The cytotec probably didnt work that well for me because my uterus doesn't cramp/contract hard enough

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read experiences of taking Cytotec for miscarriage. I am experiencing my first miscarriage now and was prescribed Cytotec two days ago. I was instructed to take 3pills every 8 hours for 4 doses orally. I took my last dose last night @ 7:30p and it is now 5:30a and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. -__- I'm a little flustered b/c I have already missed one day from work & I'm thinking about missing today from work because I'm scared of going through such a painful process outside the comfort of my own home. I've only had small & medium sized clots, none have been grayish like I've expected. My bleeding actually started on Monday (Today is Friday) so I would think that by now it would have been easier for my body to pass the sac than it would if I wasn't already having period-like bleeding. I'm so confused. I just want it to be over but I'm so unsure of what I am to expect since everyone's experience may be different. Ugh. Btw, I am actually 9 weeks and when I went for my last ultrasound, the baby still measured at 6 weeks with no heartbeat. I know my post is all over the place & backwards so I'm going to blame it on the two loritabs I just took. :)

Anonymous said...

I took these yesterday, orally for 30 minutes, I was really cold and couldn't stop shivering after I took them, and was really gassy as you described a weird spasm kept happening to make me want to puke, not so much nausea just this weird feeling in my stomach. The cramping really wasn't as bad as I thought I'd be, I fell to sleep after like 3-4 hrs of taking the meds, and would wake up every hour or less to change my pad which was soo bloody, I was exhausted, I guess from blood loss? I slept until 12 the next day I was so tired, the clots were huge but they didn't come out on my pad, they kinda got stuck and would come out when I sat on the toilet.
It wasn't too bad, but Everyone's body is different, I did 2 days in labor, I wouldn't compare this to labor maybe the beginning of labor but not actual active labor. I didn't take the painkillers because I didn't want my daughter to wake up and me not been able to to care for her. If you're thinking about taking them, drink lots of water like she said.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible blog. I feel grateful to have read this. I also feel guilty for not reading each and every one. But the number of comments (365 up to today) is so validating to me! I keep having repetitive thoughts about this entire concept of miscarriage - why does this have to be so common? why do so many couples have to be sad? Why do women have to go through this? And the other thought I keep having is about how sad I am for my wonderful baby who never got a chance at life. It feels very strange to love someone for the rest of my life whom I never got to meet.

Today, I inserted 4 200mg pills at 1pm. I forgot to take Ibuprofen - BAD MOVE. At 3pm the pain started - for me, it was intense from the very get go; much worse cramping than a period. I took 800mg Ibuprofen and sat on the toilet for a long time. I had a bit of blood (and cried my eyes out) and diarrhea.

I tried laying downbut I could not get comfortable nor ignore the pain. I went back to the bathroom (and remained there until 610pm).

By 430pm I was having intense chills from head to toe, horrific pain, diarrhea. My husband came in and out - brought me a lot of ice water and warm washcloth for my forehead.

Around 5pm, I wanted to add in 2 tabs of Tylenol because the pain was terrible - but then I vomited.
I cried a lot; worried a lot; felt like I was having contractions.

Around 610pm, I was not much better, but my legs were falling asleep from sitting on the toilet for two+ hours, and I wasn't sure sitting there was helping. I wasn't even bleeding. I had only had a little blood at 330pm and a little on my pad.

By 7pm my nausea went away and I ate Saltines and drank a lot of ice water. Half hour later, felt good still so I ate a bunch of French bread. 8pm, still had okay stomach so had banana (BRAT diet, I assumed) and a bowl of KIX. At this point I was petrified about the fact that I hadn't bled and might have to go through another 3.5 hours (or more? less?) tomorrow with another four vaginal tabs.

At 830pm I got stomach pain and knew I'd have diarrhea. I RAN.

Around five min into sitting on the toilet, two gushes. Then, trickling for many minutes. I sit here waiting to see what is next for me. But, that is where I am at right now. Seems the medicine did it's job and I hope to not repeat it tomorrow because this wasn't fun! If I do, the pain relievers will be early, steady, and necessary!

Anonymous said...

hi Ive used cytotec last week.
2inserted vaginally and 1 orally.
after 6 hours i started to bleed a little and passed on 1 clot which is like a size of half of an atm card.
after that i am not bleeding anymore but i am experiencing spotting till now. its already 1 week and still spotting. but i just passed just a small clot. what will I do? i am sometimes experiencing fever but is relieved by a paracetamol.

