Friday, May 1, 2009

7w, 2d: This is one tired mama

This is what I look like after a really long day at work:

I'm sure that one day Thumper will ask me why I would post such an embarrassing thing for everyone in the world to see, and my response will be that I was tired and it amused me.

Now to get some food in the belly before it goes on strike.

By the way, you should all drop by Brooke's site and tell her congratulations! After a year and a half of trying, God miraculously gave her and her husband a baby! She is due January 1.

New look for May:

I promised bright, and I pulled through, eh?


Perfectly Imperfect said...

cute new look!!! do you do it all yourself?!? How do you make your header? I must know!!

you don't look bad at all honey!! tired, but you're making a baby!!!

Charity said...

I like the new blog look!
And I totally know the feeling of being so tired on a Friday..

Anonymous said...

Tired, yes. Still cute, also yes. Embarrassing, I'm going with no. :P