Friday, May 8, 2009

8w, 2d: Cape Cod!

Tomorrow we are heading out with four good friends to Cape Cod. Jonathan and I have never been there before (except maybe I have when I was little... but I don't remember it), so we're super excited! It was a very long week here at work, and I am quite happy to be getting an extended weekend.

I'm sticking close to bland foods right now, as anything that actually tastes good gives me intestinal issues. I need to find more things that I can eat throughout the day as mini-meals; I'm too starving by the time dinner roles around, which makes me exhausted and sick. So far, I'm thinking about peanut butter crackers and yogurt as possibilities... Although at this moment I actually just gagged thinking about those. My my, my stomach is certainly a testy thing right now!

6 days left until we get to see Thumper again! Keep that little heart thumping, sweet baby of mine. Mommy loves you.

Maxie, I miss you so much as Mother's Day is approaching! I keep wishing you were here for my first official Mother's Day. But I'm so happy to know you are safe and sound; it makes mommy's heart happy! Keep putting in a good word for Thumper, okay? Mommy needs a little baby down here with her. I love you, sweet boy!

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Staci said...

Have a great weekend and relax after the hectic week.