Thursday, October 30, 2008

6w, 2d: Nurse Julia and Dental Hygienist Katie

Well, I had my visit with my OB nurse yesterday, and I absolutely love her! It sounds like at my office, you keep the same nurse, but switch off on midwives (or doctors, but I am having a midwife), so that you can meet a bunch of them and not get too attached since you will have whichever midwife is on call. But I love my nurse, her name is Julia and she is so sweet and caring! They did a bunch of blood tests (I think they took blood for more than 5 minutes!) for various things, like anemia, HIV (yeah, just in case?), blood type, cystic fibrosis gene, HCG levels (that would show how far along the baby is) and some other things I don't remember... Seems like everything must have gone well because I didn't get a call, and they said they would only call if something was wrong. So fun!

At the next appointment there is no ultrasound. :( But we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat via a Doppler, so that will be wonderful! That appointment is on November 10, so 1.5 weeks to go! Jonathan will be home for that one, and I will be taking off the whole weekend (we have Tuesday off for Veteran's Day and I will be taking Monday off, as well, just for fun!).

Today I had a dentist's appointment, and got to tell my sweet, fun hygienist Katie that I was pregnant. She told me that along with most of the other lovely pregnancy symptoms, a lot of pregnant women have more gingivitis (that's a lot of i's). Wonderful. BUT, my teeth were even more perfect than usual and she was so proud of me and told me to keep up the good work! I think she could tell that I had been flossing. :) She also told me she hoped that the baby got my teeth, as they are so very perfect and never needed braces or anything. I hope they get my teeth and Jonathan's eyes! Oh, and I was totally falling asleep in the dental chair! I think my body was thinking, "vertical=sleep," and I was absolutely conking out. Poor Katie had to let me rest my jaw for a minute because I was too tired to keep holding it open the whole time! She told me some funny stories about people who every time they get in her chair just fall straight asleep and how she has to wake them up at the end! One guy even snored through the cleaning!!!

Speaking of eyes, I'm getting a bit worried about mine... I seem to be having problems focusing on things closer to my face, and am having some difficulty switching from close things to far things. I can definitely tell that there is a lag time of re-focusing, which is not normal for me. Also, I have been holding newspapers and books closer to my face. I can still read things further away, but it seems to be less straining to hold them close. One of the things on the list of when I should call my OB's office is eye sight changes. I didn't tell Julia about it yesterday because I thought it was all in my imagination and wasn't having the problems right then, but at this moment I am going crazy trying to retain my focus on the computer screen. Perhaps my poor eyes have had it with staring at screens! Sigh...

Okay, I'm too tired to keep writing. :-P Good night!

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