Friday, November 21, 2008

9w, 3d: 10 things we will not be naming Baby Burnham

1. Sufako - sad, but true. Sorry, cousins.
2. He's a Heretic! Burnham! - note: Burnham is pronounced "burn 'em"... say this one fast and you'll get it.
3. Anything starting with a "B" - sorry Jamie, but I can't imagine making a child live with the name "Bobby Burnham" (too Brady Bunch-esqe); also, my grandmother had a kick for B names and has already taken the "good" ones. Plus, I bet people would nickname the kid "B.B."... ewww.
4. Willis - Enough said, I think.
5. Shanequa - this was Jonathan's "no," although I thought it was a good suggestion!
6. Any boy's name from the Old Testament (Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Jonah, etc.)- Jonathan thinks these are too "hip" and/or weird and he doesn't care if they have the best meanings ever (one is still on our list because I demand it - Micah: who is like God?)
7. Augustus/Augusta - okay, Jonathan actually put these on his list. Maybe to try to get me to kill him? Or maybe because he thinks Augustus was cool. (He just said, "Wouldn't boy/girl twins with those names be awesome?" Heh.)
8. Anything spelled funny - Alisabbeth is not going to cut it. That poor kid would never have his/her name spelled or pronounced correctly. Ever.
9. Jonathan - sadly, my husband refuses to let me name the baby after him. So, if I want the baby to be called "Jack", I have to go with Jack or John. Sigh.
10. Abigathan or Jonagail - I've heard of people combining the parents' names to make their baby's name. I guess they're trying to follow a similar, but non-sexist, version of naming the firstborn boy after the father? In any case, our names do not go well together.


Woah, the ObGyn just called to schedule my 18 week ultrasound. Crazy early, dudes. January 20 we will know the sex of our baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you haven't ruled out Snugglekins

~Amy :)

Anonymous said...

Also, Micah and William were our top two boys names for Alaina...guess what names the next two baby boys born to our friends were? ;)

~Amy (again)

JReus said...

heheheh!! i'm loving no.10

Unknown said...

NO B NAMES????? That rules out everything... now what is wrong with Billy Burnham or Brian Burnham? Both totally cute. Like BEARS!!!