Alexis Anzer said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am getting ready to start the cytotec tonight. This is my first pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying for two years to get pregnant. It finally happened and at six weeks we went in and saw the babies heartbeat. We were beyond ecstatic. They had me follow-up in one week for a second ultrasound to graduate me from the fertility clinic and send me off to my OB; however the worst think in the world happened my baby no longer had a heartbeat and had stopped growing. I've waited for two weeks and have not started a natural miscarriage so I have decided to go with the Cytotec. I'm ready to move on so we can try again. I would prefer a D&C but my insurance only covers a minimal amount and my out of pocket would be $1100. We are still recovering from a massive amount of medical bills from my husbands motorcycle accident 18 months ago. So hear I am prepping everything I can to prepare for this experience. Now as I am getting ready to start I am terrified. Your post has been the most helpful. I have been doing research for weeks and nothing really prepares you as everyone's experiences are so varied. Yours gives me hope that I can do this. I emailed it to myself to read in the middle of all of this to remind myself that I can do this. Here is to hoping god gives us all a second chance to be the amazing parents we all can be. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kindness and large-heartedness in posting your experiences. I find out tomorrow on my options (dr is pushing for D & C after my miscarriage where I am still bleeding for much longer than necessary) and I would prefer to do this pill than surgery.

I am praying for everyone on this board, I know how hard this is to go through. I am wishing for baby magic for us all.

kc said...

It is April 2015 and I am going through the same thing except i was prescribed the oral version. I took four tablets this morning at 8:30 and it started working as soon as ten minutes later. I felt nauseous, had severe diarrhea and had something like a gush of water from my vagina. ten minutes after that the bleeding and clots started. it brought me back to when i was 15 and experienced very horrible menstrual cramps due to cyst.I am now 3 hours in and feel like the worst has not yet passed. my fiance has been great with providing emotional support but sometimes it gets so overbearing i break down crying in the middle of a conversation unrelated to our lost little angel. :( keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for everyone else going through this. this is the worst life experience i have ever had to endure. i am actually scared of trying again because I am not emotionally equipped to go through this trauma again.

Anonymous said...

i found your post helpful. i will take the medication tomorrow. this is our 4th loss.. baby stopped growing at 10 weeks last week.

Anonymous said...

In the middle of a cytotec miscarriage... sitting on the toilet as I type (tmi?). Thank you so much for this post. Lets me know what to expect. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am very relieved that I found this site and read most of the experiences everyone has had and I just wanted to share my experience with cytotec. I was a few days past 12 weeks when I found out I was miscarrying. After given the cytotec I procrastinated all day until about 9:30 at night. I took the first dose orally, which was 800 MCG of cytotec. Light cramping started immediately but no bleeding. I took the second dose around 1a.m. and laid down. That's when the cramps got a little more intense and I felt a gush down there. I had on a pad, but still ran to the restroom. I sat on the toilet about 30 minutes! When I tried to get up I just kept feeling some pressure so I sat bk down. I pushed on my stomach a little and then bloop! The placenta is there. It just came out into the toilet followed by a rush of other clots. That was the most emotional thing I had ever experienced in my life!!! But anyway after that I was still nauseous and experiencing a few cramps and still bleeding. I'm just happy to be able to talk about it! Hurts more when you can't share hurtful situations with others. I pray for each of you healing and strength. Bless you and your families and future pregnancies

Bonner Tyburski said...

I really appreciate this post, it was exactly what I was looking for. This morning I went to have an emergency ultrasound because I've been bleeding throughout the whole pregnancy [I was 8 weeks and 5 days]. At 6 weeks there was a heart beat but today there was not. They said that the growth was consistent with my 8 weeks so the heart must have stopped beating within the last few days. As I'm typing this I'm beginning to feel mild cramping. My first dose of cytotec was about 2 hours ago. I'm really afraid as to what's going to happen. Thank you for posting your experience.

Anonymous said...

