Thursday, October 16, 2008

4w, 2d: Eat, sleep and poop... among other things

I found a nice site that will help me keep track of what I'm eating and if I'm eating enough... The baby books confuse me because they seem to want you to eat so much more than seems reasonable... But when I put what I eat in online, it seemed fine. The sad thing about the site I found is that it didn't really say anything about vegetables and fruits... I don't know, I might try to make my own chart and keep track of things that way...

The Ob/Gyn's office called me today and went over the medications that I'm taking - basically, they said, we don't want you taking anything unless it's medically necessary... I only take a "sleeping pill" that's such a light dose, and it's not even really a sleeping pill (it's an anti-anxiety pill), but they want me to try to not take it because there haven't been enough tests to say one way or another. Ugh. I'm usually so anxious that I wake up several times a night and can't fall back asleep because I'm so anxious... But we'll see how it works for a few weeks, and then I guess I'll just talk to the nurse at my appointment then... They're also sending me an information packet and including some form that I need to fill out before I go in.. Hopefully that's the one with the family history questions, 'cause it would be nice to have that done beforehand and not have to call my mom while I'm sitting in there. :-P

Okay, this overactive bladder is killing me. I have seriously gone to the bathroom 2 or 3 times every hour today. That is a lot of times!

We want to tell some of our closest friends who are coming over this weekend... We haven't come up with a good idea of how to tell them yet... Maybe I could make cupcakes and make them with pink and blue frosting and write one letter of "baby" on each cupcake and see if they figure it out... That would be funny. They know that we're trying, so I think that if we did that they might notice... Hmmm, I don't know... I'm SO not creative!

It's almost the weekend! I told my boss that I had a checkup for my Oct. 29 appt. and then I took a vacation day for November 10, since that is right before we get a day off for Veteran's Day and then I will have a four day weekend, except that I mostly took it off so I wouldn't have to tell him why I had a second doctor's appt.... :-P I think I will probably tell everyone at work right before Christmas... I thought I could put the Christmas card on everyone's desk and then wait and see who figures it out first. :) I don't really have work that I would need to get out of because I'm pregnant, so I figure they don't really need to know before then...

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