Friday, May 29, 2009

Random. Thoughts. On. A. Friday.

- Training. Hungry. Never 5 seconds to eat or relax. Silly working hard guy... Leave me alone!
- Wow, this is post number 170 - I guess I'll have to figure out soon what to do for number 200.
- Moving in t-minus eight days. So excited, but so sad at the same time.
- We picked out our diploma frames yesterday and are planning to hang them on the wall where they will be the most conspicuous. Why, yes, we went to MIT. BOW TO US NOW. Oh, you don't know what MIT is? Oh well.
- June 1 is Monday - new blog look then. Not so bright; not too depressing. I hope.
- By the way, I know I said I wouldn't mention this again, but I want closest to 10000 that's over 10000, 9999 doesn't count! (Sad, but true.) Don't forget or I will be very sad. This will be me ---> :(

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