I know that this is an old post, but I was unable to find anything by someone who was as early as I was in their pregnancy.
I found out that I was pregnant, by luck, at 3 1/2 weeks. I immediately setup a time to go to a clinic (found out on Wednesday, scheduled Friday morning).
Friday afternoon at about 130pm (there was a lot of waiting) they gave me my first pill- Mifepristone and sent me home with 4 pills to dissolve at my gum line 24 hours later. Saturday at 2pm I put the 4 tablets in my mouth, which took a good 20-30 minutes to dissolve completely. I took a pain killer (hydrocodone) at the same time, as everything that I had read online had mentioned wishing they had done so. After an hour, I felt light cramping and after 2 hours I started to spot. Saturday night was just spotting, and Sunday there was barely anything going on. I continued to feel cramping, and managed the pain with the pills they gave me.
It wasn't until this morning- Monday at 7am, that I finally started to bleed. There have been some clots, and the cramps feel as bad as they did when I was a teenager getting my period for the first time- though they're manageable without the painkillers.
at 430 pm, the bleeding is continuing as a regular period- not too heavy or too light and the cramping is continuing as described.

Anonymous said...

I Wish I had seen these comments before my experiences. I have used Cytotec twice. Both times it was used to induce a miscarriage. Around 10 weeks in each pregnancy, I learned that the baby's heartbeat was very low/slow, and essentially had to wait till it stopped in its own. Both times this took another 4-5 weeks, and it was very painful waiting for the heartbeat to stop. I then tried to wait for my body to naturally expel the fetus...after approximately 6 weeks, my doctor decided that I was at risk for infection and prescribed the Cytotec...the first time I lost more blood, but the second time was more painful. My suggestion is to insert the first round as early as possible in the morning, and immediately start taking Percocet...even though the pain won't start for hours. I took Percocet as often as my prescription allowed and passed the horrible day- and night- in a haze; it made it much more tolerable. The second time I had this happen I had to collect the fetus in a medical kit. I don't think I could have done that if I hadn't been drugged up. It is painful, but not horrendous. If you are squeamish- as I am- you'll have to steel yourself, but you'll get passed it. I look back on those difficult times and am proud of myself for getting through such sad times. I'm stronger because of it and you will be too!

Meredith said...

I'm about to start the process tonight (like others, for a missed miscarriage) and hope it goes smoothly. If it's anything like my last natural miscarriage (yep, for those of you keeping score at home, I am 2-0), I should be able to grimace my way through the pain/vomiting/diarrhea. I am really bummed though that the prescribing doctor said I should just take OTC meds -- if Percocet makes a big difference, maybe I will ask for an Rx for that today. thank you for sharing your experiences and making it less scary for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! It has been so helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hi I had taken misoprostol two weeks ago because my baby didn't show a heartbeat. It was physically and emotionally stressful. The cramps and the gas pains were unbearable and the painkiller didn't work for me. I had to be hospitallized and given stronger injectable painkillers. I passed clots for 2 days. After coming home, I passed tissues in two days. Today had a scan after 15 days still some tissue remains it seems. I am now again on misoprostol. There is mild cramping and the painkiller is working.
I think moving around help a lot. Thanks for sharing. We should definitely keep faith and move on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your experience. I just found out I miscarried at 19 weeks. I opted for the D&C though, but I have to take 1 misoprostol pill tonight before bed.
I appreciate you sharing your experience.
Thank you

Unknown said...

I took my Cytotec yesterday. I had gone to the ER after my shift at the hospital because I had some spotting at my last "pit stop" before heading home. Well, the ER was a good stop. My ultrasound showed baby at 9wks3days which was exactly right...but no heartbeat. I was informed of this by the doctor although, being an RN myself, I saw it myself on the US and already knew. I spent all of Sunday crying my eyes out. We had to tell our whole family who we had just announced the pregnancy to. My other daughters were the hardest to tell. My oldest, who's 5, was devastated. I hadn't had any spotting or cramping since my ER visit so I called my OB Monday morning. We waited until Thursday to call again. I got an RX for Cytotec. I started bleeding about an hour after insertion. I started cramping about two hours later. I used Motrin and a heating pad all night. I cramped until noon the next day (today). I had passed a large amount of clots overnight and noticed the Cytotec had come out with one of them. My bleeding has slowed down to spotting and the cramping is all but gone. I was worried that since the medicine came out it would stop the process and I'd have to repeat the dose. I still think I might have to but hearing your story helps me realize it will take some more time. I am still dealing with my emotions too. Being Catholic and having to use this pill are two things that don't go well together. I feel guilty. I'm finally getting to a point where I can talk about it and could use the support of those who can truly understand what I'm going through. Thank you for your candid post. It helped.

