Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I would have had a one year old today!

Happy would-have-been earthly birthday to my Max, who would have been one year old today. How quickly time flies.

I bet that you are having a much more rocking birthday party in heaven than I ever could have given you here, but I wish I could be there to see it! Glad to know that you are having a perfect day. :)



hamesy said...

Abbie, I thought of you this morning and said a prayer when I saw what day it was. (I have Max and Grace's would-have-been-earthly birthdays on my birthday calendar). I hope God gives you special blessings of joy and peace today!


Christoper M Mann said...


I hope this comment on your blog isn't inappropriate; delete if if you prefer. I happened upon your site and felt compelled to encourage you. My wife and I lost our first to a miscarriage (22 weeks)--Spencer, born 4/1/96. Problem: wife's cervix. Much of our lives has been lived learning to redefine what we think of as "good." Jesus says to us, "my yoke is easy and burden is light." He intended this for Peter who was zealous at the height of Jesus' earthly ministry, as well as the same Peter who would hang upside down on a cross. Mysteriously, Christ points to *that* incident and includes it in the queue of things he defines as "light burden."

If Jesus is right, then he is saying *much* about what truly is "light" and truly is "heavy." That is, we must have been saved from some pretty heavy burdens in order for this to be called, "light."

Losing Spencer in 1996 was sheer pain. It chokes me up now. Can I honestly say that hindsight now affords me the authentic ability to agree with Jesus and consider that matter a easy yoke and a light burden. Praise God, yes, for I can hardly count the times that God has leveraged this story--and many other stories chronicling our many other light burdens--for his glory.

My prayer for you is that you will continue to love God through the light burdens he asks you to bear. Praise God, he's good enough to give us easy yokes and light burdens, compared to what we were carrying before he saved us. Keep him #1 -- he is so good.

(I offer all of this in a spirit of encouragement, though it might border on preaching. I don't intend it that way.)

Your friends,

Chris (& Ruth) Mann