Monday, November 3, 2008

6w, 6d: Hip pain is SO not hip.

Sunday was a day of hip pain. And by "hip pain" I mean throbbing and painful hips that radiated pain into my lower back and knees and could not be alleviated by sitting, standing or laying down. It probably could have been alleviated by heat (using a hot pad), but as raising one's body temperature when pregnant is very dangerous for the baby, I couldn't try that either. Sigh. I really hope that my pregnancy experience is not completely scarred by severe hip and back pain. But considering my luck with morning sickness thus far (complete and utter lack, in fact), I think that this pain may be my pay back.

I am really tired. This manifests itself in an avoidance of anything social. For example, DH (dear husband) really wants to watch the election returns tomorrow night with some friends. However, The Hormones would much rather stay at home and wake up to the results on Wednesday. Returns don't start coming in until 9 pm EST, and I'm usually conked out by 10 pm. I wish that my strong interest in the results would help keep me awake longer than that, but The Hormones have completely taken over my body and will simply override my desires if I choose not to comply with them. So we'll see how late I make it...

The more I read about the birthing process, the more I think that a C-section would be nice. Or perhaps adoption. I think The Hormones had control of my body when I decided that trying to conceive would be wonderful and they blocked out the thought of how difficult birthing a child would be. Now it is too late to go back. Uh oh.

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