StepheLynne said...

Going to use the Cytotec tomorrow morning. Hoping for the best! Thanks for sharing your story

Anonymous said...

I really appreciated this. I've had two perfectly healthy pregnancies, and I was gearing up for a third when I started cramping and spotting. I called my Ob's office to see if I should come in, and the answer was yes. I was 6 wks 5 days. The fetus measured on target, but no heartbeat. My Ob said to wait a week just in case I wasn't as far along as I thought, but the next week, the baby had not grown (measured 6 wks 6 days which is a millimeter difference) and there was still no heartbeat.

My Ob highly recommended Misoprostol instead of a D&C. He warned me there would be cramping and that I would bleed a lot. He repeated that several times. He also offered me pain meds and decided on 800 mg Ibuprofen.

I waited 2 days, hoping it would occur naturally. It didn't, so at about 10am, I inserted 800 mg of Misoprostol vaginally and took an ibuprofen. Then... Nothing happened for hours. Minor cramping, a tiny bit of spotting. Finally, after having been up and walking around for an hour, at about 5:00 I ended up kneeling with my stomach pressed against the bench at the end of our bed. I read a book in that position for the better part of an hour. Then, things started moving. By 6:30, I had passed a lot of clots and something that looked like a liver. It was large and actually fell out on the floor as I was trying to sit down on the toilet. I'm pretty sure that was everything, as when I picked/wiped it up, it wasn't a clot.

I had no pain, but then I had two babies without drugs and didn't think it was all that bad. So maybe I just have a crazy high pain tolerance. Really, all I felt were cramps that were no worse than a period.

Tomorrow I go back for an ultrasound to ensure this is done. I sincerely pray it is, because I feel like for two weeks, my whole life has revolved around the fact that my baby is dead. I really need to be able to move forward. I have two kids under 4 who need their mommy not stuck in this dark place.

Again, thank you for your stories. Though mine was really anticlimactic (thank God), I felt more prepared having read what other women had experienced.

NodakRie said...

Thank you thank you for posting this! It's unbelievable how little info there is available on what will actually happen during a medical miscarriage.

I took the Cytotec this afternoon, and now at about 4:30am all the symptoms have gone away and I'm afraid it was incomplete. I'll have to call my doctor tomorrow.

Also, I think I passed the amniotic sac. It's whitish gray and kind of looks like it's made of bumpy netting. Not sure, though. I'm afraid our baby went down the toilet...

Anyway, still lots of questions and fear, but your post helped SO MUCH.

NodakRie said...

Thank you thank you for posting this! It's unbelievable how little info there is available on what will actually happen during a medical miscarriage.

I took the Cytotec this afternoon, and now at about 4:30am all the symptoms have gone away and I'm afraid it was incomplete. I'll have to call my doctor tomorrow.

Also, I think I passed the amniotic sac. It's whitish gray and kind of looks like it's made of bumpy netting. Not sure, though. I'm afraid our baby went down the toilet...

Anyway, still lots of questions and fear, but your post helped SO MUCH.

Kelly Cline said...

I'm on day 2 after taking misoprostol and I'm still in agonizing pain. I've been passing blood clots since 530 last night, over 24 hours. I've taken some advil to help with the pain but it doesn't seem to help much. The pain was so intense that I felt like I was going to throw up, pass out or die! No position I lay in or sit in helps. I finally passed what I believe was the sac and the pain went away instantly!! This was my second miscarriage. The first I had DnC and decided to take the medical route. Neither of which were easy. The emotional pain and physical pain are very real. You just have to breath when the pain gets bad (easier said than done) when you feel like you are about to break and just can't take the pain anymore it will pass and you'll finally be able to get some sleep!! Good luck ladies!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thank you so much for your post. I'm not sure if you will be able to read this. I am currently waiting for a bleeding after inseting one cytotec in my vagina and ingested orally two of them. I am experiencing symptoms of diarrhea but i was able to manage not to go to the bathroom as i was thinking about the cytotec might get expell as i poop. I'm also experiencing cramping, severe on my lower back and nausea. I do not know if i can drink water or eat already since I wasn't eating anything since this morning as a part of the procedure. I do not know what is the right thing to do now. I was just really concern about the diarrhea. Do i need to go to the bathroom now or ignore the symptoms until blood flows?

