Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy third anniversary, darling!

Happy third anniversary to my darling Jonathan, the sweetest husband ever! I am so thankful for him and I wanted to list the ways:
1. You make me smile just by being in the room, and make me laugh with everything you say!
2. You know me better than anyone else (except God), and you still like me!
3. You are so considerate of me, and always thinking about what will make my life easier. You gave me your nice, new car for my old, dented van when you realized that I needed a reliable air conditioner!
4. You watch my shows with me (ahem, Bachelorette and Kate Plus Eight) and don't complain. In fact, for my sake, you pretend that you care! You go... See More shopping with me and carry my bags and my purse and try to give me opinions on things that you don't care about.
5. You would never forget our anniversary or my birthday. You make them both so special for me.
6. You always see the cup as half full and remind me of my blessings when I need it the most.
7. You clean the kitchen for me every night without me asking you to and without any complaining, even though you had a long day at work.
8. You keep our home at peace; even when I am upset, you never fight back.
9. You work hard every day to take care of our family, but you never come home with a bad attitude, even though I know there are hard days.
10. You are constantly overlooking what you want for what I want. You are generous to me with everything you have.


hamesy said...

Yea for Jonathan and Abbie! Our husbands are similar in their awesomeness :)

Happy Anniversary! Miss you!

Mochamama said...

Happy Anniversary! Your husband sounds like a wonderful man! Enjoy your day. Blessings!