Friday, January 28, 2011

30w, 4d: Head down and ready to go!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday with my Ob/Gyn. Everything looked great, including Baby A who is now HEAD DOWN!!! Wahoo! In the state of Maryland for a first time mother, Baby A has to be head down to attempt a natural delivery. There are only unlicensed midwives that would try a breech twin birth in a first time mom and they are probably unlicensed for that reason! Baby B can be whatever he pleases because they will try to turn him either during A's delivery or after it - the second baby frequently turns on his own during this time anyway, so having him head down is helpful, but not required. I did feel Baby B attempting to turn last night (wow, that is uncomfortable from how big he is now!), but I don't think he got there in the end - good try, baby! The other good news is that Baby A's head seemed to have dropped into my hips a bit, so hopefully he will stay put.

Also, I'm not dilated at all yet, so we're still good on the no bedrest front! That is a huge praise, since I have been expecting bedrest for a long time now. :)

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week after failing my test, but the diet/finger pricking has not been bad at all, and I actually feel a lot more energetic and less moody, now that my blood sugars are fairly stable. Since I am controlling it well with diet at this point, no insulin shots needed!

We have our two cribs set up and two mattresses in them, and are currently looking for a dresser to purchase. I am really hoping to get one this weekend, so that I can start washing clothes and putting them away. Our room is full of gift bags of baby clothes (sorted by size), so it will be nice to have it less cluttered again. Also, I need to know what I still need so that I can ask for hand-me-downs and buy what I am not given.

I had my church shower this past weekend and we were truly "showered" with gifts! So many people have been praying for us to, first, get pregnant, and then for these two babies specifically, and I think they were a little bit excited to buy things for them! We received so many cute outfits, my twin nursing pillow, my breast pump and supplies, a personalized, handmade nursing cover, a bathtub, and so much more! I was just amazed at how generous everyone was and so thankful. And I've already almost finished my thank you's from that shower!

I am getting so excited for these babies to come into the world. Now that we are getting to a point where they would be fairly healthy if born (although they would still require a bit of a NICU stay at this point) I feel much more relaxed and can just enjoy these last few weeks of babes-in-womb.

Thank you all for your prayers! As I have been saying in my thank you cards this week, God has been abundantly faithful to us!


Bethany said...

So SO happy to hear the good report!!! I hope these little guys stay in a bit longer, but I am so looking forward to "meeting" them and seeing pictures!! :)

<3 Bethany

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I pray for you guys every time I think of you. You are going to be a wonderful mommy to your sweet boys!

Liz said...

Praise the Lord! It sounds like your little sons are doing great thus far!! What a blessing to have a church family to shower you with blessings :) Praying for a safe delivery and for these next few weeks to pass quickly!! :D

Staci said...

So excited for you Abbie! I don't know if you live close to a "Once Upon A Chld" store but they are usually great for finding new or gently used baby/kids clothes and other items (including strollers). I checked their website and they have 1 location in Ellicott City and another in Gambrills. If either of those ar close to you then you should check them out.
Can't wait to see pictures of these babies in no less than 8-9 weeks!

Abbie Burnham said...

Thanks, Staci - I have heard of "Once Upon a Child" and will have to check it out!