Anonymous said...

God bless you for sharing your experience. I just started with the pills this evening hoping and praying for a miracle to happen since oxytocin did not work for me. Pls bear me up in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

I used misoprostol this past Tuesday. I'm so grateful that I found this blog right before taking the pills because reading all the experiences definitely helped me to prepare. I experienced many of the symptoms described: chills, diarrhea, a "water breaking" sensation. All in addition to the cramps, of course. I'm still bleeding now (more like a period at this point) and very nervous about whether everything has passed. I am hoping to avoid surgery. I want to recover and move on and try to conceive again. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is brittnie
I normally don't post things but I am really nervous. I am 25 years old and this is my second miscarriage. The first one they let happen naturally but this one they gave me misoprostol they told me to take 4 200 mcg. Pills I am 8 weeks along Before I took them I already had bad cramps and huge and I mean huge clots I just took the med. today and am getting a little nervous about the cramps they are getting almost unbearable and I have no tolerance for pain and I wanted to no how much worse they get I haven't takin the med. that long ago so I no the worst has not come yet I think I just need some peace of mind from someone who has went threw it and how long these horrible cramps last because I don't want it to start getting so bad I want to go to the hospital lol some input would be nice because I'm panicking a little ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜•

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Jenna. I am going through a missed miscarriage at 9weeks pregnant. We went to our prenatal ultrasound to find that there was no heart beat or movement and the fetus was only at 6weeks development. My husband and I were crushed. I didn't even know this was possible. I thought all miscarriages just happen spontaneously. I have not taken the Cytotec yet, but I came here to read what to expect. For anyone reading this as a first time pregnancy, just know that this is just part of your journey and your journey is not over. We are fortunate to have a beautiful, smart, healthy 3 year old boy as our first pregnancy. So just know that a missed miscarriage does not mean that you are infertile or that something is wrong. You will have another chance and I want to give everyone best wishes for the future.

Chris said...

I am experiencing my first miscarriage and went for my first appt and found out the fetus stopped developing around week 7. I was almost ten weeks at the appt. I was prescribed misoprostol and I'm scared. My OB didn't ask for anything to be tested. Why?!?! I think the way they handled the issue was not good and couldn't even get a call back from the doctor. Wtf? Should I take the remains elsewhere for testing?!? What exactly are they testing for?!? Please help!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm 5weeks into a missed miscarriage. Baby stopped growing at 13weeks. I wanted to what for it to happen naturally but I'm nearing the end of the timeline my doctor is comfortable with, so I have to consider other options.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I am 35 and this was my 1st pregnacy. I had a sonogram for the 12th week and everything was normaland perfect. 5 days later I felt sharp abdominal pain. Had another sonogram and there was no longer a heartbeat. The doctor told me that we should try the pills since I was past 12 weeks and already had a placenta.besides being heartbroken I was scared to death to go through this. Particularly with all the gorey experiences. I was on progesterone and as soo as I got the news stopped taking it. After 2 nights off the progesterone i spotted and knew that the baby was being released naturally. However for medical reasons i decided to go ahead with the presxription. I took two 200mg pills orally and the same dose vaginally. That was at 8h3oam. Nothing until noon (4hours later) and then the horrible contractions (this was no cramping)with projectile vomit and diarrea. This all lasted some 30 mins that felt like a lifetime.the contractions subsued and I fell asleep. No bleeding whatsoever until this time. Through all of this I was as calm as I could be. Hearing realxing music and watching stand up comedy. Two hours later (6 hpurs after taking the pills) I felt the last sharp pain and I felt an internal pop. Like an internal ballon had popped. I felt blood gushing down and jumped to the bathroom. My pad had absorbed most of it but it overflowed. I removed everything and got in the bathtub to be more comfortable. I put on some doctor's gloves and was ready for the fetus to come out. I waited for a couple of minutes and looked down and saw the baby hanging out. I grabbed it with one hand and gently used the other to reach inside the vagina and pull it out. It came out intact. I made sure all extremities were there. I know it sounds horrible but i was more afraid that there were parts left inside. I put it in a jar (my husband and I decided to bury it)i went on t take a shower and wash the bkood off and i felt like pushing soflty and bam!the placenta came out like a big bubble. I put it in the jar as well. Experienced some heavy period like bleeding until now which has been 8 hours after the fact. This has lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders and I now feel like I can mourn my baby's loss. Stay strong

Anonymous said...

