Monday, June 8, 2009

Controlling the Changes in My Life

I get haircuts when a big change or event is happening in my life. Currently, my husband is graduating, I am leaving my job and the work force in general, we are moving across the country, and I have just had my second miscarriage.

Thus from this:
To this:
(Trust me, there is a good five to six inches gone - it will look shorter when I have it curly. Not that it isn't trying to curl on its own in the second picture. Also, I stuck my orchid in that picture because I am so PROUD that it reflowered this year!)

My wedding: The following day:

I also got a cut the night that I found out Max had died, although I don't have a picture because it wasn't super drastic. I was too afraid that I would regret what I had done in my distaught state.

Anyone want to psychoanalyze that? My best guess is that I want change that I can actually control, unlike the other changes in my life.


Anonymous said...

You and your new haircut are both adorable ♥

As for a psychoanalysis, I think you're probably right about wanting change you can actually control, but here's another idea: subconsciously you feel that these changes are changing you, and you want an outward sign that you're changing, so your physical self displays a change in your mental/emotional self... so you get haircuts.

Brooke said...

I think your new haircut is super cute! You are such a little person I think that the shorter hair fits you. I think that you should cope with your grief however you want. I know how hard this has been on you and I just wish you were not going through it at all. Life sucks sometimes. I just hope and pray that the doctors can try and figure out what is going on with your body and why you have lost two babys. Have they checked your progesterone levels? I am sure they have. I hope you are doing ok these days and that your move and the big changes in your life end up being a good thing. By the way your hubby is super tall! I thought mine was but compared to you yours looks like a basketball player!

Shaina N said...

I think that your new hair cut is adorable! You'll have to show it when it's curly! My hair has the same "I must curl" problem! Although, I think curly hair is much easier than non-curly.

I have an obsession with cutting my hair. As soon as I got back from the honeymoon, mine was gone too. I get a weird feeling every couple of months like I NEED to cut my hair. It's sad.

I never gleaned where you were moving to.

I love you!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I really like your new hair cut! And I hate psychoanalzing people so I'm leaving this alone!!

Mochamama said...

I like your new haircut! Are you all moved now? How are you feeling?