Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some good news

Good news #1: My quant hCG is down to 2319 as of Monday morning at 11. That's great because the last time we checked it was April 21 when it was over 8000, and I was pregnant for several weeks after that, so it should have been even higher when I miscarried. I must say, my body doesn't carry babies well, but it sure loses them well. I guess that's something... I have to go in for weekly tests until my quant is less than 5 (a negative result). I will only be here for two more Mondays, so hopefully the numbers will go down as quickly as last time.

Good news #2: They were able to send the baby for karyotyping, so we will hopefully be able to get an answer as to whether the baby was a boy or a girl (I'll be so embarrassed if I was wrong and sad if I have to change Olivia's name!) and more importantly whether the baby was normal (a sign of a problem with me) or had (an) extra chromosome(s) than one or was missing one or more (probably random chance) or if the chromosomes were abnormal (could be random chance or a problem with Jonathan or myself, which they could test us for).

I'm quite happy about both of those pieces of news. The former means that my body will return back to normal more quickly, which means that we can try again sooner, rather than later. The latter means we will have (slightly) more guidance for knowing where to test, or if to test at all.

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Brooke said...

I am glad you are getting some answers and that your body is doing something right. I am sorry you lost your baby. I just cant tell you how sorry.