Sorry to everyone who ever has to go through this. It is truly awful. My experience was horrible. At 9 weeks pregnant I had a missed miscarriage. After a very difficult choice between d and c or medical management, I chose to take the tablets. I took 4 tablets orally and was vomiting within 30 minutes. Started having bad cramps and diarrhoea not long after that. Soon after I was in agony and had to call the ambulance as I was in so much pain and having a reaction to the tablets. My arms and hands seized up. It was terrifying. The pain from the cramping was equivalent to induced labour. Ended up having a d and c that night in hospital.

Jes said...

I just wanted to say thank-you for posting this, even though you posted so long ago -- I have recently moved to a new place and have very few friends here (nevermind close ones that I could lean on during a time like this), am not close with my mother, and have no other female family members to turn to for advice. My husband is absolutely wonderful and does everything he can, but it's hard for men to really understand...

So, thank you for sharing this, because I don't know where else I would have gotten this information -- and it's made me feel less alone -- although it's a terrible experience, it's a little bit easier, now.

Anonymous said...

This is my second miscarriage in six months. The first I had to have a D&C. This time I begged not to. We are starting the medication this evening - my doctor recommended that way. And I've been anxious to get this over with and frightened about how it will feel. Reading this has given me some peace. I have had no bleeding at all and I have been "pregnant" for 3 weeks since we lost our baby. I've found it cruelly ironic that it won't grow or go. Last time we lost our baby to chromosomal abnormalities and we were spotting within 5 days. They think my progesterone is low and I'm hoping that's the answer to finding our rainbow baby.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Unknown said...

I'm scared out my mind right now I just took my 4 pulls at 3

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. I am having to decide if I will use misoprostol or have a D&C performed for a missed abortion. I appreciate your honesty.

Unknown said...

So this is many years after all of the other posts/comen's but I wanted to share my story as well.
I'm supposed to be 10w5d today, ultra sound a week ago showed no heartbeat and fetus measuring in at 8w3d. We waited a week to get passed the holidays and see if my body would progress with the miscarriage naturally. It didn't, so today I was given the misoprostol. I inserted 4 (200mg?) tablets vaginally and laid down for 4 hours as directed. Had some light cramping by the 4 hour mark. Got up and started doing some organization/needed house work and started getting more intense cramps and some bleeding like a heavy period. After about 2 hours of being up and doing stuff I needed a break. Sat down, ate some dinner, then the cramping worsened. Now I've never been in labor (this is mt first pregnancy) but the cramps came in waves similar to contractions. Between 5:30 pm and 11:00 pm I have been to the bathroom about once per hour. Around this time I also took some of the prescription meds (Norco) to help with some of the pain. Each time I felt something pass and plop in the toilet. The water was too red/dark to see what it was but 3 times I felt/saw something about half the size of a plum or 3-5 cherry tomatoes. The other times I passed something smaller but still large enough to feel pass through. I have another dose of 4 pills to insert sometime between 12-36 hours after the first dose, when the bleeding lessens and feels complete.
I feel for all of you who have lost a child, no words or expressions of sorrow from others seem to help and as awful as it sounds at least we all know we are not alone. Someone, somewhere has been through it too.
Best of luck to those still trying. I'm sure at some point in time we will be blessed with our rainbow babies!

Shanelle C. said...

Just wanted to post an update on my previous post. Sorry if TMI - Just passed a very large piece, about the size of a large plum. I wasn't expecting anything that large to pass. Still have some moderate cramping so I expect more to pass soon.
Again, sorry if TMI.

Shanelle C. said...

