Monday, November 30, 2009

Uterus Update

The MRIs are done, and I got a call last Wednesday about the results. It turns out my septum is largely muscular (not fibrous) and is not the kind that my doctor (or the RE she consulted with) would be inclined to remove.

The dotted line that you can barely see in the picture is where they would need to trim down to to make my uterus normal, but it would also leave a large area of scarred tissue that would be bad for implantation; basically, it could leave me infertile, which they don't want to do. They are also hopeful that because my septum is muscular, it would have proper blood flow for a growing fetus, which is not the case with a fibrous septum.

They can act aggressively and take it out, or they can act conservatively and leave it, which is what they are inclined to do. The only other option is to do a diagnostic D&C and look with a camera, with the possibility of taking anything out that they felt should come out at that time. The problem is, I'm not sure I want to pay them several hundred (or maybe up to a thousand) dollars to just look around and not do anything. I'm not even sure it would give me greater peace of mind.

Dr. Blanchard recommended that I should meet with Dr. McClamrock, the reproductive endocrinologist (infertility doctor) that she consulted with, before making any decisions. I was a bit frustrated by this, as a new patient appointment with an RE can be several months away. God blessed us thoroughly, though, and got me an appointment with Dr. McClamrock this Wednesday (December 2) at 10 am - wow. I am just glad that we (hopefully, barring that D&C or any other tests he wants to do) will not have to wait any longer, and that I got in so quickly to see him. Praise God.

I'll update after that appointment on Wednesday... Maybe next month we'll be trying again!


Amanda Hoyt said...

I'm praying that your appt. on 12/2 gives you more answers and that next month you are blessed with your next miracle baby :)

JReus said...

I second that!

Melanie said...

Ok girlfriend! We need to talk seriously!!! You seem to going down the road I did and LOOK baby is doing just fine! I have so much hope for you :) Im emailing you my # or sending it to you thru facebook. Please call me tonight of course if you feel comfortable talking with a "stranger" but a nice one I promise!