Sunday, November 2, 2008

6w, 5d: Telling our life group!

Today was the day that we decided to tell our life group about Baby Burnham... The plan was that I would make cupcakes to celebrate Jonathan's birthday (a few weeks late, since he had been out of town for the two previous weekends). I wanted to make them unscramble the letters to "June 23," my due date, and decipher the significance of that date. There are six people in our life group (including us), so that would be the perfect amount of cupcakes, so as to not draw suspicions. I spelled out a semi-odd message on the cupcakes to Jonathan: "Jonathan, you are 23!" That phrase was chosen because it would give me the necessary letters and numbers to pick out for June 23. What a great coincidence that Jonny turned 23 and our baby is due on the 23rd!

Anyway, I told Jamie not to make anything for dessert this week, that we would bring cupcakes for Jonathan's birthday. Wellllll, the pregnancy hormones must have fried my brain, because I left my beautiful creation at home! Sigh.

So instead of telling them via cupcakes (all of my creativity gone to waste!), I decided to blurt it out in the following manner: when we were opening our books to begin our discussion, I said, "I'm really sorry, guys, that we didn't get a chance to read the chapters this week, but pregnancy just makes you sooo tired." There was about 1.5 seconds of silence and then WHOOSH I was ambushed by Jennifer and Jamie coming to proclaim their joy for us! The boys took slightly longer to figure out what was going on... Bill told us later that his thoughts were: "Yes, I can see how pregnancy would make you very tired. That makes a lot of sense." (WHOOSH - running of girls) "Ooooohhhhh."

Everyone was so excited for us, and we spent most of the rest of life group hopping up and down and talking about babies. What a lovely day it was!

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