Monday, May 4, 2009

7w, 5d: Small scare, but I think we're okay.

Yesterday I had a teensy eensy weensy spot of brown blood. It scared me for the moment, but it hasn't happened again since. I think I did too much physical activity this weekend (as always). This morning, however, I have been quite ensured that the baby is still doing okay. Most people lose their morning sickness by 14 only 6 more to go? Yikes.

I have a dentist appointment today and I'm a bit worried about throwing up on my hygienist. Should I cancel? I'm thinking I might be okay since I'm going to go about an hour after lunch - my stomach will hopefully not be raging like it does immediately after eating, and I'm usually a lot better in the afternoon rather than the morning. Well, I'm going to see how I do and if I can't deal with the whole hand in my mouth thing then I'll just leave, I guess.

Lots to do at work today, so I'm off.


Lydia said...

Still praying for you and the little one!


Brooke said...

Thumper is just fine I know it! Good thing you are so sick it just means thumper is strong and healthy.

Crysi said...

I'm getting my teeth cleaned again next week. Not looking forward to laying back in the chair. I won't be able to breathe. Just tell them you're pregnant and they're usually careful about possibly hitting your gag reflex. They don't want to get puked on either.

I had brown spotting off and on my first trimester with the twins. It scared me because I thought I was going to lose one of them. Nothing came from it though and I think it was from doing too much too.