Saturday, November 15, 2008

8w, 4d: General update

I'm getting better at thwarting morning sickness! I just have to eat constantly, and, poof, I'm just fine! Luckily, I think I have permission to gain up to 45 lbs. this pregnancy, so at least I shouldn't be gaining too much weight.

In other news, I think I could probably change over to a B cup now if I really wanted to. I am basically popping out of my current bras. Jonathan is really loving this.

Need to take husband to see Quantum of Solace. He is so jealous that his PARENTS saw it on opening night and he didn't. Sigh.

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Unknown said...

When the kids are no longer home, you can see great movies on opening night!

Yet, it is bittersweet--we had fun raising them and miss them a lot!

A new season in our lives is coming soon though--grandkids! Oh, boy!
Or, will it be, "Oh, girl!"