Tuesday, January 11, 2011

28 weeks: no names yet, 3 lb. babies?

28 weeks! The babies should be right around 3 lbs. now if they have been on track with their 6 oz./week over the past few weeks - we will see what they weigh on Thursday at our next growth ultrasound!

I had one episode of scary contractions (getting closer together, stronger, 6 in 1.5 hours!) on the plane ride home from Louisiana. Thank the Lord that the contractions ended and we didn't have to go to the hospital in Pittsburgh immediately upon arriving. (Or ever. I would not have wanted to be stuck in a hospital in Pittsburgh without my Jonny in town!)

I really am starting to feel the heaviness of these two babes - possibly it has something to do with them gaining 3/4 lb. together each week. They are gaining so rapidly and I am feeling it! I have reached the 40 lb. mark now (up to 129), which is great, but I am happy to know that a lot of these extra pounds will be gone in a few months - I do not sleep well, move well, etc., at this weight.

We purchased our cribs this week - I found them $70 off at just the perfect time! Now if only our dresser would go on sale like that. ;)

This week I have to get my Rhogam shot and take my second three hour glucose test. Sigh. Hopefully I will pass again! At least this time Jonny will be there to drive me home!

We haven't decided on that second name yet. It's down to about three or four choices that we have been throwing around for a while... But hopefully we will be able to decide soon!

Our next goal (according to my doctor) is 32 weeks. I think I can, I think I can...


Crysi said...

So excited for you. Choosing names was SOOOO hard. Mira was set from 15w on, but Leia changed a million times. I finally told Scott that baby B was going to be Leia about a week before she was born. And now, I can't imagine her being anyone else. Same with Mira. It just fits. Their names wouldn't have fit the other way around either.

Good luck with the cribs and dresser. Adia has a dresser that we got super cheap because it was "damaged". It's mising a tiny piece in the engraving on the bottom side. You can't even see it! The twins still don't have a dresser, but apparently my ILs are giving us a hand me down one.

Jessie said...

Congrats on reaching 28 weeks! Do your best to hang in there. I remember the aches and pains all too well.