Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10w, 0d: We're one quarter there!

Phew, this pregnancy is one quarter of the way done! Woohoo! I've done so much work so far. ;-) Only 3.5 weeks left of the first trimester!

The baby is the size of a small kumquat now (1.25"). I've never seen a kumquat before, but Google assures me that this picture is accurate. Baby has fingernails now, and peach fuzz hair starting to grow on his/her body.

Jonathan and I are going on the record to say we think the baby is a _____*. (I thought that when I first found out I was pregnant, but I was wavering for a while, and now I feel very strongly!) We'll know for sure on January 20 at 9 am! We will also have a Fetal Echocardiogram that day, where they will check the baby for congenital heart defects because my brother was born with heart problems.

In the meantime, our first ultrasound is two weeks from today! We'll hear the heartbeat the day before that at my 12 week appointment.

*I decided not to post what we think the baby is yet. I'm going to put up a poll for you guys to take on what you think the baby is. When I feel that I've gotten enough responses, I'll let you know what we think!

Please comment on this post if you voted, so that I know who voted! (You can tell us what you voted, if you'd like.)


Anonymous said...

I really couldn't decide what I should vote...but then I figured it'd be lovely for Lainey to have a girl baby cousin to play with...so I voted girl :)
Love you guys!

JReus said...

i need to see the bump before i vote. i will see it on thursday. you dont have to show any skin. dont worry my pet.

Unknown said...

I am in agreement with Lydia on the girl for Alaina's sake but a boy would be great too! Sorry, I'm the grandma and I'll take whichever God decides to bless us with first. He knows best - speaking from experience.