Another update.
I don't feel as though the Dr fully prepared me for what to expect with taking the misoprostol. I don't want the following to discourage anyone from making the decision to use this method, just want someone to feel more prepared as to what may happen. Everyone is different and I think my body responded to the medication too well and I wasn't informed well enough to what may happen.
TMI to follow:
After my previous post I passed more large (plum sized) clots, 1 about every 30 minutes. After 8 of these I started feeling faint, I called the advise nurse and they said what was going on was normal but if I felt concerned I could go to the ER. Due to feeling faint I woke up my fiance and we went. After checking in I was taken back for an ultrasound. Shortly after I started feeling much worse, shakey, dizzy, very faint feeling, chills, cold sweat, and tingly all over (like how your foot feels after sitting on it too long). Not sure if it was from loss of blood, low blood sugar due to not eating properly, or something else. The nurse had a hard time drawing blood for blood work and due to my near unresponsive nature, was put in a room almost immediately. After some iv fluids, anti-nausea meds, juice, and some rest, they came back and told me my blood work came back ok, my hormone levels dropped drastically since my last visit a week ago, and the results from the ultrasound showed all tissues and fetal matter were expelled from my uterus. I was feeling better so they were not concerned about me and discharged me. My entire visit was about 5 hours. By the time I left it had been 20 hours since I started the process with the inserting of the misoprostol. After getting home I ate some breakfast and laid down to rest. Between 10:00am and 4:00pm I passed 3 more clots all decreasing in size as time went on. By 5:00pm all cramping and 98% of the bleeding had stopped (only showing blood when I wipe, none on a pad or in the toilet).
After all was said and done, I feel if I had eaten more appropriately before and during the process I wouldn't have had to go to the ER and would have had a less stressful experience. I wouldn't have changed my choice even with everything I went through, just wish I had been better informed on how to prepare and what to expect, especially with this being my first time even being pregnant. I'm glad my body is healing and preparing itself for the next phase. I hope my experience helps someone be better prepared through this difficult time.
Now we are just waiting for my normal cycle to begin so that we may try again and have a beautiful rainbow baby! Good luck to all of you!

Shanelle C. said...

Not sure why this post shows as an anonymous post but this is the start of my experience and it continues with updates below. I hope it helps someone in the future be better prepared for this difficult time/journey.
Everyone is different, every pregnancy is different, and every experience is different.
Good luck to everyone!

rachel said...

That happened to us too- announced at Christmas and a week later miscarriage symptoms started. We went to the emerg and the baby still had a heartbeat. A week later at my OB checkup there was no heartbeat.. my baby made it to about 7 1/2 weeks and tomorrow morning I am starting the pill and am scared. The painew in particular because I'm a wimp but the whole emotional and physical ordeal sounds horrible. we have alreadygrieved this baby twice and now will be the third time. God bless all of you future women reading this. We can make it through.

Anonymous said...

I was told Tuesday that I was 7 weeks and there was no heartbeat and not much of a baby left. A week before, there was a heart beat. I decided to try to miscarry naturally. Wednesday at 11 a.m., there was some spotting. It was tan and sort of mucus-like. Around 7 pm, I had some bright red spotting. Around midnight, there was a sharp cramp specific to the uterus and a gush of blood. Some period like bleeding followed. But the blood was sort of watery and slippery compared to most periods I've had. I stayed home from work Thursday hoping that cramping would start and that I'd pass the pregnancy sack, blood clots, and all the tissue. But I wasn't really cramping. The bleeding was medium. The clots were minimal. There was no tissue to be seen. So I asked my midwife to call in the prescription for Cytotec. I had already taken 2.5 days off work and I was afraid to go to work, leave the house or do anything because I was afraid that unbearable cramps would come on. So I filled the prescription around 4. I inserted four pills around 5. Within 30 minutes, I had a few runny stools. The cramping came on. Not like contractions that come and go but more like a constant clenching of the lower abdomen. Around 7 or 7:15, I felt a pop (like others here have said). Next time I went to the toilet, some clots came out and I noticed the sack stuck in the vaginal opening. I pulled it out. I think the 'pop' was the tissue passing the cervix. It's made of totally different stuff than the clots, which just slip right out. Within an hour, the cramping and bleeding let up quite a bit. I bled a medium amount over night and it was pretty light the next day.

Pain: I took the cytotec around 5. My pain was a zero. An hour later my pain was a 6 or a 7 with flashes of 8 once in a while. So I took 800 mg of Advil at 6 and then again at midnight. That managed it fine. After I passed the pregnancy sac, my pain went right down to a 2 or 3. When the Advil kicked in, it was a 1 or 2 and I slept ok from midnight to 7 am.

I feel pretty good today. I am glad this drug seems to have worked as it was intended for me. I am sorry that it has been such a rough ride for so many of you. Best wishes to you all on healing and trying again. :-(

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