Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No surgery date yet

I had a semi-useless consult this morning. My MRI results from yesterday were not ready yet, and Dr. Blanchard wanted to see them before deciding if she wants to go forward with the surgery or not. I guess she wants to weigh the possibility of scarring vs. how much of a problem she thinks my septum is (because of its small size). So, nothing yet, folks. I'm supposed to get a call either later this week or maybe next Monday or Tuesday.

There will be a pretty small window of opportunity for this surgery to be done next month, especially since we are travelling on the 24th - by my count, it could be done the 17, 18, 21 or 22, preferably earlier rather than later because of the travel. I'm thinking, though, it may be put off until January... If you want to, you could pray for a perfect spot to open up in her calendar - in my eyes, the sooner the better, since we have to wait several months after the surgery to start trying again!

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Brooke said...

I hope it all works out perfectly.